Canadian Minister Says Bus Bombing Suspect Born in Lebanon


A Canadian suspect in last year's fatal bus bombing in Bulgaria was born in Lebanon and only lived in Canada for a few years as a child, Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday.

"My understanding is he came to Canada as a child at the age of eight, obtained citizenship three or four years after that, and left Canada at the age of 12," Kenney said.

"We believe he's likely a dual Canadian-Lebanese national who has not lived here as a permanent resident since the age of 12," he added.

Kenney also told reporters that parliament should consider stripping Canadians of their citizenship for acts of terrorism, however an opposition leader called the proposal a "knee-jerk response."

Five Israeli tourists and their Bulgarian driver were killed in the bus bombing at Burgas airport on the Black Sea in July, the deadliest attack on Israelis abroad since 2004.

On Tuesday, Bulgaria formally blamed the attack on Hizbullah, triggering renewed pressure on the European Union to follow Canada, the United States and others in formally designating the movement a “terrorist group.”

The Bulgarian government said two people behind the attack held Canadian and Australian passports, but lived in Lebanon and were members of Hizbullah.

Canada has confirmed one of the suspects was a dual Canadian-Lebanese national and said it takes allegations of his involvement "very seriously."

Prime Minister Najib Miqati said that his government was "ready to cooperate with Bulgaria to shed light on the circumstances" of the attack.

Hizbullah denounced Israel on Wednesday for waging an "international campaign" against it.

Sheikh Naim Qassem, the group's number two, slammed the "international campaign of intimidation waged by Israel against Hizbullah."

"There is a global attack led by Israel to confront the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine... targeting Hizbullah specifically because (Israeli) aggression has failed against Hizbullah," added Qassem.

Bulgaria's foreign minister defended himself Wednesday against accusations that Sofia lacked the proof to blame Hizbullah for the attack.

"If Bulgaria did not have enough arguments to announce yesterday that the traces in this attack lead to Hizbullah's military wing, we would not have done it," Nikolay Mladenov said on BNT television.

Bulgarian analysts on Wednesday accused the government of not having enough proof to level what may turn out to a dangerous accusation, and of kowtowing to Washington and Israel.

"We have joined the camp of U.S. and Israel... allowing to be drawn into the big game where Hizbullah has to be eliminated as it supports the regime in Syria," international security expert Simeon Nikolov said.

"Do our leaders realize the responsibility they take in announcing results, which are not categorically backed by evidence?" the expert added on BNT television, slamming what he saw as "a strategic mistake" by the government.

"What is this 'justified assumption'? We entered a game, which is not ours without having any categorical proof to show," Yovo Nikolov from Capital weekly newspaper added.

Too small to have access to extensive intelligence data from abroad, Bulgaria obviously "relied heavily on resources from foreign security services" in the investigation, Tihomir Bezlov from the Sofia-based think tank Center for the Study of Democracy said.

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Thumb geha 06 February 2013, 19:53

as someone else says usually: filthy militia.

Default-user-icon Evron Kimponia (Guest) 06 February 2013, 22:56

I'm so sorry to know that the Israelis killed, saints in every meaning of the word, are your close relatives. It really breaks my heart. What hard luck that those killed were so close and dear to you. The worst always happens to the nicest people. My deepest condolences, geha. Pray that they rest in peace.

Missing 07 February 2013, 02:02

As a Canadian that is very familiar with Canadian politics. This is the most Anti-Arab government in the history of Canada. They defunded Arab organizations and they support Israel to the hilt.

Missing 07 February 2013, 02:03

And Minister Kenney is the worst minister among the lot.

Thumb ghada12 07 February 2013, 02:10

haha moliere, ma3ak ha'

Thumb ghada12 07 February 2013, 02:11

I think Moliere said it best

Missing beirutbastard00 07 February 2013, 03:00

"We believe he's likely a..." I stopped reading from there.

Thumb makhaleh 07 February 2013, 03:21

wowow dude sunnis fight the war everyday but not with arms and if u knew anything about sunnis u would know that but were not terrorists and act on killing innocent Israelis cuz they took imad moughniyeh.....wasn't it the shiiat based group that took out harriri and every other politician for Syria....and if other sunnis decide to do business with the west don't judge all of them u retard cuz they rnt the same

Thumb makhaleh 07 February 2013, 03:22

but wait and hizballah is killing children in Syria for the regime I forgot to mention that gonna say it all shiat r murderes

Default-user-icon A.Templar (Guest) 07 February 2013, 04:08

Rafehh, a Leach who is 'very familiar with Canadian politics'

Since you do not agree with the Canadian government trying to protect itself from the Arab virus, you should take the lead in your neighborhood and be the first to surrender your Canadian citizenship, hit the road back to Arabia and kiss your Social Assistance Welfare cheque goodbye.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out..
Good Riddance

Missing ydafylsa 07 February 2013, 06:04

Through its terrorist actions over the years Hezbollah has succeeded in humiliating every Lebanese passport holder; as if this was not enough, Hezbollah will be humiliating now every Canadian and Australian passport holders of Lebanese descent.

Thumb whyaskwhy 07 February 2013, 17:32

Story of Lebanon is like a Bond movie a new villain each episode it just happens to be Hizballah right now.....

Thumb ghada12 07 February 2013, 18:06

very, very true, but amended slightly to say a new villain for Israel in each episode....

Thumb kanaandian 07 February 2013, 18:11

Way to go Kenney, totally agree with him. If any toweltop gets caught resorting to jihad, he should be stripped of his country. If he is Canadian born, he should simply be hanged. Get rid of this Islamist garbage, be they Hezbollah, AQ, or some other junkie mujahideen. He should be fair though, Israeli Mossad also used our passports some years ago when they attempted an assassination against Khaled Meshaal, but if he were to mention that, it would be antisemitic.

Missing mountian1 07 February 2013, 23:36

No he is a Jew..