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Yemen's Saleh Says he Will Quit after Rivals Agree

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Monday he will quit for "sure" after the government agrees with the opposition on a mechanism for implementing a power transfer plan.

In an interview with the French broadcaster France24, Saleh, who has been clinging to power for 33 years, said "sure, sure," when asked if he intends on stepping down.

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Syrian Generals Are among 18 People Hit by New EU Sanctions

The European Union added Tuesday the commander of Syria's special forces, a militia chief and a slew of generals to a new list of Syrians hit by sanctions over a crackdown on protesters.

The military men and a lawyer are among 18 extra people blacklisted by the 27-state EU, bringing to 74 the members of President Bashar al-Assad's regime hit in past months by assets freezes and travel bans.

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British Police Arrest 4 Men in Counter-terror Probe

Police said they arrested four men Tuesday in the central English city of Birmingham as part of an ongoing counter-terrorism investigation that has uncovered an alleged suicide bombing plot.

The men, three aged 19 and one 24, were detained under counter-terror laws in the Sparkhill area on suspicion of fundraising for terrorist purposes and of travelling to Pakistan to undertake terrorist training.

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Assad Loyalists Attack Jordanian Embassy in Damascus

More than 100 demonstrators stormed the Jordanian embassy in Damascus and tore down the flag in protest at King Abdullah II's call for Syrian President Bashar Assad to go, Jordanian newspapers said Tuesday.

It was the fourth such protest against embassies of regional powers by angry Assad loyalists since the Arab League voted on Saturday to suspend Syria and impose sanctions against the regime over its bloody eight-month crackdown on peaceful protesters.

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Syrian Exiles Find Fear Rather than Refuge in Lebanon

When he fled brutal persecution by the regime of Syria's President Bashar Assad, opposition activist Saeed believed neighboring Lebanon would offer a safe haven.

But four months later, he still hides behind a cap and dark sunglasses, nervously glancing over his shoulder every time he leaves his Beirut flat -- fearing Assad's allies in Lebanon will hunt him down.

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Activists: More than 50 Killed in Syria Violence in 1 Day

A wave of violence killed at least 50 people in Syria in one day, many of them Syrian soldiers who came under attack from army defectors, activists said Tuesday.

The unrest in Syria appears to be escalating as President Bashar Assad comes under mounting pressure — not only from the West but from his Arab neighbors, as well.

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Syrian Opposition Fails to Shift Russia Stance on Assad

The exiled Syrian opposition on Tuesday failed to convince Moscow to toughen its stance against the regime of defiant leader Bashar al-Assad, the leader of the Paris-based dissident delegation said.

Members of the largest and most representative Syrian opposition grouping, the Syrian National Council -- led by its head Burhan Ghalioun -- traveled to Moscow for talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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India Tests Long-range Nuclear-capable Missile

India on Tuesday successfully test fired one of its longest range missiles capable of carrying a one-ton nuclear warhead deep inside China, officials said.

A Defense Research and Development Organization spokesman said the Agni-IV missile was launched at 9:00am (0330 GMT) from a test site in the eastern Indian state of Orissa.

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Juppe Warns Iran Strike May Drag World into 'Uncontrollable Spiral'

The French foreign minister warned Monday that taking military action against Iran over its nuclear program would drag the world into an "uncontrollable spiral."

Alain Juppe said after talks with European Union counterparts that the EU would reinforce sanctions against Tehran by asking the European Investment Bank to freeze loans to the Islamic republic.

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OIC Chief Warns Syrian Regime of 'Internationalization'

The head of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation on Monday warned of a possible internationalization of the Syrian crisis if the regime does not comply with calls for reform and end the bloodshed.

If Syria "does not comply with the legitimate demands of the Syrian people and international calls by the OIC, the Arab League and the United Nations, it will risk the internationalization of its crisis," Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said.

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