Report: Libya Tightens Security Measures Against Lebanese

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Following the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates, Libya kicked off an "undeclared" campaign to expel Lebanese citizens under the pretext of having ties with Hizbullah, al-Akhbar daily said Thursday.

Under claims of “relations with Hizbullah,” Lebanese are being expelled from Gulf countries mainly the United Arab Emirates, from the U.S., African and European countries and now Libya.

Lebanon's Foreign ministry is trying to end what seems like a systematic campaign to ill-treat Lebanese upon arrival at the world airports and expel those residing for work or education. The “virus” has hit Libya this time where about 18,000 Lebanese live there, the daily added.

Lebanese have been denied visas to the Arab Maghreb country, and moreover prevented from entry at the Tripoli International Airport despite possession of valid visas. Lebanese are being deported on the first plane heading to Lebanon, said the daily.

One Lebanese citizen said he was subject to interrogation at the Libyan airport. The questions focused on his place of residence in Lebanon and whether he lives in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Hizbullah's stronghold.

Although the Libyan interior ministry denied orders to ban visas to Lebanese nationals, it said it falls in the framework of precautionary measures taken against travelers holding visas issued by the Iranian Republic.

However former Information Minister Tarek Mitri, who is currently in Libya as the representative of the head of the U.N. Support Mission, confirmed that Libyan measures against the Lebanese went much beyond precautionary, and have come to be more like a collective punishment, according to al-Akhbar.

Metri was quoted as having facts that the Libyan authorities are banning Lebanese officials in the United Nations to work within their mission in Libya, it said.

According to reports, about 1,000 Lebanese citizens were expelled from the UAE under the pretext of having ties with Hizbullah.

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Missing 07 February 2013, 09:47

This is the unfortunate consequence of the Hizb and this government support of Assad. Lebanese used to be the most liked in the Arab world. If we continue along this path and are seen to support the monstrous regime in Damascus, we will be tje most despised.

Thumb mckinl 07 February 2013, 10:32

Lebanon is in the way of the US-Zionist-GCC policy of destroying all things Iranian/Shiite. Trouble is there is no where for Lebanon to go.

Increasing pressure will be brought to bare before the elections so that the Salafist Future Movement can get a majority government.

Missing 08 February 2013, 02:44

"US-Zionist-GCC policy of destroying all things Iranian/Shiite"?

Missing samiam 07 February 2013, 11:30

well, without an infrastructure with you know, running water, electricity, safe roads and security, you face an uphill battle for that. I haven't seen any politician from either M8 or M14 propose how we are going to get there.

Missing samiam 07 February 2013, 20:40

bassil and electricity--don't make me laugh

Three years ago my electric bill for 2 months averaged nearly $300, now it is about $100--so doing the math, since 2009, I am getting ONE THIRD of the electricity. He has his own plans and doesn't know how to achieve them and gets mad when others take the stage. How many power plants are currently being built or are planned to be built? The answer is ZERO. Good one--next joke please

Don't take this as anti-FPM thing--Minister Sehnaoui has done a pretty decent job managing the sector--I wouldn't give him an A, but he has actually shown tangible improvements in the sector. Nothing close can be said for the SIL.

Thumb mckinl 07 February 2013, 10:14

I thought Jumblatt had squared things away in Sunni land. Looks like everyone is going after Iran, Hez and Shiites in general. The fatwah on Shiites and anyone who supports them moves into high gear.

Default-user-icon Adam (Guest) 07 February 2013, 10:27

You idiots this article does not have one source for it's information. Who said what?

Thumb mckinl 07 February 2013, 14:00

"al-Akhbar daily said Thursday."

and more ...

Did you read the piece ???

Missing greatpierro 07 February 2013, 10:57

Let the FPM supporters keep supporting Hizbullah who proved too many a time that they are a terrorist, money laundering organization, plus drug and arms trafficker. Thank you for keeping high up the reputation of Lebanon and the Lebanese. Keep it up.

Missing greatpierro 07 February 2013, 12:33

after all need no proof. What really maters is what the international community believe and the negative measures that the Lebanese will suffer.

Thumb mckinl 07 February 2013, 13:25

Suffering for the boasts of Ahmadinejad is no honor. Iran has alienated the rest of the world with their over the top rhetoric and behavior. How does one practice resistance when one is constantly undermined by childish antics.

Once again Ahmadinejad has threatened Israel, this time in Cairo. He is an embarrassment and a liability for Iran and what is left of her allies not to mention insulting Egypt's hospitality on the first visit after 30 years.

Fortunately Ahmadinejad seems to be signaling that Iran is open to the replacement of Assad through negotiations and elections. We will see how good his word is on that matter. Ahmadinejad has placed his allies and his people in unnecessary jeopardy by his behavior.

Missing greatpierro 07 February 2013, 14:50

what the international community believes does matter as it will affect the lebanese directly. If our youth cannot go and work abroad, or our businessman have difficulties traveling, etc...

Missing greatpierro 07 February 2013, 15:46

Lets say the US gave the green light for the dictator to occupy us. So I may understand why you don't like the US. What I really do not understand is why do you like so much the dictator that occupied us, is not allowing us to take our right share of water from Nahr el Kabir and the Oronte, that does not allow our fishermen to fish off the coast of Akkar, that does not give the evidence to Lebanon to prove Chebaa is Lebanese territory, that gives explosives to Samaha to wreck havoc in Lebanon, etc.....

Missing peace 07 February 2013, 21:32

"i had my free speech DURING the reign of the syrian in lebanon"

sure collaborators of the syrian regime had their free speech called assad s propaganda... seem you forgot how those speaking against the syrian regime were treated and humiliated, short memoery huh? oh! yes because aoun supports syria now then all FPMers forgot what it was like under the syrian regime...

so stupid FT ...

Default-user-icon vicking (Guest) 07 February 2013, 11:24

Lebanon must take measures against Libyans - take back all visas from Libyans in Lebanon and impose strict visa measures against them.
This is NOT ACCEPTABLE - Lebanon is 1000 more advanced than Libya and will soon exceed its wealth thanks to our new gas resources

Default-user-icon Ahmed (Guest) 07 February 2013, 14:01

News flash - Lebanon will never have Libya's wealth. What planet ar eyou living on. We produce 1.6 mm bbls/day - that's roughly $160mmm daily revenue for the country.

I could write a book about comparing the 2 countries, wealth wise but go and so some reading on our country first !

Missing beirutbastard00 07 February 2013, 11:50

Hahaha Libya is banning US????? -_-

Missing greatpierro 07 February 2013, 15:52

Yes which shows how bad is now the reputation of Lebanon and the Lebanese thanks to Hizbullah.

Thumb AngryLeb 07 February 2013, 12:52

Usually I would expect to hear,,, Lebanon has banned entry visa to Libyan ,,, not the contrary, Who is Libya ? A terrorist country but with cash, the only difference is that they have $$$ and We don't bess that s it.

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 07 February 2013, 13:13

The Lebanese government must act swiftly and ban libyans from entering Lebanon.. many of whom sneak into Syria to kill innocent people.

Thumb mckinl 07 February 2013, 13:47

Did you notice the other countries banning Lebanese? It is clear that the GCC and the Zionists are exercising their power in order to isolate Lebanon.

Iran must make concessions to relieve this pressure to avoid even more pain for itself and its' allies. And that appears to be happening in Cairo as Ahmadinejad has agreed to talks to replace Assad.

Default-user-icon Ahmed (Guest) 07 February 2013, 13:57

That was then - Watch us get to the top now Mr. Cedar !

Thumb shab 07 February 2013, 15:02

Send all the expelled Shiite to Iran and let the rest stay.