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Madrid Lays on Lavish Party for Pope Amid Economic Crisis

Madrid is laying on a lavish party for Pope Benedict XVI and more than a million faithful for the Catholic Church's youth festival this week -- as Spain suffers its worst economic crisis in decades.

The irony has not been lost on the country's 15-M "indignant" movement, launched on May 15 against the management of the economic crisis, soaring unemployment and political corruption.

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India Hungry for Everyday Internet Access

India has built a global reputation as a major player in information technology, but lack of Internet access among its own citizens is posing a threat to long-term growth.

One typical young Indian frustrated by the country's poor Internet facilities is Srishti Sharma, 18, a student at the elite Lady Shri Ram College in the capital New Delhi.

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Money Woes Could Shutter Edgar Allan Poe House

The house where American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe lived in poverty for several years in the 1800s, and which now serves as a museum, could soon be forced to close its doors for evermore.

For the second year running, the house, situated off the beaten path in a poor part of Baltimore, in the eastern U.S. state of Maryland, has received no funding from the city, which has its own financial woes.

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In Lean Times, Internet Spurs Second-Hand Market in France

Used to the good life, France has lagged behind many other countries in using the marketing muscle of the Internet to spur interest in second-hand goods.

But today, belts are tightening as spending power declines and unemployment rises -- and more seems likely next week when President Nicolas Sarkozy unveils plans to narrow the country's budget deficit.

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Norway Extremist Back on Island to Describe Massacre

Anders Behring Breivik, who last month carried out the most murderous attacks on Norwegian soil since World War II, has returned to the site of his island massacre to describe the killing, police said Sunday.

The 32-year-old rightwing extremist who on July 22 first set off a bomb outside government offices in Oslo then went on a shooting rampage on the nearby island of Utoeya, killing 77 people in all, was "interrogated by police on Utoeya" Saturday, Oslo police said in a statement without providing any further details.

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Riots Threaten Britain's Image Ahead of Olympics

Barely a fortnight after beginning the one-year countdown to the London Olympics, Britain has been left bruised by a wave of rioting and now faces a struggle to restore its reputation among tourists.

Prime Minister David Cameron has led calls for Britain to put on a fresh face, after images of youths burning buildings and cars across the country were splashed across newspapers and television screens worldwide.

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Pakistan Draws Blank on American Kidnap

Pakistani police scrambled for leads Sunday on an American aid expert kidnapped at gunpoint from his house in Lahore, interrogating his guards and combing their phone records for clues.

The U.S. embassy named the man as Warren Weinstein, who Pakistani police said was the country director for U.S.-based consultancy J.E. Austin, which works on development projects in the frontline state in the war on al-Qaida.

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BMW Extends Contracts in U.S. Union Dispute

Luxury automaker BMW said Saturday it had agreed to a contract extension for employees at a California warehouse following a union dispute that had threatened to go national.

"We had a good discussion with the Teamsters and we intend to extend the contract for six months to provide the time to address the substantive issues," said company spokesman Tom Kowaleski.

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SlutWalk Comes to U.S. Capital

Hundreds of women swapped business suits for short skirts and revealing tops Saturday as Washington joined the list of cities around the world that have hosted a SlutWalk -- a march calling for an end to sexual violence and victim blaming.

A crowd made up mainly of women, which SlutWalk organizer Samantha Wright estimated at around 2,000-strong, marched from the White House to the Washington Monument brandishing signs with messages reading "This is what I was wearing when I was raped," and, "Rape pre-dates the miniskirt."

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Dentures Lead to Thief Arrest

Brazilian authorities seeking to take a bite out of crime caught a lucky break when a purse-snatcher unwittingly left behind key evidence that led to the thief's arrest: his own dentures.

The robber grabbed a woman's handbag in the small town of Severina, about 430 kilometers (265 miles) from Sao Paulo, and managed to escape, victim Silvina Julieta Ferreira told local media on Friday.

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