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Algerian Troops in Mali to Combat Qaida-Linked Groups

Algerian troops have crossed into Mali to help government forces combat groups affiliated to al-Qaida, officials and witnesses told Agence France Presse Tuesday.

"Algerian troops are currently stationed in northern Mali to assist the Malian army in the fight against terrorism," a high-ranking military official said.

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Rebels Detain People Implicated in European Kidnappings in Algeria

Western Saharan rebels have detained people implicated in the October kidnapping of three Europeans in Algeria, the APS agency quoted rebel officials as saying on Thursday.

"They were acting on behalf of a criminal organization unknown until now," Khatri Eddouh, president of the Polisario parliament, was quoted as telling journalists late Wednesday.

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'Al-Qaida Splinter Group' Claims Kidnap of Westerners

A group identifying itself as an offshoot of al-Qaida in the Islamic Magreb (AQIM) said Saturday it was holding three Westerners kidnapped from a refugee camp in Algeria in October.

"This is the Jamat Tawhid Wal Jihad Fi Garbi Afriqqiya in west Africa. We claim the operation carried out on October 23 at Tindouf when two Spaniards and an Italian were kidnapped," said the audio and written message sent to Agence France Presse's correspondent in Bamako.

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Algeria Parliament Keeps Ban on Islamic Salvation Front

Algeria's national assembly on Tuesday voted to maintain a two-decade ban on the country's main religious party as lawmakers debated proposals for a new electoral law.

A month after Islamists swept to victory in neighboring Tunisia, the vote will ensure that the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) party, which came out on top Algeria's 1991 elections, will continue to be locked out of power.

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Gas Exporters Urge a Fair Price at First Summit

Leaders of the world's biggest gas suppliers ended their first summit on Tuesday by reiterating the need for a fair gas price while Iran, whose president was absent, warned that Western taxation will derail the energy market.

The 12-member Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) expressed in a declaration they issued after the one-day summit "the need to reach a fair price for natural gas based on gas to oil ... prices indexation."

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Two Spaniards, Italian Kidnapped from Algeria Camp

Suspected Islamist militants kidnapped two Spaniards and an Italian working at a refugee camp in western Algeria early Sunday, officials and security sources said.

A colleague of one of the Spanish hostages said over Spanish radio that "several gunshots were heard" and two people were wounded during the kidnapping from the Rabuni camp near Tindouf, mainly inhabited by Sahrawi refugees from Western Sahara who seek greater autonomy.

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Algeria, Britain FMs Discuss Exiled Gadhafi Family

Algeria should cooperate with the new regime in Libya over members of the Gadhafi family who took refuge there, British Foreign Secretary William Hague told reporters Wednesday.

The fugitive leader's daughter Aisha fled to Algeria late in August with her brother Hannibal, their mother Safiya -- Gadhafi’s second wife -- and his eldest son Mohammed. Aisha has since given birth to a baby girl.

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CIA Accuses Lebanese Man of Funding Hizbullah through Algerian Money Laundering Network

A court in the Algerian capital Algiers is expected to look into the case of an Algerian money laundering network that includes a Lebanese investor accused by U.S. intelligence of funding Hizbullah, reported Algeria’s al-Khabar newspaper.

It said that 31 suspects face “heavy” charges related to money laundering, including the Lebanese national.

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Homeless Algerian Mother Sets Herself, Child on Fire

An Algerian woman who had been evicted from her flat in Oran died after setting herself and her three-year-old son on fire, police said Saturday.

"She died at Oran university hospital" on Thursday, a policeman who spoke on condition of anonymity said, adding that the 35-year-old woman's son survived but had serious burns.

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Spanish Police Raid Qaida Financing Ring, 5 Algerians Arrested

More than 150 Spanish police raided a suspected al-Qaida financing ring Tuesday, arresting five Algerian men and seizing computer material, the government said.

Police suspected the men sent money to al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, which has its roots in Algeria and carries out attacks and kidnappings in north Africa, the interior ministry said in a statement.

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