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Syria Downs Russian Military Plane during Israeli Air Strike

Syria accidentally shot down a Russian military aircraft, killing all 15 crew members, when its air defenses swung into action against an Israeli missile strike, Russian and Israeli forces said Tuesday.

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Trump's Supreme Court Pick Ready to Testify over Sex Assault Allegation

U.S. President Donald Trump's conservative Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, struck back Monday at an allegation that he committed sexual assault as a teenager, saying he was ready to defend his "integrity" before the Senate.

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U.S., Russia Clash at U.N. over North Korea Sanctions

The United States on Monday accused Russia of "cheating" on U.N. sanctions against North Korea with plans for a railway project, oil transfers and ongoing business dealings with Pyongyang.

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Venezuelan Firefighters Face 20 Years' Jail over Maduro Donkey Jibe

Two Venezuelan firefighters risk 20 years of prison for publishing a video in which they jokingly referred to a donkey as President Nicolas Maduro, a human rights organization said on Monday.

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Netanyahu Gives 1,000 Ethopians Right to Immigrate

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday decided to allow 1,000 Ethiopians to immigrate to Israel, his office announced, in a rare intake of the Falashmura community.

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Saudi Arabia Invests $1 Billion in Tesla Competitor Lucid

Saudi Arabia on Monday announced it has signed off on a $1 billion investment in U.S. carmaker Lucid Motors with the aim of helping the Tesla rival roll out electric cars.

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ICC Confirms Congolese ex-VP Sentence for Witness Bribes

The International Criminal Court on Monday confirmed a one-year sentence against Congolese ex-vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba for bribing witnesses during an earlier trial, which saw him being excluded from running for president.

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Russian Opposition Cries Foul over 'Rigged' Far East Vote

The Kremlin faced a new crisis Monday after the opposition accused authorities of rigging a key regional election and protesters took to the streets to denounce the official results.

More than 2,000 people gathered in front of local authority offices in the far eastern city of Vladivostok after an opposition candidate suddenly lost a gubernatorial election to a candidate of the ruling United Russia, the Communist Party said.

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Watchdog Criticizes Credit Suisse over FIFA Money Laundering

Credit Suisse showed serious "deficiencies" in its efforts to prevent money laundering when dealing with FIFA, Brazilian oil giant Petrobras and Venezuela's state energy company, Switzerland's financial watchdog said Monday.

Swiss regulator FINMA announced the findings following an investigation that looked at Credit Suisse's conduct from 2006 to 2016. 

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Lack of English Players in Champions League Hurts National Team, Study Shows

England's lack of success in major international tournaments can be linked to the relatively low number of English players taking part in the Champions League, a study has suggested.

Analysis by sports statisticians Gracenote of the nationalities of players starting games in the Champions League reveals that England still lags behind other major footballing nations, just as it has ever since the competition was expanded to 32 teams in 1999.

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