March 8 Approves of Comprehensive Policy Statement: All Lebanese Want Justice and the Truth

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

MP Fadi al-Aawar noted on Tuesday that the Lebanese have uncovered the truth in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rashid Karami and the head of the National Liberal Party Dany Shamoun, but justice was not achieved.

He said during the parliament session to discuss the government policy statement: “All the Lebanese want justice and the truth.”

“The cabinet has presented a comprehensive statement,” he added.

Change and Reform bloc MP Nehmatallah Abi Nasr meanwhile noted that the new government encompasses a number of factions and several challenges are awaiting it to rectify the mistakes that have marred the Lebanese system since the Taef Accord.

“The current cabinet pledged in its policy statement to implement development in all regions and this is what the governments that followed the Taef, especially the Saniora and Hariri cabinets, failed to do,” he noted.

“The change and reform that we have dreamt of will not be achieved under those who exploited power because the people will not forget those who squandered public funds and relinquished the dignity of its sons,” he said.

He concluded by granting Miqati’s government confidence.

For his part, Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Bilal Farhat stated that the government was formed after long debates, succeeding in overcoming international pressures that sought to impede its establishment.

“Despite the obstacles, the cabinet was formed through a complete Lebanese effort,” he stressed.

Syrian Social Nationalist Party MP Marwan Fares demanded that the government withdraw the Lebanese judges from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and halt its funding.

He added that all signs indicate that the tribunal is politicized, stressing that uncovering the truth in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is important to all Lebanese.

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