Troops Fire Teargas at Palestinians in West Bank Clash

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Around 200 Palestinians demonstrating in solidarity with prisoners held by Israel hurled stones at troops in the West Bank on Saturday and soldiers responded with tear gas, Palestinian security officials and the Israeli military said.

Palestinians said the confrontation erupted when protesters tried to set up tents adjacent to Israel's West Bank security fence at Anin village, near the northern town of Jenin.

They said eight Palestinians suffered from gas inhalation but nobody was badly hurt. About 10 people were detained by troops but later released, the security officials added.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said soldiers used "riot dispersal means" to break up the protest and that nobody was injured on either side.

"There was stone-throwing," she said. "The incident is over now."

Palestinians have previously set up tent encampments to protest Israeli plans to build on their land, but the sites have been dismantled by Israeli forces.

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