Baby Makes Mess of New York Thief's Getaway


A New York car thief drove off in an SUV, only to discover there was a witness to the crime: a baby in the backseat.

Maybe he had a conscience, or just didn't want to have to change diapers, but the thief, captured on surveillance video posted on NBC television, quickly dumped his hot ride.

The parents of the seven-month-old baby girl had left her in the vehicle late Tuesday while they stopped at a store in the Bronx.

Footage showed the thief look around, then climb into the car, which had been left running, and take off. But he drove only a short distance before abandoning it and its precious cargo.

NY1 television posted pictures of the carjacker's cute, unwilling partner in crime and quoted a caregiver saying she was unharmed and being evaluated in hospital.

There was no immediate information regarding the whereabouts of the thief.

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