Louay al-Meqdad Slams Hizbullah's Unprecedented 'Land Invasion' in Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

An official of the rebel Free Syrian Army, Louay al-Meqdad, accused Hizbullah on Monday of carrying out an “unprecedented invasion” backed by Syrian artillery fire in villages in central Syria.

In remarks to An Nahar daily, al-Meqdad said: “Hizbullah's invasion is the first of its kind in terms of organization, planning and coordination with the Syrian regime's airforce.”

“This is the first time that Hizbullah is doing a land invasion backed by artillery fire of tanks basked in villages that it has controlled inside Syrian territories and some Lebanese border towns,” he said.

The alleged attack was carried out under “the supervision of Mustafa Badreddine and Wafiq Safa,” he added.

His comments came a day after the opposition Syrian National Council said Hizbullah fighters crossed into Homs province of central Syria on Saturday and attacked three Syrian villages in the Qusayr region near the Lebanese border.

A Hizbullah official said three Lebanese Shiites were killed in clashes in Syria while acting in "self-defense,” without specifying if they were party members.

But al-Meqdad told LBCI TV that more than 40 party members were killed in the latest clashes.

“Hizbullah's military operation began as soon as (Sayyed) Hassan Nasrallah finished his speech” on Saturday, he told An Nahar.

“The speech was the zero hour … and Nasrallah will use it to delay his next appearance so that he would not justify what happened,” he said.

The FSA member criticized the government for allegedly adopting a policy to distance itself from the regional crises, asking whether “the participation of a government faction in killing the Syrian people is considered a policy to steer themselves” clear of the Syrian war.

In his remarks to LBCI, he also accused the Lebanese government of facilitating the transfer of oil to the Syrian regime.

Last week, protesters blocked the two official crossings with Syria in northern Lebanon, claiming some diesel exported to Syria is being used by regime tanks in the country's nearly two-year-old civil war.

But the energy ministry denied reports that government-owned refineries were sending diesel to the neighboring country, saying private companies were exporting the fuel.

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Missing greatpierro 18 February 2013, 08:01

HA does not have the choice but to defend the regime. IF the Assad regime falls then bye bye the dream of Iran of wilayet al Fakih from Iran to Lebanon going through Irak and Syria. Unfortunately yet again because of their divisions, the Lebanese will be paying the cost.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 18 February 2013, 09:02

This is an idiotic move on the part of the Hizb. What will they do when the regime falls? Can Lebanon afford to be surrounded by enemies? What for? Have they really calculated the dangers to Lebanon? I used to think that it is possible to compromise on the weapons of the Hizb. No more. The Hizb and its weapons have become a present and great danger to Lebanon.

Missing greatpierro 18 February 2013, 10:00

Rightly Said but it's a question of life or death. They don't have the choice. They are not even hiding the fact that they are fighting in Syria. That is a clear proof to all m8 that The distance is not a resistance against Israel but a resistance to maintain the tyrannical Syrian Iranian axis.

Default-user-icon hedger (Guest) 18 February 2013, 10:13

I don't disagree. ..but everyone seems to forget or ignore that for them this is a resistance against those who will keep them from resisting against Israel, it is a resistance against an axis that is openly looking to eliminate them.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 18 February 2013, 17:03

Al-kafi: saying "shia terrorist SCUM" is as despicable as saying "sunni terrorist SCUM". Please stop it.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 18 February 2013, 17:07

Hedger - then they are as delusional as Bashar if they think that the arab people will forfeit palestinian rights. Simply put it, the hizb takes its orders from iran and when these orders come, they are not subject to debate. Iran has its own agendas - not all in the supreme national interest of lebanon and the arab countries.

Thumb ziziyeklak 18 February 2013, 15:02

chou hall propaganda hayde! Syria now needs HA, waooow. enno hala2 hezb alla sar super power & invading the continent!! ye3ne your saying ma sunni are so stupid & they are x200 more!!!
propaganda propaganda propaganda

Thumb geha 18 February 2013, 08:16

hizbushaitan is a confirmed terrorist militia acting against the interests of Lebanese and Lebanon.
they are only here to execute the orders of their Iranian masters.

Thumb scorpyonn 18 February 2013, 08:37

The time will soon be over for Assad, those rancid Iranians who are a cancer to this planet and the Lebanese who side with foreign powers against their own people.

Thumb andre.jabbour 18 February 2013, 11:49

Hehehehe I enjoy being pamperred by you. You do it better than any other maid. May Allah grant you freedom one day. Not physical freedom, but a brain transplant so you can free yourself from the master Aoun you serve so faithfully and blindly. Might as well include a new pair of eyes :)

Thumb pierotgourmand 18 February 2013, 14:47

FT lol

Missing lqu7 18 February 2013, 08:44

As long as they're keeping those dirty salafists out of our country, HA can invade China for all I care.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 18 February 2013, 09:10

Please stop being bigoted against salafists. There are many salafists in lebanon who are trying to live their lives and raise their families in these terrible economic situation. The problem is that the Hizb will bring in with them some of the Jihadists who will see to exact revenge from the Hizb. Do we really want a return to car bombs? What will happen when the regime in syria falls? Will lebanon pay the price?

