Hizbullah Backs Nahhas: Yesterday’s Actions Undermine State Institutions

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah condemned on Friday the incident at a Telecommunications Ministry building at Adlieh on Thursday, saying that it raises questions over whether Lebanon has official security forces or statelets independent of the state.

It said in a statement: “Yesterday’s development is an indication that Lebanon’s institutions are at risk of being emptied of their constitutional and legal elements in favor of personal interests of sides claiming to respect the state while they are actually seeking to destroy it.”

“The security forces’ prevention of the minister to exercise his privileges and concerned sides’ refusal to obey the Interior Minister’s orders raise questions over the purpose of the third mobile phone network,” it added.

The security forces at the Adlieh building prevented caretaker Telecommunications Minister Charbel Nahhas from dismantling equipment needed to install a third mobile phone network.

Caretaker Interior Minister Ziad Baroud had ordered the security forces to vacate the building.

“Is the network aimed at achieving financial or conspiracy gains? Does it belong to the March 14 camp or security forces functioning independently from the state?” the Hizbullah statement asked.

“The March 14 camp’s escalatory response only increases our suspicions and makes finding answers to them even more pressing,” it noted.

“Yesterday’s development targeted the core of the existence of the Lebanese state,” it said.

Given these “militia practices”, the Lebanese have the right to know the truth of what happened at Adlieh, it stressed.

The statement praised Nahhas’ keenness on the proper functioning of his ministry and his commitment to the constitution and laws, voicing its complete support to his actions.

It also praised Baroud’s decision to relinquish his duties as caretaker minister, saying that had the concerned officials taken the necessary measures, “we would never have reached this point.”

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Missing allouchi 27 May 2011, 19:12

What a surprise ??? !!! Hiz and Aoun what a joke. A terrorist militia with a power crazed general. A couple made in heaven. They should both move to either Syria or Iran. I don't think France or the west take take Aoun back...yah haram bass Iran will be happy too.

Default-user-icon zico (Guest) 27 May 2011, 19:16

undermine institutions? isn't hat what hizb iran is all about

Default-user-icon AJK (Guest) 27 May 2011, 20:11

Nasrallah, does that all the time, and doesn't answer to anybody, at least Rifi answers to the President, and removed his forces.
So for the Hizb, and Aoun it is a taste of their own medicine-chaos. live with it, because you are imposing on us to live with it.
In this case the Judiciary is going to decide, in your case each time somebody is close to deciding you want to shut him off !

Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) 27 May 2011, 23:09

look who is talking. A prostitute preaching about chastity!

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 28 May 2011, 00:41

Are you kidding? The Hezz are for upholding state institutions? Why don't they pay the Electricity Ministry and up hold that gov't institution? Whi was telling people to build on gov't land? Who meddled in foreign affairs in Egypt, Bahrain, and Ivory Coast without government consent? Who started a war without govenrment consent? Who can even drive through Dahye without threats of death or interrogation by thugs? Nasrallah can shut up now. The country and the region are done listening to him. Now he has decided that all popular uprisings are OK except in Syria and Iran. The Hezz in general can shut up and pay their m'tweili electricity bills.

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) 28 May 2011, 09:40

Hizbullah's record in crippling state institutions and beliefs :

- 93 : Nasrallah states clearly that an islamic state is the solution for Lebanon

- 06 : Kidnapped 2 soldiers , fell in an israeli trap : war , 1200 casualties, more than half infrastructures destroyed, 11 billion debts in one month

- 08 : may 7th, discovery of a communication reseautage a part from the state, that Hezbollah installed, for own purposes, supposedly against Israel, i wonder , all the politicians killed were wired, isnt it linked?

- 10 : covered airport with militia men to take Jamil Sayyed to a remote place, ignoring airport security, army , people, ISF, everybody.

