Man Disguised as Choueifat Municipality Guard Arrested while Stealing Car

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A thief disguised in the uniform of Choueifat municipality guard was detained on Saturday after an attempt to steal a car in al-Amrousiyeh neighborhood.

According to the state-run National News Agency, 28-year-old A. M. was detained by Choueifat municipality patrol while in the process of stealing a car.

The patrol seized a quantity of narcotics with the man, in addition to several cellular phones and forged identification cars.

The man was handed over to the competent security agency to take the appropriate measures against him.

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Thumb geha 29 December 2012, 14:14

another one of those ashraf elnas :)

Thumb lebanon_first 29 December 2012, 15:15

you are being racist. he could be anything.

Default-user-icon majd (Guest) 29 December 2012, 16:09

Ayman Mekdad could only be one thing, plus Shi3as are not a race maybe an infestation but definitely not a race. Persians are a race and some Lebanese Shi3as consider themselves Iranians so you could technically be correct.

Thumb shab 30 December 2012, 00:10

Not called racist, we all belong to the same race. Try again

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 29 December 2012, 18:17

i agree geha.. lets not jump and say he was anything... the article did not say.. not all thieves are part of HA...
that being said.. im glad they caught the piece of trash.

Thumb primesuspect 29 December 2012, 18:35

He's joking, look at his smilie.

Thumb geha 29 December 2012, 19:26

I agree this is organized :) thus my comment.
add to that the comment of Jumblat today and you will understand the message being sent.

Thumb LebDinosaur 30 December 2012, 00:14

For sure he is linked deep into the other stuff. Stolen cars are used as car bombs.