Assad Shown at Ceremony for Prophet Birthday

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria's embattled President Bashar Assad was Thursday shown on state television attending prayers at a mosque in a northern district of Damascus to mark the Prophet Mohammed's birthday.

The leader was shown in a live broadcast kneeling in al-Afram mosque flanked by Syria's Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun, the highest Sunni religious authority in the country, and the religious endowments minister.

The minister, Mohammed Abdel Settar, earlier called for "million man prayers" at mosques on Friday to appeal for the re-establishment of security in the country, rocked by a deadly anti-regime uprising since March 2011.

"Prayers will be held after Friday services in Syria's mosques with the appeal for a return to security and safety in the homeland," Settar said, quoted by state news agency SANA.

Assad's opponents have traditionally called for anti-regime rallies each Friday, the Muslim day of rest and weekly prayers.

After the brief ceremony in al-Afram mosque attended by dozens of religious clerics and laymen, the president smiled and seemed at ease as a crowd gathered around him to offer greetings.

Assad was shown being escorted to a waiting car in the street and stepping into the driver's seat, after which the cameras panned upwards to show the mosque and surrounding area.

The last time Assad appeared in public was for a rare speech to supporters on January 6, in which he dismissed calls for his removal and said he had no partners with whom to negotiate for an end to the 22-month conflict.

In the speech, the president offered a roadmap to end the war while branding the opposition "slaves" of the West and urging foreign powers to stop backing armed rebels.

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Missing mohammad_ca 24 January 2013, 16:26

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Missing mohammad_ca 24 January 2013, 16:40

one soul is more valuable than all the mosques, so, if we go by your claim that this was done by al-nusra, the two things are uncomparable. The number is supported by international human rights groups and the UN, bas inta you are way beyond all that, ma hek? You are more important than the whole world. el3ama ma aghbek.

Thumb bigsami 24 January 2013, 16:49

Right on mohammad. The audacity for this scum to be worshiping the almighty when he should be burnt to a crisp after all the crimes he and his clan have committed! No worries God will be waiting and will send him straight to hell where he will join the likes of Khadafi & Mughniyeh!

Thumb jabalamel 24 January 2013, 16:58

the filthy zionist scum is not happy that syrian army killed 65 000 wahabi/zionist fanatics.

Thumb bigsami 24 January 2013, 17:59

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Missing mohammad_ca 24 January 2013, 17:52

so you are comparing 2 soldiers to 65000 you even read your comments before you post?

Missing mohammad_ca 24 January 2013, 19:15

sorry does not even begin to describe my feelings for your state...

Thumb jabalamel 24 January 2013, 20:05

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Missing beirutbastard00 24 January 2013, 21:13

Just to be fair, it seems most of the time ppl are attacking mowatens character, not his points.

Thumb bigsami 24 January 2013, 22:59

Wrong....BOTH! 95% of his posts defend/cheer/commend the filthy terrorists HA/IRAN/ASSAD with INACCURATE information to be regularly corrected by others accordingly (and for him to come back with his tail between legs speechless with regards to his trash).

Missing feekahraba 25 January 2013, 02:49

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Thumb jabalamel 24 January 2013, 16:59

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Missing 24 January 2013, 19:37


Thumb jabalamel 24 January 2013, 20:06

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Thumb LEBhasNOhope 24 January 2013, 17:41

He drives his own car? man that guy is so down to earth! aside from the 65,000 syrians killed and the countless Lebanses. I can clearly see how he can garner so much support from everyone. Sad Sad time to be a Lebanese! Shows how much they are worth, in money at least!

Thumb primesuspect 24 January 2013, 19:54

Death to Assad, death to Nusralla, death to Natanyahu and every other enemy of Lebanon!

Thumb jabalamel 24 January 2013, 20:06

the filthy zionist made a huge blunder and put his own leader with his enemies?

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Missing realist 24 January 2013, 20:38

This guy is such a coward, why doesnt he go to the amawi mosque if he so strong and in control like he and his racist nazi followers on here do lol.? At leasT SAddam and qadafe had balls and would go out in the streets even under airraids. This pathetic little mosque is smaller than the one in my village. It is not a place of worship but a mosque of munafeqeen just like the quran describes in tawba ( for the farsis on here who never read the quran )

Thumb jabalamel 24 January 2013, 20:53

the filthy zionist scum want to tell assad to which mosque he should go

Thumb andre.jabbour 24 January 2013, 23:40

The person you're talking to is the proud owner of flamethrower and the roar and probably many more profiles. I noticed lots of similarities in the style.

Missing peace 25 January 2013, 00:05

coz it s M8 style!!!

Default-user-icon Sae Kubo in Tokyo (Guest) 25 January 2013, 03:47

Dear Sirs,
The world syrian people have suffered from the devastated situation under the civil war especially infliced by the foreign backed terrorisits or extremists, the defectors of FSA and even suicide bombs by jihadist who highly likely to enter into from a foreign coutry, the clashes between rebels - FSA and extremists. "Million man prayers" gave the holy moment even over me. I sincerely hope the settlement will be achieved by the peaceful heart inside of them. If the world know the calamity of the situation, I hope I must help in a possible way for the peace. When I heard recent news, I feel almost crying for it.