Rockets from Syria Hit Hizbullah Stronghold of Baalbek, At Least 1 Wounded

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Around 10 rockets and mortar rounds from Syria slammed into the northeastern city of Baalbek on Wednesday night, injuring a Lebanese man and causing material damage, the army command said.

A military communique said Thursday that soldiers inspected the areas where the rockets had fallen and carried out patrols.

The attack was the second largest cross-border salvo to hit the Hizbullah stronghold since Syrian rebels threatened to retaliate for the party's armed support of the Damascus regime.

As Safir daily reported on Thursday that the rockets hit the areas of al-Sharawneh, al-Basatine and Iaat, leaving three children injured, and damaging a house owned by Kamal Ramadan.

Security sources told Agence France Presse that two people were injured in the assault, which came hours after Hizbullah and the Syrian army took control of the central town of Qusayr, located near Lebanon's northeastern border.

The army's 6th battalion transported on Thursday to a secure place a rocket that had landed in Baalbek without exploding, report said. The military's communique did not confirm the reports.

Lebanon has suffered an escalating spillover of Syria's more than two-year conflict and Hizbullah's role in Syria has set off a mounting backlash from the rebels who threatened to target the group's bases in Lebanon if it does not withdraw its fighters.

Last week, around 18 rockets targeted the Baalbek region.

Over the past weeks, Syrian rebels have also fired dozens of rockets on the northeastern region of Hermel, across the border from Qusayr.

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Thumb terminator 06 June 2013, 11:07

i think youll find majority of lebanese will help the rebals.

Default-user-icon dd (Guest) 06 June 2013, 12:01

its rabels ;)

Thumb dandoun 06 June 2013, 14:15

خبر عاجل: قرار عشائر اهل البقاع
بعد الاعتداء السفر على بقاعنا الغالي وبعد استهداف خزان المقاومة مدينة الشمس بعلبك من قبل ما يسمى الجيش السوري الكر...قررت العشائر ما يلي :
1-ننصح جميع النازحين السوريين الذكور بمغادرة مدينة بعلبك فورا.
2-ننصح جميع العمال السوريين الذكور بمغادرة المدينة.
3-تسليم مطلقي الصواريخ على المدينة الى ألقضاء اللبناني في الحال.
4-ان دماء الطفلة والشاب الذي جرح من جراء أطلاق الصواريخ لن تذهب هدرا.
5-الى الجيش الكر سوف نأتي اليك نحن ابناء بعلبك أسأل عنا معلمك اﻷسرائيلي.
نرجو النشر بكثافة.
عشائر بعلبك-الهرمل

Thumb dandoun 06 June 2013, 14:16

yalla ..lets see hal2 ..where do we start looooooooool

Default-user-icon urriatb either (Guest) 06 June 2013, 15:08

terminator, the majority of idiots like you might "help" the rebels unless you actually had to do something and face the kind of death and destruction that they dish out daily. Lebanon doesn't want Civil War or you would already have it. Men like Harari (Where is he anyway?), like Siniora, like Jumblatt do not want conflict they just love the sound of their own voices. They are just pretending to make the Saudis happy. Everywhere the "rebels" have gone like Aleppo and Qusayr are now in ruin. The Old City and the Mosque in Alleppo were historical treasures now they are rubble and ash.A lot of people dead, many horrible injuries the Press doesn't talk about and still some Sunnis Romanticize a worthless wasteful Western engineered attempt at regime change like it is something good.

Default-user-icon Furzaino Bijankwil (Guest) 06 June 2013, 15:08

Naharnet, Hizbuallah's stronghold happens to be in... well... umm... duh... Iran? I guess it must be and this is why jama3et al siyedeh wal 7orriyeh wal este2lel in Lebanon and in Syria are nowhere to be found! Could it be that the biggies also have joined the fighting in Syria alongside the lunatics of al-Mustaqbal al-Ta3ees al-Mad3ous bi al-Sermeyeh? sa7 el nom