Egypt Envoy in UAE after Claimed Brothers' Cell Bust

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Egypt sent a top official to the UAE for talks on Wednesday, a day after reports that 10 members of a group linked to President Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood party were arrested there.

Essam el-Haddad, Morsi's adviser for foreign affairs and international cooperation, held talks with UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed al-Maktoum, WAM state news agency said.

"A number of issues of common interest between the two countries were discussed" in the meeting that was attended by Egypt's intelligence chief Mohamed Shehataa and a number of UAE officials, it said.

Haddad delivered a letter from Morsi to UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan "about bilateral relations between the two countries and the ways to develop them in a manner that would serve the interests of the two brotherly nations," WAM said.

The visit comes a day after UAE daily al-Khaleej reported that security forces arrested more than 10 people linked to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi's party.

Members held "secret meetings" across the country and "recruited Egyptian expats in the UAE to join their ranks," the newspaper said, adding that they had collected "large amounts of money that they sent illegally to the mother organization in Egypt."

It also said they gathered secret defense information on the UAE.

No official confirmation of the report was immediately available, nor any date given for the arrests.

In Cairo, the foreign ministry said there were "ongoing efforts on this matter," without giving further details.

Dubai's police chief, Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan, has repeatedly lashed out at Arab Spring uprisings, accusing leaders who came to power after the ouster of dictators in Tunisia and Egypt of plotting against Gulf monarchies.

During the past year, the United Arab Emirates announced it has broken up several cells it said were plotting against its security.

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Missing anonymetexasusa 02 January 2013, 22:57

Egyptian Gov is trying to reciprocate UAE kindness.
UAE provides Egypt with Oil and investment funds, and the only local product that Egytian gov found to export back to UAE was their surplus fanatic terrorist I guess they are looking for new markets to export them.

Missing lebcan 03 January 2013, 09:46

Stop calling Muslims terrorist ... People like you have fallen into the free maison system to control world information ... Israel USA UAE ... Iran are part of a free maison world domination system... To distroy Muslims everywere by first calling us terrorists. You God d...m robat brainwashed fool. Ever wondered why the majority of world conflicts in the world are are in Muslim lands... Islam means peace ... And that is the truth...

Default-user-icon syrian (Guest) 03 January 2013, 11:47

stop playing victim Lebcan and take responsibility for your actions.

Missing anonymetexasusa 03 January 2013, 15:53

Who called Muslims terrorist you idiot. Unless you are a fanatic takfiri, and imagine that all Muslims are like you.
Back to the story. Didn't Egypt brotherhood send those fanatic to UAE to spread terror and unrest in UAE yes or no. Isn't UAE a brotherly muslim nation to Egypt? And you are trying to justify what these fanatics were trying to do in UAE.
No wonder my comnents upsettec r a fanatic yourself.

Missing lebcan 03 January 2013, 13:37

Hypocrite and arragent about the true instagators of war ... Atheists ... I.e hitler , Stalin , bush, Assad and then they put the blame on us. Lol

Missing anonymetexasusa 03 January 2013, 16:00

Again trying to escape from the story.
Egyptian Brothehood sent a fanatic terrorist cell to UAE to spread terror & unrest in UAE...UAE is a fellow Sunni brotherly Arab state. Where does Stalin, Bush or Hitler fall into this story. What justification will your so eager fanatic instinct make up.

Missing lebcan 03 January 2013, 22:07

Good boys trust your politicians... Conspiracy theory ... Ok what ever... And hitler Stalin and Assad and the likes are either atheists or hypocrites and hypocrites are the most dangerous ... Calling Muslims Wahhabis is simply an escape and a disgusting generalization about a great people who unfortunately are been judges by illiterates as your selfs... Muslims are greatly misrepresented by the worst leadership in all history.... So there is were Mursi comes in, I for the time been will give him the benefit ... Till...well will see... Good bye !!!

Missing anonymetexasusa 03 January 2013, 23:20

Would it hurt you to read first before making idiotic comments.
Show me where did I speak of Wahhabism? I clearly used the term "Takfiri Fanatic".
You r giving Morsi the benefit...ok...a lot of people are giving him the benefit of the doubt.
Let's hope he doesn't use it to plot for more unrest in other peaceful Arab nations

Missing anonymetexasusa 03 January 2013, 23:29

Do you at least - Mr know it all- know that Whahhabist is not the same as Takfiri.