Bahrain Bans Books on Hizbullah because they 'Spread Hatred, Sectarianism'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Bahrain authorities banned books on Hizbullah, and published by a publishing house linked to the party, during a cultural exposition, reported the Bahrain News Agency on Friday.

The Bahrain Ministry of Information Affairs said in a statement that the books “promote sectarianism, hatred, and extremist radical ideologies.”

“These ideologies are a direct threat to the safety and security of Bahrain,” it explained.

“The attempt to import these books is a blatant and heinous violation against the will and sovereignty of Bahrain due to the poisonous sectarianism and ideologies that target the unity of the Bahraini society,” it added.

“Freedom of opinion and expression will be preserved in the kingdom as long as it does not violate the sovereignty and security of others,” stressed the ministry.

The GCC monarchies decided on June 10 to impose sanctions on Hizbullah, targeting residency permits and its financial and business activities in reprisal for the group's armed intervention in Syria.

The council comprises Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Bahrain had already blacklisted Hizbullah “due to its meddling in the country's internal affairs.”

Ties between the party and Bahrain had witnessed tensions due to the party's strong support of a popular uprising in the country that began in 2011.

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Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 13 September 2013, 17:28

LOL @ Bahrain Dictatorial Regime!!!! God Bless the peaceful Shia Bahraini uprising in its quest to achieve Iranian Style freedom and democracy. Ban these books, shut down our newspapers, but you will never be able to dim the light inside our free hearts. Lest you forget , books can be uploaded on the "Intaghnet" as epubs or as PDFs. Haram these tyrannical Bahraini rulers:)

Thumb Senescence 13 September 2013, 19:02

While ironic your posts, in this case, it's not far off from the truth really.

The only thing I'd change is that they're requesting a constitutional monarch instead of what they have now. That's not even reasonable, but they'll settle for it instead of the tyrannical rule present there now. And yes, I remember it was peaceful, until this year after about 2 years of peaceful demonstrations and such. Not to mention some 80+ protestors have been killed thus far.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 September 2013, 16:22

it started before the protests in syria, was brutally repressed, and to date has not broken into violence.

Missing peace 13 September 2013, 19:52

is lebanon better? they also ban lots of books and movies... LOL! those lecturing bahrein should not forget what is happening in their own country!

Thumb benzona 13 September 2013, 20:08

Well said peace.

Missing peace 13 September 2013, 21:39

in both cases it is wrong!

Thumb benzona 13 September 2013, 22:23

Indeed peace, LOL. Bigjohn is spreading fear..... That's how Aoun and his employer Bachar work. Yet the Chabiha killing and desecrating bodies since 2011 are bacharists.

One cannibal who bit a heart before spitting it out is a drop in the ocean filled with the blood of Bachar's opposing people. Those who aspire for freedom.

Missing peace 13 September 2013, 19:53

seems you haven't read a lot....! LOL

Thumb shab 13 September 2013, 20:50

Filthy Militia

Default-user-icon ezzo (Guest) 13 September 2013, 22:57

yea, we'd rather just set up a puppet gov that does whatever israel wants so we dont have to fight them anymore right? Is that your plan? Lol, pathetic idiot. WAKE UP

Thumb kanaanljdid 14 September 2013, 00:02

More free publicity? On n'a plus le besoin de les présenter ces assassins et ces traitres.

Missing peace 14 September 2013, 00:06

you are so cute, keep on the job!

Missing eagle_eye 15 September 2013, 01:51

No one wants a religious force imposing on them and this is what people sense from Hezbollah. In fact this energy and behavior is not true religion nor true to life nor respectful of other human beings and their freedom to choose. Hezbollah members need to ask themselves whether they'd like to be infringed upon this way?

It is best to allow every individual to freely choose their spiritual ideals and way of life and not interfere.

Hezbollah has some beautiful ideals but there is an element in the group which is repelling others. This negative element in the end will cause self-destruction of Hezbollah. Leaders can become addicted to power. Through this they are sapping others of energy through methods of control. This is wrong. People who are still 'young in mind' innocently give their power to these leaders. This is wrong.

Missing eagle_eye 15 September 2013, 02:13

Placing posters of leaders throughout an environment. Is this a subtle programming technique? This is wrong.

What is Hezbollah trying to do? It is right they reclaimed their homeland and continue to protect it. But it isn't right to go meddling into other's countries, lives and affairs.

The symbol Hezbollah has chosen for a flag - what does it convey regarding what it stands for?

Hezbollah can be a group for good if it re-assesses itself and adopts cohesive, progressive and positive measures. It needs to work within its own country Lebanon with its brothers to create a cohesive Lebanese society. A united Lebanon can fend off any infringer - zionist or other.

It's simple to recognise evil. Evil = anti life

Default-user-icon Jaws (Guest) 15 September 2013, 15:37

In Western free societies, Pro-Nazi & Fascist Primitive Backward propaganda "books" are also prohibited. What's called "hezballah" is legally a terrorist gang in EU, US & Gulf countries with common values Kingdom of Bahrein acted accordingly to.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 September 2013, 16:23

what a disgusting pack of lies filled with sectarian hatred

Default-user-icon Gary Katz (Guest) 15 September 2013, 20:51

Uh, huh, and Hezbollah will let you sell books in its controlled areas that praise Israel, right?