Drug-Taking Bear Star 'Ted' to Appear at Oscars


"Ted," the drug-smoking, foul-mouthed teddy bear who was a blockbuster hit last year, is to appear at the Oscars next month, his onscreen sidekick Mark Wahlberg said Thursday.

Comedian Seth MacFarlane, who is hosting the February 24 Academy Awards, has secured the invitation for his comic creation and Walhberg to appear on stage at Hollywood's biggest awards show.

"Because Seth is hosting the Oscars, Ted and I will be appearing at the Oscars," Wahlberg told talk show host Anderson Cooper, also confirming that a sequel to the R-rated movie is in the works.

Asked if Ted would have to smoke a bong before the show to calm his nerves, the actor said: "He can't do it without it, it's mandatory."

"Family Guy" creator MacFarlane is expected to be joined by a string of A-listers to hand out the golden statuettes at the Oscars, the climax of Hollywood's awards season, although no major names have yet been disclosed.

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