Canada Agrees, No Doubt Syria Launched Gas Attack


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper agrees with the White House, that the Syrian government launched last week's devastating chemical weapons attack, his office said Tuesday.

Harper made it clear to U.S. President Barack Obama in a telephone chat that he "shares the view that the recent chemical weapons attack was carried out by the Syrian regime," said a readout of their conversation.

Both leaders also agreed that "significant use of chemical weapons merits a firm response from the international community in an effective and timely manner."

The prime minister's office added that both Harper and Obama believe the regime is "attempting to obscure evidence of its actions" by delaying the work of a U.N. chemical inspection team.

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Default-user-icon Antwan (Guest) 28 August 2013, 00:29

Harper is anti Arab ,He say`s anything .

Thumb LebCynic 28 August 2013, 00:49

Why does Canada ever only speak u when the US needs someone to clap and cheer for them?? Pathetic!