Suleiman Slams Israeli Overflights, Calls for International Action

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Suleiman slammed Israel on Sunday for its continued threats against Lebanon, urging the international community to pressure it to end its intimidation.

In a statement carried by the state-run National News Agency, Suleiman said: “The Israeli enemy continues to threaten Lebanon through its overflights in a new and grave violation of (U.N. Security Council) resolution 1701.”

“The international community and the Security Council, which claim they are keen on stability in Lebanon and the region, should pressure Israel into giving up such acts,” he said.

The Jewish state should also “be persuaded that there will neither be peace nor stability unless it gets involved in the peace process in the region on the basis of the Madrid conference and the opportunity provided by the Arab summit of Beirut in 2002.”

Israeli warplanes continue to fly over Lebanon. On Sunday, fighter jets carried out mock raids during medium altitude overflights in al-Khiam, Marjayoun, al-Arqoub, Nabatiyeh and Iqlim al-Tuffah.

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Default-user-icon John Marina (Guest) 14 April 2013, 15:55

The President is talking to a deaf audience. We all realize that this deaf and blind audience has no respect and regard to the defunct Arabs. Lebanon ought to take a courageous step in making peace with his enemy

Missing futureleb 15 April 2013, 21:31

John marina, get lost. Enough of your stupid comments. Your not lebanese and you never will be. Now go get a life and dont tell lebanon what to do on anything.

Missing Cyanide 14 April 2013, 18:09

hehe you sound like that guy from kteer salbi show.

Default-user-icon Zulfiqar Basbousso (Guest) 14 April 2013, 18:48

How about this blessed good-for-nothing president-by-parachute, may God extend his term and our days of glory with him forever, finding time to draw plans for a national defense strategy that will make him relax and focus on his other most important function of removing the zeer from the beer? Mind, you, time is not running out as God shall bless us and him by extending his term until the end of time.

Missing helicopter 14 April 2013, 18:51

I am with you but not 100%. Why is Israel still stealing Palestinian land in the West Bank (by doing so they are strengthening Hamas and weakening the PA)? There is no HA there nor Hamas. Somehow HA was the creation of Israel and so is its existence and strength and the weakness of the Lebanese army. Israeli policies are very convoluted and evil..... Israeli policies are meant to strengthen HA and weaken the Lebanese State (just like in Palestine).

Thumb cedar 14 April 2013, 22:47

The reason there is no peace is because the Jews killed Jesus Christ. Don't go blaiming Hezbollah for everything, they contribute to the problem but ultimately no one can have true peace with Israel.

Thumb banima3roof 14 April 2013, 23:12

still waiting on the president to call for international action regarding the continues attacks from syria on lebanese territories...

Missing futureleb 15 April 2013, 21:33

asaf you lying "israeli". Before there ever was any hezballah, hamas or anything like that, you insects were murdering lebanese and palestinians. Terrorism started with stern, irgun, haganah and other such zionist terrorist groups that later on became the "IDF". So take your propaganda and shove it.

Missing futureleb 15 April 2013, 21:42

Judea and samaria are not disputed land, they are part of Palestine as is the rest of so called israel. When was israel ever a sovereign state? 2000 years ago for a short time? If so then Palestine (philistine) was as well under the name philistine and canaan. So your logic makes no sence. The entire middle east and most part of this world have been part of EMPIRES until recent history. Sovereign ethnic states were rare in the past. People were governed by larger empires, that doesnt mean they dont deserve independence today. And you know this, your only repeating the same old filthy zionist propaganda. If you had managed to steal lebanon or some other country, you would be using the exact same propaganda. Enemies of god - You came by force and you will go home by force. Make no misstake about it.

Missing eurybaric 16 April 2013, 04:02

that is the single most pathetic argument against Israel ever. Plus it's not even against Israel, it's against the Jews. and that's racist.

lol wasn't Christ a Jew? and did he not forgive them? "Forgive them, father, for they do not know!"

Or did you also forget the most important teaching?

Missing eurybaric 16 April 2013, 04:04

P.S: Do not take this to mean that I like Israel or what it does. I don't. But your argument is just so... stupid!

Missing beirutbastard00 16 April 2013, 04:20

Mowaten n futureleb... Exactly. Thnk u.

Missing beirutbastard00 16 April 2013, 04:31

The Zionist believe their land extends from the Nile to the Euphrates. Therefore they're entitled to the resources.

True they can only physically occupy Palestine, and maybe a buffer zone in Lebanon... But we cannot deny that without hizballah we wouldn't have rights to our water, let alone the new offshore gas fields!

Default-user-icon Mike101 (Guest) 16 April 2013, 15:07

I think it was the romans that actually killed JC

Default-user-icon Mike101 (Guest) 16 April 2013, 15:09

I think it was the romans that actually killed JC