Phalange, National Liberal Youths Declare Syria's Ambassador 'Persona Non Grata'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The Phalange Party and National Liberal Party protesters considered on Saturday that the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali is a “persona non grata,” calling on the diplomat to halt his interference in the Lebanese local affairs.

“If Foreign Minister (Adnan Mansour) won't put an end to your actions we will, you are (declared) as a persona non grata,” Simon Dergham, the head of the students organization in the National Liberal Party said.

He lashed out at the Syrian ambassador, saying: “insulting out institutions and President (Michel Suleiman) is not acceptable.”

The demonstrators chanted slogans against the ambassador, describing him as “ambassador of hatred, criminality, humiliation and dependency.”

“The Syrian hegemony has ended and we refuse to go back,” the protesters said.

The protesters held banners condemning the Syrian regime and demanding the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador amid heavy army troops and riot police deployment near the Syrian embassy in Yarze.

Ali recently sent a letter to the Lebanese Foreign Ministry complaining that the Social Affairs Ministry was involved in helping “extremist Salafist organizations.”

He pointed out that his mission had received complaints from Syrian refugees claiming “extremist Salafist organizations” were demanding that they declare their opposition to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in return for aid through the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

The ambassador accused the Social Affairs Ministry of being responsible for the pressure exerted on the displaced.

However, Social Affairs Minister Wael Abou Faour rejected the Syrian ambassador's accusations, lashing out at Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour for referring the complaint to the cabinet as if “he was adopting them.”

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Thumb geha 12 January 2013, 17:00

it is beyond me why:
- this ambassador of this murderous regime is still here while they have been kicked out in all other countries?
- why is the samaha case still without an indictment?
- why is the army not arresting Syrian regime operatives?
- ....

Default-user-icon batman (Guest) 12 January 2013, 19:10

Go sit on a rusty phone pole and rotate you ignorant scumbag...

Missing lebcan 13 January 2013, 03:38

Stupid Rudes

Thumb jcamerican 12 January 2013, 17:54

Lol. Ok geha is little melodramatic, rudes, definitely that was rude. ouwette you are doing the opposite of what you are preaching. Anyway, thanks for making me laugh.

Thumb geha 12 January 2013, 18:00

why am I melodramatic?

Thumb jcamerican 12 January 2013, 18:31

Characteristic of melodrama, esp. in being exaggerated, sensationalized, or ( overemotional ). Hope no hard feelings. To most of you here, I am not M8 or M14, just an interested third party in Lebanon as a country.

Thumb geha 12 January 2013, 18:39

I am mainly against m8 without fully adopting all the ideas of m14 representatives.
that said, is it my fault if I state the obvious and the obvious is melodramatic?
can you state one item I stated that is not melodramatic in itself? does it make me so?
ne advice: do not kill the messenger like so many do on this site when the issues are what they are.
it is indeed melodramatic that the judge in the samaha case is too afraid and under pressure from hizbushaitan and fpm not to issue the indictment :)

Missing samiam 12 January 2013, 19:07

At least they are protesting in front of the syrian embassy now--a year ago, no one would have thought of it. Maybe someone should consider moving it from Hamra to Akkar--at least he won't get to enjoy the nightlife in Beirut while his countrymen and scrambling for food and shelter....

Thumb primesuspect 13 January 2013, 04:34

jejejeje good one.

Default-user-icon Disgusted (Guest) 12 January 2013, 19:12

For those idiots who resent the notion of freedom of speech, move to Iran or at least to the sewers of Dahieh where you belong...

Thumb eli-g 13 January 2013, 17:52

shouldn't he be interested in the conditions of the poor SYRIAN refugee kids living in tents in the middle of the winter?