- 11 : Coup against the governement, inciting chiites in bahrain to rebel but seeing nothing of Syria's leader 's butchering of his own, bahrain closes airlines with Lebanon, fires lebanese, and other gulf countries start doing the same

- 11 : charbel Nahhas ignores everybody and wants to dismantle networks without waiting for a governement

Missing lynx 28 May 2011, 09:46

Hizb's Communication Network is Legal "right??"
Telecom minister is just a puppet, Aoun's party are the biggest government thieves multi fake companies and subcontractors working for their ministries.
couldn't take the heat of a third telecom company to set up.
this proves its just that FPM are just the money laundring and commercial facia of HIzb...

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) 28 May 2011, 09:48

5 month without a governement, and claiming there wont be any before Syrian unrest ends, confirming that they are under syria's control , and charbel nahhas 's actions confirm they are happy without a governement and taking advantage of the situation to finish off their plans of dominion.

Conclusion : Nasrallah, stop taking people for fools, i regret that the noble shiite sect follows this fool, i propose he checks his rathole first, which he will stay in for the rest of his days, and by the way, for all the dummies that think Hezbollah has won the war, use your brains a little, from the 5000+ rockets Hezbollah has thrown on israel, what did it damage? 2 rooftops and killed 10 people max? we had 1200 dead, more than 300-400 hezbollah fighters dead if not way more ( they say 250 but if you know how war between those 2 works, they withdraw the bodies on the battlefield to later exchange them, so what hezb found of theirs was what Israelis didnt take), or even the fake effects

Default-user-icon R (Guest) 28 May 2011, 09:48

Finally! a civil war!

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) 28 May 2011, 09:54

of destroying several mirkavas make it seems they destroyed more then tens of them which is false because it is only playing with the camera on different angles, and believing Israel when it says it lost is bullshit, they have won because all they wanted is the UNIFIL to come , so that Hezb doesnt do anything anymore and they are not obliged to make peace, and to destroy hezbollah, like that Lebanon stays a banana republic and not endangering them economically or politically, Israel and Hezbollah are both evil, and they are working undirectly together to undermine Lebanon's stability and sovereignety, what does M8 fans think? hezbollah will fight Israel if it takes over? you are dreaming, Hezbollah is scared to death from Israel, they transformed Dahieh into a parking lot with just 2 war planes out of their 300+ that they have initially. WAKE UP PEOPLE

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) 28 May 2011, 16:35

Mowaten ya habibe, you still live in disney land , you believe everything sayyed hassouna says because you are blindfolded, and you still have got no answer to what i said, you will probably say im not worth responding, typical Aounie-Hezbollah attitude, you dont answer to what happens in Syria but you accuse bahrain of doing harm to its people, why? because there are chiites there? and i know for a fact from people i know there, that restaurants of chiite lebanese have hidden an arsenal of weapons ready to be used when wanted. isnt it meddling in foreign affairs? ignoring the lebanese state ? many lebanese were fired from there, and from gulf countries too, who will give them a living now ? you? or hassouna? you think your 800$ per month that he gives you to shut your mouth and follow him like sheeps is enough? you really think hezbollah is a resistance after all what happened since 2006? and the illegal constructions you and your brothers are doing in the south and even near

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) 28 May 2011, 16:51

we can only live together, and MOWATEN , if you want to keep believing in false militia as a resistance, i dont blame you , because i know the state never helped the chiites, but you must give it a chance today again because it is different than before, it is becoming too dangerous to be that much divided , and if you insist in taking control alone of the state, you will burn yourself like others did before you, Lebanon has witnessed from its birth a spinning wheel effect of power, first christians, second sunnis and now shias, everybody wants the state, we should federalize lebanon so each region gets to give its people what they need without resoriting to the state because march 14th and march 8th with their stupid differences are bloking it all the time and people needs are not met. and if you think you can rule lebanon by force and subdue us, try coming to christians areas, we have survived syrians,sunnis palestinians, and you dont scare us one bit, so think twice.