Poll: French Overwhelmingly Support Mali Intervention


Three out of four French support their country's military intervention to oust Islamists in Mali, with support for the action at its highest since President Francois Hollande sent in troops a month ago, a poll showed.

Seventy-three percent back the move, with just 27 percent against it, said the survey by IFOP to be published Friday.

Support for the operation has grown steadily since its launch on January 11, polls showed.

A first survey carried out on January 12 and 13 showed 63 percent backing it, while another poll four days later showed support at 65 percent.

IFOP questioned 959 people between February 4 and 6 for its latest poll, which is to be published in the Midi Libre regional newspaper.

France's intervention has largely driven the al-Qaida-linked rebels, who controlled northern Mali for 10 months and had threatened to advance on the capital, to remote mountains in the far northeast, along the Algerian border.

But French-led forces continue to come under attack in reclaimed territory, and with fears of a prolonged insurgency, Paris is keen to hand over the military burden.

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