Arrest Warrant Issued against Lebanese Man Who Cooperated with Israel for 22 Years

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Military Tribunal Judge Imad al-Zein interrogated on Monday a Lebanese man on charges of collaborating with Israel, reported the National News Agency.

He is accused of collaborating with Israel, meeting with Israeli officials in a number of foreign countries and providing them with information on the Lebanese and Syrian armies, as well as the members of Hizbullah.

An arrest warrant was issued against him and he may face the death penalty if convicted.

The suspect cooperated with Israel for nearly 22 years in return for massive sums of money, said NNA.

The retired engineer who used to work at a state institution, provided Israel with information of the location of the Lebanese and Syrian army in Lebanon when the latter was deployed in the country.

He also provided it with information on the residences of a number of Hizbullah officials, including former party chiefs Sheikh Abbas Moussawi, who was assassinated in 1992, and Sobhi Tufaili, as well as Hizbullah cleric Sheikh Mohammed Yazbeck.

In addition, he gave Israel information on private and public institutions that were targeted by Israeli strikes in the July 2006 war.

The suspect possessed a fake Palestinian passport that enabled him to enter Israel.

His interrogation will continue on Tuesday.

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Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 14:17

we know that about geha long ago

Thumb primesuspect 21 January 2013, 14:45

The state of Israel gave this man a job, a duty the state of Lebanon failed to do.

He also did every democratic Lebanese citizen a favor by giving the hezbi terrorists' coordinates. We should reward him.

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 15:07

look how filthy zionist scum defend their spies

Missing 21 January 2013, 20:03

Treason is not patriotism. Anyone convicted of spying to any foreign country (ANY) should get the maximum penalty allowed by law. BUT YES - if we do not build a real country, you will have people questioning their loyalties.

Missing allouchi 22 January 2013, 21:05

well said...

Thumb primesuspect 22 January 2013, 03:32

No Flamer, it just means that he was more patriotic than most politicians because he was doing Lebanon a favor by helping our Israeli neighbors. He was heading in the right direccion, doesn't mean he's a friend.

Default-user-icon James Wolf (Guest) 22 January 2013, 11:58

First part of the post is extremely idiotic. Getting a job spying for a foreign power cannot be justified by lack of employment opportunities at home. Should we also absolve the shabbiha mass-slaughterers in Syria because the opposition failed to give them better jobs?

As for helping to ridd the country of Hezbollah terrorists, it is probably the only good part of his job description.

Missing ghassankaddour 22 January 2013, 18:24

Primesuspect, shame on you. Thats disgusting. A spy should recieve the death penalty. He didnt do us any favours whatsoever, he did it to get some cash thats all. Spies are not patriotic in any sence. This is why people dont take m14 seriously, cuz you dont wanna take on hezballah but you want israel to do it for you and support spying for them. Shame on you. No wonder you keep getting setbacks. And this is coming from someone who is neither m8 nor m14. Oh and occupiers are not neighbours, they are occupiers and criminals you coward. Go fight hezballah if your a man instead of counting on baby murderers to do it for you. You dont even live in lebanon. What a coward.

Missing cedars 21 January 2013, 16:15

What the status of the arrest warrant against the four HA members who are accused of bombing Harriri?

Thumb shab 21 January 2013, 16:33


Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 17:09

the filthy zionist scum pretends to be bored by zionist spies.

we know it's a blow to your usually incompetent mossad.

Missing cedars 21 January 2013, 17:02

What is the status of the minister who cooperated with the Assad terrorist regime to bomb Akkar and destabilize the country.

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 17:37

the filthy zionist scum want to accuse patriotic lebanese and syrian regime for bombings in Akkar

Missing 21 January 2013, 20:06

Treason is treason. Does not matter if one is an Israeli spie or a Syrian one.

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 17:08

the filthy zionist scum trash worm is trying to expand story into another direction

Default-user-icon jojo (Guest) 21 January 2013, 17:26

just out of curiosity, why is naharnet not censoring this jabalamel guy?

I mean what he says makes no sense....

They should pick-up his IP and filter all the crap that he is seing.

p.s. i may be filthy but am no zionist

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 12:02

the filthy zionist scum is not happy because naharnet editor allow patriotic lebanese to comment on this page, and not just them filthy zionist scum

p.s. you might be filthy cia scum, or filthy wahabi scum, i don't care you are in same trash

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 17:56

all filthy zionist scum trash worm attempts to divert attention from the subject has failed.

this is an article about another zionist spy caught and there's nothing you can do.

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 20:02

the filthy zionist scum wants to talk to me


Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 20:02

and i0m not in the US. mossad gave you wrong information

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 20:03

and you still won't be able to divert the subject from zionist spies

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 20:03

the filthy zionist scum think i work for them

again, mossad falied in gathering information

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 21 January 2013, 23:12

hahahah - I thought so - which city do you think he's in?