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Xbox 360 with Kinect Shows off New Tricks at E3

Microsoft on Monday added YouTube, voice commands, television shows and more to its Xbox 360 with Kinect as the hot-selling videogame console matures into an entertainment center for all.

Studios joined Microsoft on the eve of a premier Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles to unveil blockbusters such as "Mass Effect 3" that let players use body motion or voice to execute tactics once the exclusive duty of toggles or buttons in controllers.

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Settlers in West Bank Try to Burn Down Mosque

Vandals tried to set fire to a mosque in the northern West Bank, causing damage to the inside, Palestinian security sources said on Tuesday, blaming Jewish settlers.

The attackers set fire to a number of tires inside the mosque in al-Mughayyir village, some 20 kilometers northeast of Ramallah, which damaged prayer mats inside the building.

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NATO Rejects Russia's Missile Defense Proposal

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Tuesday bluntly rejected a Russian proposal to end a dispute on missile defense that threatens a rapprochement between Moscow and the Western alliance.

Russia has indicated it would be ready to drop its opposition to NATO installing missile defense facilities in ex-Communist Eastern Europe if it provided legal guarantees the system would not be directed against Russia.

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Interpol Urges Airlines to Create Passport Database to ‘Prevent Terror Attacks’

Interpol urged the world's airlines on Tuesday to establish a passport database to help prevent terror attacks similar to the September 11, 2001 airline hijackings that targeted the United States.

Many terrorists travel on fake documents and a database would make it easier to detect stolen or fraudulent passports, the head of the cross-border crime fighting agency told an aviation conference in Singapore.

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Death Toll from Indonesia Ship Accident Rises to 28

Rescuers on Tuesday plucked 10 more bodies from the waters after a passenger ship capsized off Indonesia's Borneo Island, raising the death toll from the accident to 28, an official said.

"Rescuers recovered 10 more bodies today so the number of people killed so far is 28. Some were trapped in the ship while others were found at sea," local port authority official Hariyono told Agence France Presse.

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15 Killed in Clashes between Army, Qaida in Yemen

Heavy clashes between troops and suspected al-Qaida gunmen at the gates of the southern Yemen city of Zinjibar left 15 people dead, nine of them soldiers, the military and medics said Tuesday.

The fighting erupted overnight when troops advanced on Zinjibar, capital of Abyan province, as they prepared to wrest it back from the control of suspected al-Qaida militants, who overran most of it on May 29.

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U.S. Congressman Admits to Online-Phone Sex , Refuses to Resign

New York congressman Anthony Weiner wept, backtracked, and admitted he lied Monday about extramarital online and phone sex with several young women, but refused to leave his elected post.

Weiner called a nationally televised press conference to admit he had been in a string of lewd online relationships.

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Accused Canadian-Lebanese Bomber can be Extradited to France

A Canadian court ruled Monday that a Canadian-Lebanese national accused of a 1980 bombing of a Paris synagogue that killed four people can be extradited to France, but warned the French government's case was "weak."

French prosecutors want Hassan Diab to face charges of murder, attempted murder and willful destruction of property, for the first fatal attack against the French Jewish community since the Nazi occupation in World War II.

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Clinton Reserved about French Mideast Peace Talks

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a cool welcome Monday to a French plan to host a Middle East peace conference, saying it must be linked to a willingness to resume talks.

"The idea of any gathering, conference or meeting has to be linked to willingness by the parties to resume negotiating," the chief U.S. diplomat said during a press conference with her French counterpart Alain Juppe.

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U.S. Presses Saleh to Hand Over Power in Yemen

The White House called Monday for an "immediate transition" of power in Yemen, where the United States fears al-Qaida could exploit political turmoil and strengthen its presence.

After four months of deadly unrest, Ali Abdullah Saleh's 33-year-old regime was teetering even before the president was wounded in an attack on his palace and flown late Saturday to neighboring Saudi Arabia for treatment.

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