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Elton John Wants Timberlake to Play him in Biopic

Elton John is working on a biopic about himself and would like Justin Timberlake to take on the lead role, he said in an interview published Sunday.

The British veteran star also spoke about his and partner David Furnish's love for their son Zachary -- whose first birthday was on Christmas Day -- saying the child was the "light of our lives."

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Muslims Clash with Chinese Police Who Destroyed Mosque

Hundreds of Muslims fought with armed police who demolished a mosque in north China, local police and a human rights group said on Monday, with several people injured in the "riot".

The violence between local Muslims and roughly 1,000 armed police began after police declared illegal a newly renovated mosque in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and moved to destroy it, the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, in Hong Kong, said.

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Bahrain Opposition: Dozens Injured as Protestors Clash with Police

Bahrain's security forces fired tear gas at anti-government protesters and beat them with iron bars leaving dozens injured, human rights activists and the opposition said on Monday.

The violence erupted Sunday night in the town of Sitra after the funeral of 15-year-old Sayyed Hashem Saeed, who the opposition says was killed when he was struck on the head by a tear gas canister fired by security forces the previous day.

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Yemeni General: President Sabotaging Transition Deal

A dissident Yemeni general said on Monday that President Ali Abdullah Saleh wants to sabotage the Gulf-sponsored political transition plan that calls for him to formally resign in February.

The president intends "to overthrow the Gulf initiative and its implementation plan," said a statement from dissident General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, one of Saleh's arch-rivals who defected from the army earlier this year in support of the mass protest movement demanding Saleh's ouster.

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‘PrivateX’ Attacks Philippine Vice President's Website

Hackers launched a series of New Year's day attacks that temporarily shut down several Philippine government websites including the office of the vice-president, officials said Monday.

Vice President Jejomar Binay said hackers calling themselves the PrivateX group brought down his official website for 15 hours Sunday and denied access to mostly migrant Filipinos checking on his office's activities.

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Mubarak Stretchered into Court, Trial Adjourned

The judge in the murder and corruption trial of Egypt's ex-president Hosni Mubarak adjourned the hearing on Monday to the next day to hear the prosecution's arguments.

The fallen dictator was wheeled into court on a stretcher as his trial for the deaths of protesters during the uprising that ousted him in February.

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Iran Tests Cruise Missile on Last Day of Navy War Games

Iran on Monday successfully tested a Ghader ground-to-ship cruise missile on the last day of navy war games near the Strait of Hormuz, the official news agency IRNA quoted a navy spokesman as saying.

"This missile built by Iranian experts successfully hit its target and destroyed it," Commodore Mahmoud Mousavi was quoted as saying.

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South Korea’s President Warns North against Provocations

South Korea's president opened the door Monday to possible nuclear talks with North Korea and warned the neighboring country to avoid any provocations, saying the Korean peninsula is at a crucial turning point.

Lee Myung-bak's comments in a nationally televised speech come as the young son of the late Kim Jong Il takes power in North Korea as Supreme Commander of the military and ruling party leader after Kim's death last month. The North vowed Sunday in a New Year's message that it would bolster its military and defend the son, Kim Jong Un, "unto death."

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3 Iranian Troops Held in Pakistan over Cross-Border Attack

Pakistan on Sunday detained three Iranian border guards after they allegedly crossed the border and shot at a car, killing a Pakistani national, local Pakistani officials said.

The Iranians reached Mazan Sar Mashkail, in Washuk district, three kilometers inside Pakistan where they opened fire on a vehicle they were chasing, according to officials in Pakistan's Baluchistan province.

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On NYE, Placido Domingo Sings on 'Enchanted Island'

Famous Spanish tenor Placido Domingo debuted late Saturday in a new opera, "The Enchanted Island," that premiered at the Metropolitan Opera theater in New York on New Year's Eve.

The 70-year-old singer, who performed the role of King Neptune, was warmly welcomed by the audience as he appeared at the end of the first act.

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