Miqati Meets Saudi Crown Prince, Links Prosperous Economy to Comprehensive Peace

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Prime Minister Najib Miqati discussed with Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz ways to steer Lebanon clear of the developments in the region, the PM's press office said in a statement on Tuesday.

It said the meeting was held on Monday night in the presence of Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal and the Lebanese delegation to Riyadh that included FM Adnan Mansour, Finance Minister Mohammed al-Safadi, Economy Minister Nicolas Nahas and Industry Minister Vrej Sabounjian.

The talks were also attended by the Saudi ambassador to Beirut Ali Awad Assiri.

The two sides discussed “the historic ties between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia in all its aspects and the importance of developing them, in addition to the situation in the region and ways to steer Lebanon clear of its negative consequences,” Miqati's press office said.

It said Prince Salman stressed “the need for Lebanon to preserve coexistence and openness which it is characterized with.”

Miqati was in Riyadh to attend the third Arab Economic and Social Development summit.

In his speech on Monday night, he linked a prosperous economy to a comprehensive peace in the region

“We should all seek for a just and comprehensive peace that contributes to a prosperous economy,” he said.

“The key to peace in the region is a solution to the Palestinian cause that's why we should work for the establishment of two states and giving Palestinians their full rights to their land and state,” he told the summit.

“The stability in the region also requires an end to the bloodshed in Syria and avoiding its repercussions,” he added.

Miqati cited the achievements made following the two previous economic summits but called for stronger efforts in implementing them, and developing an agreement on inter-Arab investment.

Miqati invited the Arab leaders to hold the next summit in Lebanon.

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Missing ArabDemocrat.com 22 January 2013, 12:27

Do you really make sense here? Arabism major ideologues came from syria and lebanon. The american university of beirut was the intellectual hub for arab nationalists. The saudis have historically rejected arabism in favour of islamists. They only recently started paying lip service to arabism to counter "persian" iran and the jihadists. As for ikhwan and wahabis, they mostly do not get along. Look at the lebanese economy now since saudi and other khaliji "terrorists" stopped coming and investing because of us noble people.

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 12:46

the filthy zionists think that when truth does not make sense.

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 12:49

saudi money + filthy wahabi terrorists


no saudi money and no filthy wahabi terrorists

false dilema posed by wahabi propaganda.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 22 January 2013, 15:49

Karim - you are still mixing things in your reply and making false claims and miss some basic points (1) most saudi and arab investment in lebanon has been focused on real estate, hotels and tourism. I prefered that they invest in industries but real estate is the money maker in lebanon (2) the prostitution rings are owned overwhelmingly by Lebanese.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 22 January 2013, 12:30

"Miqati Links Prosperous Economy to Comprehensive Peace." Please resign. This is an absolute cop out. Lebanese state of affair is 90 percent due to us. We elect these jokers to be our leaders. We deserve what we get.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 22 January 2013, 16:18

Israel, for the forseable future, will be run by right wing radical governmets who are not willing to give palestinians any semblence of justice. The palestinians will not get justice until the arabs provide a credible balance of power and a credible promise of peace. This can only be achieved when the arab countries put their act together and replace their tyrants with democratically elected governments, build state institutions and the rule of law. Then they are able to advance as countries, build economies and armies. Israel then cannot claim to be "the only democracy" in the middle east in a sea of dictatorship.

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 17:43

the filthy zionist scum hallucinate that the jewish question in the region can be solved by making arab state more democratic.

what an insane idea. like that will stop zionist from genocide.

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 17:42

the filthy zionist scum hallucinate that miati is march 8 puppet and that lebanon was prosperous before miati came to power.

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 17:44

the filthy zionist want to convince anyone (who?) that our glorious resistance has a goal to reclaim palestine

Missing peace 22 January 2013, 21:20

stop answering to the idiotic ahbal... you give him too much importance by doing so...and he is happy . just ignore him , that s all he deserves: indifference!

Missing peace 23 January 2013, 11:33

no M8er to say that mikati is a wahhabi? come on guys! be logic with yourselves!

Thumb jabalamel 23 January 2013, 15:57

the filthy zionist scum want to put patriotic prime minister in the same trash as their friends, filthy wahabi scum