Missing greatpierro 18 February 2013, 10:03

The biggest enemy of salafist are Muslim moderates. HA is giving a good excuse for salafist such as Adair and el Qaeda to exist.

Missing phalangistes 18 February 2013, 09:44

I really hope that when the FSA finishes with the regime, they come finish the dirty filthy iranian tumors in the dahye with our help

Thumb geha 18 February 2013, 16:26

hizbushaitan actions are calling for reprisals against them.
if that happens, assume the result, but do not expect any true Lebanese to stand by you.
you reap what you saw....

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 18 February 2013, 10:13

hahahaha the Syrian army an anvil.... hahahahaha... more like a feather duster...

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 18 February 2013, 11:00

i dont care if the FSA cries today.. tomorrow and on Christmas... i dont even care if they hold hands with the Syrian army and sing kumbaya... im just laughing at the anvil metaphor... hahahaha.. at least i can take smart pills... you are just hopeless..lol... a whole pharmacy wont cure what you got...

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 18 February 2013, 10:14

from the earlier article for the dense:
i don't know how much clearer it could be... those villages and towns are IN Syria.. how some people can justify HA being there and condoning it is beyond me... so if the United States dives into civil war it is OK for HA to send "defenders" to Dearborn, Michigan to protect the majority Arabs (also mostly Lebanese)? how ludicrous.. not to mention lacking in any substantial argument.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 18 February 2013, 11:04

FT i am not defending the salafists in the north interfering.. i am pointing out to the people who defend this action from either side... this was a response to mowaten who called them heroes.. i dont go around calling the salafists who want to meddle in Syrian affairs heroes.. and people who do are just as retarded as the ones who defend HA meddling in Syrian affairs.
end of the line i do think Assad is a sectarian pig... but it is no faction in Lebanon's interest to interfere.. let alone call them heroes..

Missing beirutbastard00 18 February 2013, 13:42

Sidon93... I'd have to agree on ur last comment. That's what sux, our choices as Lebanese are so limited, but of course I would rather live in an m14 area.

I think Arabs, as a whole, don't see the importance of cleanliness as propaganda.

Thumb geha 18 February 2013, 16:29

same as I said to mowaten:
you reap what you saw....
the Syrian regime is doomed whatever happens, and reprisals will come your way sooner than later, and that is due to what you are doing now in Syria.

Default-user-icon Jonathan (Guest) 18 February 2013, 10:32

Oh really. Well I fkn hope Hezbollah is fighting in Syria to protect our fellow Lebanese from Salafist Terrorists. God Bless the Lebanese Resistance.

Thumb geha 18 February 2013, 16:32


Thumb andre.jabbour 18 February 2013, 10:53

Of course you're in good position to know this since you're a homo.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 18 February 2013, 11:05

oh so there is a distance limit??? another country is another country... which argument are you using.. they are inhabited by Lebanese even though the villages are in Syria? or the distance?

Missing beirutbastard00 18 February 2013, 13:51

Man u guys have the stupidest comments!!! Most of u cannot be over 18yrs old.

N who is the moderator on this site??? I've read things that would send some1 to jail, yet normal free speech gets deleted. I know I'm not in America, but is there like a supervisor I could speak to? Lol

To be honest, these comments are a big part of y I come to this site. Super entertaining!

Missing cedars 18 February 2013, 14:55

This is how I see the future, Car bombs in the shiite areas in Lebanon as retaliation by the Syrians opposing the regime, Car bombs assassination elsewhere in Lebanon by Hezbollah (i.e. politicians fashion that we have seen) in retaliation.

Thumb kanaandian 18 February 2013, 22:24

retaliation by syrians? or retaliations by salafist muslims for the shia "corrupting" their religion?

Thumb geha 18 February 2013, 16:33

how about defending our borders first against the daily Syrian aggressions?

Thumb geha 18 February 2013, 16:34

what a pitiful excuse!

Thumb shab 18 February 2013, 16:48

filthy militia

Thumb shab 18 February 2013, 16:48

filthy militia

Thumb barbar 18 February 2013, 19:37

The Hezb need to stop its foreign operations. How can they not realize that obeying Bashar and Iran will only lead to strife for Lebanon? The statements are becoming more paranoid, like children, not taking responsibility for things everyone knows they did. Haven't we been through enough because of them? It is undeniable now, Hezbollah is on the decline, w 3arfeen, and hopefully they won't bring down the rest of the Lebanese too.

Thumb whyaskwhy 19 February 2013, 06:56

Lol this is like a fight in the chicken coop! now its the US's fault and not doubt all designed by Israel that hizballah is trying to Liberate Syria from the Syrians? cool and so its not something that Assad and Nassrallah the great liberators have cornered themselves with? Strange how two great minds with all their past rhetoric are now fighting for their lives. not so strange though is Clown who will now weakly and weekly get on his soap box to defend this movement of Syrias liberation. Those who are worried about the situation spilling into Lebanon can go back a few years in recent history and see the effects of this "brotherly" relationship...yes the same group who protected Assads game in Lebanon.