Erdogan Tells Syrian Refugees Victory is Near

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Syrian refugees on Sunday that victory over the "tyrant" President Bashar Assad was at hand.

"I can see it clearly that the help of God is near," Erdogan said in televised remarks at Turkey's Akcakale refugee camp in the southeastern city of Sanliurfa.

Erdogan was welcomed to the 25,000-people settlement by thousands of cheering Syrians, who were waving Turkish flags and holding a giant portrait of him.

"You have suffered so much but do not despair," Erdogan said.

The Turkish leader was accompanied by Syrian opposition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib, who flanked the premier along with several of Erdogan's deputies.

Erdogan's visit was the first since Syrian mortars killed five Turks on October 3 in Akcakale, setting off weeks of artillery attacks from both sides of the border.

Turkey is currently home to almost 150,000 Syrians who have fled their country, where the 21-month old conflict has claimed 45,000 lives.

Erdogan said the number of refugees was likely to be as high as 220,000, with many Syrians renting homes in nearby cities rather than staying at the refugee camps.

"We know that tyrant Syrian regime, tyrant Bashar, have martyred close to 50,000 Syrians," Erdogan said to applause from the refugees.

"We will be standing beside you until the very end," he said.

Erdogan, a former ally, became a vocal and fierce critic of the Assad regime when its crackdown on protests turned deadly, and has joined in Arab and Western calls for his ouster.

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Missing gabby12 31 December 2012, 00:52

Erdogan knows something. ASSad does not have much time left.

Default-user-icon Ushtin Shlagg (Guest) 01 January 2013, 15:10

gabbaguybo, your buddy Hallucinato Erdogan Aretajadbi knows now as much as he knew 18 months ago, which really amounts to... well... umm... duh... a lot of BS, correct me if I'm wrong. Regardless, though, I agree with you that ASSad's days are numbered, and so are mine and yours and everybody else that I come across. The only problem is that nobody seems to know what the friggin golden number is. I could be wrong, though, because Dr. Arreet 7akeh, your idol and guru, predicted... well... umm... duh... wrongly? that the ASSad regime MIGHT fall in 2012. There is still plenty of time considering that Dr. Arreet 7akeh is still living in his heydays of the 1980s, which makes him very realistic, as usual. I don't know much about you, though, but keep hope alive and keep them predictions coming, gabbaguybo. Bests, babe.

Thumb kanaandian 31 December 2012, 01:32

"Help of God", that doesn't usually work well for Muslims.

Missing mohammad_ca 31 December 2012, 15:51

really? Well we're getting rid of our dictators, what have you been doing dakhlak?

Default-user-icon Presto Madghoot (Guest) 31 December 2012, 15:26

March 14, my compatriots, victory is definitely near, very near, and I would say about 17 months late near. But hey, don't give up because the Assad regime MIGHT have less than 24 hours in its life remaining as Dr. Arreet 7akeh had been telling his followers at the Symposium of Drs. Arteena Satleh for quite sometime. He didn't really tell Drs. Arteena Satleh that the Assad regime WILL fall in 2012 after his past monumental failures in PREDICTING the fall and other matters. He simply played it safe and told them that the regime MIGHT fall in 2012. Now, he re-re-re-tells them that the fall IS NEAR la ma7ala! And to this, the entire Symposium of Drs. Arteena Satleh stood up in ovation, smiled and clapped thunderously like the real Drs. Arteena Satleh that they are. Keep hope alive, warriors.

Missing mohammad_ca 31 December 2012, 15:51

he did more about it than our hizbocrap government who doesn't give a rat's behind on the daily violations of Israel and ASSad of Lebanon's sovereignty. Erdogan has done much more for the Syrian refugees than what our hizbocrap government even thinks of doing. Go back to your hole.

Missing peace 31 December 2012, 18:12

why don t people from the south welcome syrian refugees like syrians welcomed them in 2006 when they fled?

Default-user-icon Black (Guest) 31 December 2012, 20:36

Facts Peace.La2anno the Shiite ma m3awadin ya3to,Bas m3awadine yesh7ado.
In 2006 Qatar was the mother for the Shiite of lebanon,la2anno obviously keno 3am yesh7ado el le2me,now kelbo.