March 14 to Commemorate Hariri's Assassination at BIEL

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The March 14 opposition alliance plans to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the assassination of ex-PM Rafik Hariri at the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center BIEL on Feb 14 in a massive rally, media reports said.

Prominent political figures and MPs representing all parties of the alliance including cadres of al-Mustaqbal movement would participate in the event, reports quoted the secretary-general of the movement, Ahmad Hariri, as saying.

The event will be another opportunity for March 14 to reiterate its “political and moral” support to the Syrian revolution, and would as well look forward for the trials of the accused in Hariri's case which is slated for March 25, added the secretary-general.

Al-Mustaqbal movement leader, Saad Hariri, is expected to address the audience at BIEL via video link through a huge screen.

Premier Najib Miqati issued a memo Friday, announcing Feb. 14 as a national holiday.

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Thumb geha 08 February 2013, 09:16

and the army is still not even trying to capture the hizbushaitan members accused by the ICC of his murder.
are there people above the law?
the army command better be consistent....

Thumb ziziyeklak 08 February 2013, 11:29

its been like this since decades...........

Thumb ziziyeklak 08 February 2013, 12:34

The censor session is opened by Naharnet censor team!!
not fair

Thumb primesuspect 08 February 2013, 14:03

decade = 10 days

decennia = 10 years.

Thumb primesuspect 08 February 2013, 14:04

Putito (:

Thumb primesuspect 08 February 2013, 11:23

Woke up early this morning, with Jesus & Mohammed on my mind. RIP Rafik.

Thumb primesuspect 08 February 2013, 11:31

It's exactly 5AM, and I'm having my cafe. Whatever you said I feel it's negative.... pendejo

Thumb ziziyeklak 08 February 2013, 11:37

gracias cabron :)

Thumb ziziyeklak 08 February 2013, 12:35

primesuspect ur been censored bad boy!!

Thumb primesuspect 08 February 2013, 14:04

so are you marica!!!

Thumb bigsami 08 February 2013, 15:45

Site officially hacked by FARSI's aka Fagblower and his aliases. Naharnet on it.

Thumb bigsami 08 February 2013, 15:48

Rest in peace Rafik. You are a true martyr and Lebanese! Your Persian murderers and scum of the world will soon meet their fate!

Thumb zahhet 08 February 2013, 17:45

saudi more the Lebanese!!

Missing 08 February 2013, 16:01

RIP Hariri. I owe you my life. Despite my criticism regarding your policy, you did much good. I am one of the tens of thousands of lebanese educated by his foundation. Was it for the fact that I was sent to US for studies, I would have suffered the same as many of my friends who spent years in syrian jails. For me, justice is when this regime is finished and Syria is a pluralistic democratic state. Anything less would be a betrayal. RIP Hariri. We will never forget.

Missing 08 February 2013, 16:10

How about a khomeini mausoleum?

Missing 09 February 2013, 06:22

Stargate - al mustaqbal does not have a militia and they will be the biggest losers if a civil war starts in lebanon. That is why they keep harping on the primacy of the state and on the unity of arm.