More Syria-bound Tankers Torched in Northern Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Several Syria-bound fuel tanker trucks were torched in northern Lebanon on Friday, a day after seven such incidents took place in the same area, the state-run National News Agency and Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) reported.

VDL said Friday's attacks took place on the main road of al-Beddawi and Tripoli. But NNA's reporter denied any such incident took place on Friday.

Only seven trucks were torched on Thursday night to prevent their passage to war-torn Syria, NNA said.

The fire on Thursday night gutted four trucks in Tripoli's Souk al-Ahad near the Rafik Hariri clinic. Towering walls of flames engulfed the vehicles

Three other trucks with tanks full of fuel oil were burned from the front on the international highway near al-Tabbaneh, the agency said.

NNA added a Lebanese man, Yehya al-Hajj, and his wife suffered minor injures while passing near the torched trucks.

Also Thursday, protesters in the eastern Bekaa town of Saadnayel blocked the road to two Syrian tanker trucks and broke their windows.

The army intervened and fired into the air to disperse the protesters who sought to empty the diesel on the street.

Last month, the residents of northern border towns blocked the roads that lead to Syria to prevent fuel tanker trucks from crossing into the country after claiming that diesel exported to Syria is being used by regime tanks in the country's civil war.

The protesters called on the Lebanese authorities to take a stronger position on the Syria crisis, and to stop allowing fuel supplies across the border.

But the energy ministry denied reports that government-owned refineries were sending diesel to Syria, which is suffering a major crisis of gasoline and diesel because of the war.

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Thumb geha 15 March 2013, 13:31

basil and fpm are supporting this murderer regime. they should burn I hell for supplying the fuel needed by this regime to keep using its tanks and fighter jets against its people.
this is worse than supplying this regime with weapons.
basil and fpm = war criminals.

Thumb geha 15 March 2013, 14:51

and supplying the regime with fuel for their tanks and jets is not an aggressive move?

Thumb geha 15 March 2013, 15:03

yeah, I forgot: whoever pays you money is OK :)

Thumb geha 15 March 2013, 15:31

FYI and this is really serious:
part of the fuel sent to Syria is normal fuel to be used for their tanks.
the other part is jet fuel being imported especially for the Syrian regime.
go check these FACTs from your friends (if you have any) in the security sources.
2nd: this is not selling fuel: this is more like supplying an essential weapon part for this regime to kill more....

Missing Cyanide 15 March 2013, 16:27

so what i understand from you is that you actually support a regime that is killing his own people.? and you defend him too?

Thumb slash 15 March 2013, 17:54

Mowaten those trucks were filled with fuel oil , do you know for what it is used this "fuel Oil" ? i bet no seeing your answer .

Second , FT : IF it was an M14 minister you would have jumped to the same "baseless" accusations as you portray them , but let me remind you of some things , all the reffineries in Lebanon are gvt owned , nothing goes in or out without the knowledge of the responsible minister, this makes us ask 2 questions, 1- this respective minister is responsible of that ? 2- If "No" why didnt he carry investigations about it knowing that he is with the baabda declaration and he agreed on ? both cases it gives him some sort of responsibility about what is happening !

Thumb slash 15 March 2013, 18:29

Mowaten , thank you :) you said it so the oil can be used to produce Jet fuel too :) And you dont bring a war Mowaten to your country by blowing up a truck , you bring it when you meddle in the war happening in their country , whether it is from the part of the milk man or from the side of HA . We declarad "el na2i " the Baabda declaration , we should stick to it , and by selling them fuel we are not doing the same . Btw thanks Mowaten for the thumb down , i am not used to get it as an answer from you , meanwhile i dont think you can answer in a different maner !

Thumb slash 15 March 2013, 18:34

this is how you show it Mowaten , you cant answer ... that is all !

Thumb slash 15 March 2013, 19:14

nope Mowaten , it wasnt ... they were just countering your silly posts , and you prove it , just thumb it down that's what you can do best , it is sad :(

Missing lebcan 16 March 2013, 01:17

Like geha said FT ... till they burn in HELL...

Missing allouchi 15 March 2013, 13:34

We have fuel crisis in Lebanon and Basil is sending fuel to his master Bachar...Basil and Aoun should be put on trial for treason...

Missing allouchi 15 March 2013, 14:59

FT, Bassil and Hizb set up dummy private companies and you know it but refuse to acknowledge it...

Thumb slash 15 March 2013, 19:33

Thumb beiruti 15 March 2013, 21:40

Bassil, as a Minister of the Lebanese government no less, is violating international sanctions against the shipment of fuel oil to the Assad Regime. Oil tankers cannot dock at any Syrian port, and so Bassil is trucking in diesel fuel using Lebanon as a conduit and it is clearly and openly a violation of US and EU sanctions which may cause Lebanon herself to come under the same sort of sanctions.
Bassil is no doubt taking a fee from someone for authorizing the fuel shipments. This is open participation in the Syrian Civil War by the FPM just as HA is openly participating by sending in fighters and weapons.
The tanker trucks ought to have been torched. Bravo to the brave Lebanese people!!

Missing 16 March 2013, 00:02

FT - you are smarter than believing that the supply of fuel can happen without the conniving of this government or major portions of it.

Thumb dandoun 16 March 2013, 12:00

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa @wahabi ..hahahahahahahahahahahah