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U.S. Surveillance Drone Crashes in Pakistan

An American surveillance drone equipped with a camera crashed in southwestern Pakistan Thursday close to the Afghan border, local officials said, adding the wreckage had been recovered.

The unmanned aircraft went down because of a technical fault just inside Pakistani territory in Chaman town, in insurgency-hit Baluchistan province, but had caused no damage, a security official in the area told Agence France Presse.

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Pakistan Hotel Bicycle Bomb Kills 11

A powerful remote-controlled bicycle bomb exploded at a busy northwestern Pakistan hotel on Thursday, killing at least 11 people, wounding 14 and destroying the building.

The device went off in the evening as dozens of people were gathered after breaking the day's fast. Like the rest of the Muslim world, Pakistan is observing the holy month of Ramadan, when the faithful fast from dawn to dusk.

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U.N. Team Ends Syria Mission: Security Forces Still Using Lethal Force

A U.N. humanitarian team ended Thursday an inspection mission to Syria even though security forces are still using "excessive and lethal force" against demonstrators, officials said.

The team, which President Bashar al-Assad let into Syria last weekend after months of U.N. pressure, went to Damascus, Homs, Banias, Latakia, Hama, Aleppo and Idlib, said U.N. under secretary general B. Lynn Pascoe.

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Gadhafi in Audio Message: Liberate Tripoli from Foreigners, Traitors

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi called in an audio message on Thursday for an armed struggle to defeat the "enemies" and to "liberate Tripoli."

In the message, broadcast on Syria-based Arrai Oruba television, he said, "We must resist these enemy rats, who will be defeated thanks to the armed struggle."

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Rebel Council to Represent Libya at Arab League

Libyan rebel body, the National Transitional Council, will represent the North African state in the Arab League, the secretary general of the League Nabil al-Arabi said on Thursday.

"There was an agreement among Arab countries at the last meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Doha that it is time for Libya to get its seat on the Arab League and that the NTC of Libya is the only legitimate representative of the Libyan state to the league," Nabil al-Arabi said.

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NATO Insists It’s Not Targeting Gadhafi

NATO insisted Thursday it was not targeting Moammar Gadhafi or coordinating with Libyan rebels, after Britain's defense secretary said the alliance was helping to hunt down the elusive leader.

"No specific individual is a target as an individual, whether it's Gadhafi or anybody else," NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu told Agence France Presse when asked about British Defense Secretary Liam Fox's comments that the alliance was providing intelligence and reconnaissance assets in the search for Gadhafi.

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WikiLeaks: France Said Syrian General Killed in Regime Feud

A senior Syrian general who was assassinated in 2008 was most likely the victim of a power struggle between figures linked to Bashar al-Assad's regime, France told U.S. envoys at the time.

According to a U.S. diplomatic cable published online by the whistle-blower site WikiLeaks, a senior adviser to President Nicolas Sarkozy and an expert from the foreign ministry branded the killing a "mafia-like hit".

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Baby Swine Pig Out on Dog's Milk in Cuba

On a farm in Cuba, five little piglets are doggedly insisting on getting their milk from a stray canine rather than their own mother.

Farmer Mannorkys Santamaria is bewildered that his sow has plenty of milk but the puppies prefer supping from the breast of Yeti, an adopted stray who earlier this week stopped nursing the last of her eight puppies.

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U.S. Wine Lovers Sweet on Their 'Moscato'

In a twist winemakers didn't plan but are happy to cash in on, U.S. consumers are going gaga for ordinary age-old sweet muscat varietals, known here by the Italian moniker "moscato."

Industry experts say California growers are keen to respond to the miniboom in the market for moscato wines, which can be from red or white grapes.

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Facebook-Twitter to Face Riot-Spooked British Officials

Facebook and Twitter on Thursday will meet with riot-spooked British officials to discuss how social networks can play roles in keeping people safe during civil unrest.

The focus of a lunchtime meeting with the British Home Secretary has shifted from the notion of blocking social networks during riots to how police can use them to inform law-abiding citizens and track down wrong-doers.

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