2 Dead, 5 Hurt as Shells from Syria Hit Hermel Towns, Suleiman Condemns Bombardment

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Two people were killed and five others were wounded when rockets fired from Syria hit the Bekaa towns of al-Qasr and Hawsh al-Sayyed Ali in the Hermel District on Sunday.

“Ali Hasan Qataya was killed and four people were wounded, one critically, when shells fired from Syria hit the center of the Hermel town of al-Qasr,” said Lebanon's National News Agency.

The Beirut-based, pan-Arab television al-Mayadeen reported a higher casualty toll, saying “two people were killed and at least seven others wounded when rockets fired from the Syrian opposition's positions in Qusayr hit the Bekaa town of al-Qasr."

Later on Sunday, the 13-year-old Abbas Kheireddine was killed and another person was wounded when two rockets fired from Syria hit the Hermel town of Hawsh al-Sayyed Ali, NNA said.

LBCI television earlier said “a man from the Qataya family was killed and a man from the Jaafar family was wounded in shelling from Syria on the Bekaa town of al-Qasr.”

"We'll take justice into our own hands should the state fail to act," al-Manar television quoted the municipal chief of al-Qasr.

On Saturday, rockets fired from Syria landed in al-Qasr and Sahlat al-Mayy in al-Hermel, OTV reported, as LBCI said four shells hit al-Qasr.

President Michel Suleiman issued a statement after the incident in al-Qasr, condemning the fire and adding that such spillover "has only led to the deaths of innocent Lebanese who have nothing to do with the ongoing conflict taking place outside their country."

The Lebanese army issued a statement on the cross-border violence. "This afternoon, the border town of al-Qasr in the Hermel border region came under artillery shell fire from Syrian territory, killing one citizen, injuring three others and damaging several homes," said the army's statement.

"Subsequently, army units were deployed widely across the area and took measures in the field necessary to protect people and respond to the source of the attack as appropriate."

However, there was no indication that the Lebanese army was gearing to return fire in response to the latest spillover of the conflict in neighboring Syria, Agence France Presse reported.

The deaths are not the first time that Lebanese citizens have been killed by cross-border fire coming from Syria. In February, at least one Lebanese man was killed by gunfire from the Syrian side of the border.

Since the Syrian uprising began in March 2011, there have been numerous deadly clashes along the northern and eastern borders of Lebanon, usually between the Syrian army and armed Syrian or Lebanese groups backing the uprising.

There have also been clashes between armed groups in Lebanon, mainly in the northern city of Tripoli, and the Lebanese army has been seeking to prevent the infiltration of fighters into Lebanon.

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Thumb banima3roof 14 April 2013, 17:42

thank you syria for your brotherly ties and love for lebanon! thank you march 8 for your continued ties and love for the syrian regime! may you all rot in hell

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 14 April 2013, 23:02


Thumb Kalzyturks 15 April 2013, 03:41

True to that true!

Missing mohammad_ca 14 April 2013, 19:08

Do not be surprised when FSA or supporters in Lebanon start attacking hizbocrap targets in Lebanon.

Missing akkar1 14 April 2013, 20:00

another inocent lebanese killed all because ha wants to support bashar. Lebanon brace yourself for war and thank you nassrallah

Default-user-icon Français (Guest) 14 April 2013, 20:01

what kind of logic is that? might as well kill every sunni child in lebanon then. what a 'tard

Missing akkar1 14 April 2013, 20:03

sorry josh but ur wrong cause no wahabi mufti would ever say or do that they say the opposite suicide is harram u have got that mixed up with al qaida

Default-user-icon Wahhab Wiami (Guest) 14 April 2013, 20:13

akkar1 you are wrong all of the Assad's enemies are Wahhabis. The people of Achrafieh Wahhabis, the citizens if Zahleh Wahhabis, the Lebanese soldiers if Dahr el Wahsh and Hadad Wahhabis. Hell even Michel Aoun is a Wahhabi, here's the proof


Missing realist 14 April 2013, 20:15

Ha will bring death and destruction upon its community for no logical reason. What is the interest of the she3a Lebanese to go to war with millions of Syrians? It is purely Iranian interest and the she3a Are hostage. Too late now anyway, the easiest thing is to start a fire, the hardest thing is to put it out.

Missing greatpierro 14 April 2013, 22:15

if someone is break washed it's you. It's not because you have sunni extremist that all sunnis should be considered extremist and be treated and judged as such. Look around you in Beirut, Tripoli, Saida, etc... all the sunnis living there are no extremists. By regecting sunnis and categorizing them as extremist you only achieve animosity and hostilities among the communities.

Missing peace 14 April 2013, 22:32

TFEH 3a josh elmahboul....seems he is not lebanese and knows nothing about lebanon other than what OTV brainwashes him to say....

Thumb LebCynic 15 April 2013, 04:24

Thats a very valid point. Not all Sunni's or any person from any other sect should be tainted with the same brush as the extremists of that sect.

Thumb scorpyonn 14 April 2013, 22:18

Time to target the Presidential Palace in Damascus and those crazy Imams in Tehran. I pray that the US cripples Iran with a blow that takes it back to the stone age where it belongs.

Default-user-icon Killshia (Guest) 14 April 2013, 22:32


Kill all Shia Rafidah!!!!!!!!! They are worse than Yahud!!!!!


Thumb banima3roof 14 April 2013, 23:00

"Subsequently, army units were deployed widely across the area and took measures in the field necessary to protect people and respond to the source of the attack as appropriate."

However, there was no indication that the Lebanese army was gearing to return fire in response to the latest spillover of the conflict in neighboring Syria, Agence France Presse reported.

that is why it is impossible to live with such statements... hence either we have a national army or we do not!

Thumb Kalzyturks 14 April 2013, 23:12

Funny I see the lol side of your personal attacks.

Cause I have not seen a wahabi or Sunni strap themselves and blow up something.

Who killed the American soldiers in Beirut in a suicide attack??

Now lets see here if this innocent child was from a Christian family.
I could say that God saved him from being raped by peadophiles. Or he would of grown up to be brainwashed as one and I would not say that any way.

Or being brainwashed by the Holy Spirit to believe he is the chosen one and Join Kkk etc...

Every group has extremes but why your hatred to one side?

Thumb Kalzyturks 14 April 2013, 23:18

Now why it took the army so long to get the forces to protect the borders.

Akkar was being shelled on a daily basis residents their are asking for army presence.

Arsal region bombed by air and no response from army even when the residents are pleading for army presence.

But it took for some innocent lives to be killed and then they respond???


Is it because it is HERMEL region full stop!

Missing samiam 14 April 2013, 23:44

These events and the non reactions of the 'resistance' are proving to everyone that they are nothing more than Iranian stooges/mercenaries and have nothing to do with Lebanon.

Thumb Kalzyturks 15 April 2013, 00:58

Flamethrower wrote translated:

"Gadi Francis: Nasra Front claimed responsibility for bombing the town of minors in Hermel, which claimed the lives of two"


Thumb Kalzyturks 15 April 2013, 02:41

But why did the army respond now in particular respond to HERMEL region and no where else.

Everyone knows who is in the HERMEL area.

Thumb Kalzyturks 15 April 2013, 02:59

No the foreign minister will send a second letter to Syria that they shelled the wrong area.

"A little further North" A little further North"

The army is there to make sure they do t she'll the wrong area again.

Thumb shab 15 April 2013, 03:28

Friendly fire from our "sister", No problem.

Thumb scorpyonn 15 April 2013, 06:29

I hope the new Syrian govt does not punish all of us because of those Islamic Lebanese lunatics who fought on the side of that despot Assad.