Miqati Says Cabinet Committed to Policy of Disassociation, Receiving Aid for Refugees Has Become Urgent

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Prime Minister Najib Miqati stressed on Saturday that Lebanon will keep caring for Syrian refugees flowing from the neighboring war-torn country, warning that receiving support has become an urgent matter.

"Our contribution in this issue has exceeded our potential,” Miqati revealed during talks on the current developments in the Middle East that took place alongside his participation in the works of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland's Davos.

The PM noted: “We are in urgent need for support to be able to continue caring for the increasing number of Syrian and Palestinian refugees until they are able to return to their country”.

"We are dealing with the issue of refugees because of our belief in its humanistic and ethical dimensions,” Miqati expressed, assuring that Lebanon does not differentiate between one Syrian citizen and another depending on their political orientations.

“Lebanon's cabinet will continue to disassociate itself form Syria's conflict in order to preserve internal stability and safeguard the country from the possible repercussions of the region's turmoil,” he stated.

PM also shared during the meeting the cabinet's plan to tackle the issue of refugees from security and social perspectives.

The cabinet had voted earlier this month to adopt a three-part plan to tackle the influx of refugees from Syria, and it involves “registration -- which means the counting of refugees -- medical and food aid, and the security and social consequences.”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had announced that the number of Syrians and Palestinians that are currently receiving aid from the Lebanese government, the United Nations and non-governmental organizations has exceeded 212,000.

The influx has threatened to bring the number of the displaced to 420,000 in June.

A ministerial source revealed on Thursday that Lebanon will ask for 270 million dollars during a donor conference in Kuwait on January 30 to meet the demands of refugees escaping the violence in Syria.

The Lebanese government, which has promised to keep its border open to refugees, called in early December for 363 million dollars to cope with the influx.

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Missing helicopter 26 January 2013, 21:11

Receiving Aid for Refugees Has Become Urgent .............
I think finding an alternative country for the refugees is a lot more urgent than Aid for them. I am sure most of the Aid will line the pockets of our politicians and the normal Citizen will be left with the burden of the refugees.