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Europe Digs Ever Deeper Debt Hole

Europe is digging an ever-deeper hole as it vows to resolve the Eurozone crisis, experts said Sunday as Greece prepares for a pivotal week of international debt diplomacy.

Plagued by "parochialism, pettiness and procrastination," according to Sony Kapoor, head of the Re-define think tank, "kill the messenger seems to be the new strategy," he told Agence France Presse en route to New York and a frantic week at International Monetary Fund, World Bank and G20 gatherings.

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Japan's Honda to Build Factory in Russia

Honda Motor has decided to build its first factory in Russia, becoming the last of the five major Japanese automakers to do so, a report said Sunday.

Russia has an expanding car market and the Nikkei newspaper said Honda, the third largest Japanese vehicle manufacturer, has submitted the plant plan to the Russian government.

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Westwood Takes Helm at Britain Fashion Week

Rebel Vivienne Westwood told aspiring young designers Saturday not to waste their time with fashion, then wowed the London Fashion Week crowd with a unique mix of classic design and space-age, mile-high hair and rainbow makeup.

The result was a typical Westwood extravaganza: Champagne corks popping backstage as crowds thronged the orange-haired designer to congratulate her yet again.

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Bollywood to Make First Zombie Comedies

Bollywood is lurching with arms outstretched into new territory with its first zombie comedies, hoping to replicate the success of a host of light-hearted Hollywood movies about the living dead.

"Shaadi of the Dead" (Wedding of the Dead), starring Abhay Deol and up-and-coming female lead Genelia D'Souza, is due for release next year and centers around a zombie invasion at a Punjabi marriage ceremony.

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China Clones Castrated Quake Hero Pig

A heroic pig who survived more than a month buried under rubble after the 2008 earthquake in China's Sichuan province has been successfully cloned, according to a report Sunday.

Scientists in the southern city of Shenzhen performed the experiment on Zhu Jianqiang, or "Strong-Willed Pig", and produced six offspring with DNA identical to their dad, who was hailed as a national hero following his harrowing ordeal, the Sunday Morning Post reported.

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Russian Media Magnate Lebedev Punches Debate Rival

Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev, owner of two leading British newspapers, punched a man in the face during a television debate on the financial crisis to be aired on Sunday.

A clip posted on the NTV television channel's website shows Lebedev, a former KGB agent who has made a fortune in banking, landed a right jab to the face of ex-real estate baron Sergei Polonsky.

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Netanyahu Says Palestinian U.N. Bid Doomed to Fail

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that next week's bid by the Palestinians for U.N. membership had no chance of success and that they would ultimately seek renewed talks.

"Their attempt to be accepted as a member of the United Nations will fail," he said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting. "That attempt will fail, since it has to pass through the Security Council."

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Bomb Kills Border Guard, Injures Two in North Caucasus

A bomb explosion killed one border guard and injured two others in the troubled Russian Caucasus region of Dagestan over the weekend, investigators said on Sunday.

The makeshift bomb targeted a two-car motorcade carrying border guards between the villages of Kitlyart and Khupri, the Moscow-based investigative committee said.

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Hong Kong Police Make Record Cocaine Bust

Hong Kong police said Sunday they have made the southern Chinese territory's largest ever cocaine bust, seizing more than half a ton of the drug, worth around $77 million.

Authorities said drugs officers raided separate locations over the weekend, including a warehouse in the city's suburbs, finding a total of 567 kilograms (1,250 pounds) of cocaine.

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Chavez to Cuba for Fourth Round of Chemotherapy

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez traveled to Cuba late Saturday to begin a fourth round of chemotherapy to treat his cancer, saying it would "most likely be the last" round in the treatment.

After meeting here with visiting Bolivian President Evo Morales, on an "unofficial" visit to comfort Chavez during his ailment, the Venezuelan leader left for Cuba to begin treatment on Sunday, adding that he expects to return midweek.

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