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Exposed and Under Fire, Syria's Kurds May Turn to Damascus

A US withdrawal from Syria's northern border this week has exposed Washington's Kurdish partners to a Turkish assault, creating conditions for a rapprochement with Damascus that both sides need badly, analysts said.

The main US partner in the years-long battle against the Islamic State group, Kurdish forces were left to fend for themselves after allied US forces pulled back on Monday.

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France Checking Identity of Murder Suspect Held in Scotland

The French authorities said Saturday they were checking the identity of a man arrested in Scotland and believed to have vanished eight years ago following the murder of his wife and four children.

French judicial sources had said Friday that police at Glasgow airport had arrested Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, who was subject to an international arrest warrant for the 2011 killings which transfixed France.

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Turkey Says it Has Taken Syrian Town of Ras al-Ain, Kurds Deny

Turkish forces have taken control of the Syrian border town of Ras al-Ain, which has been a focus of its operation against Kurdish militants, the defence ministry said Saturday. 

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Pakistan Supports Turkey's Syria Offensive

Pakistan has offered rare backing to Turkey in its offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expected to visit Islamabad later this month.

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Modi Tells Xi Summit will Launch 'New Era' for India and China

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Saturday that his summit with Chinese leader Xi Xinping would launch a "new era" between the neighbours who are seeking to overcome troublesome differences.

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Turkey Denies Targeting US Troops in Syria

Turkey denied on Saturday targeting a US base in northern Syria after the Pentagon said its troops had come under artillery fire. 

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One Dead as 'Unprecedented' Typhoon Hagibis Slams into Japan

Powerful Typhoon Hagibis slammed into Japan on Saturday, killing one even before making landfall and prompting authorities to issue their highest level of disaster warning over "unprecedented" downpours.

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More Companies Back away from Facebook's Libra Coin

Facebook's digital currency alliance lost more companies on Friday amid heavy criticism from regulators around the world on the planned Libra global cryptocurrency.

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Boeing Splits CEO, Chairman Role amid MAX Crisis

Boeing unveiled a shift to its leadership structure on Friday as it manages the 737 MAX crisis, announcing that Dennis Muilenburg will remain chief executive but step down as chairman.

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Rebel Faction Takes Frontline Role in Turkey Offensive

In the vanguard of Syrian revolt before being ripped apart by division and indiscipline, the Free Syrian Army has returned as a key component of Turkey's offensive against Kurdish militants.

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