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Rifi: I Will Confront Anyone who Wants to Divide Tripoli According to their Agenda

Resigned Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi declared on Sunday that “no one” can impose his will on the northern city of Tripoli.

He said after casting his vote in the municipal elections in the city: “I will confront any side that seeks to divide Tripoli according to its agenda.”

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Report: Rifi May Go back on Resignation in Wake of Samaha Sentence

Ashraf Rifi who resigned as justice minister may retract his resignation in light of the prison sentence against former Minister Michel Samaha, reported the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat on Saturday.

Ministerial sources predicted that Rifi may go back on his decision to resign.

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Report: Rifi's Resignation Cannot Be Accepted without President's Consent

The resignation of Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi is likely to be rejected by cabinet in wake of the presidential vacuum, reported the daily An Nahar on Saturday.

It said that a head of state is needed to accept the resignation.

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Rifi Withdraws from Cabinet for its Failure to Refer Samaha Case to Judicial Council amid Hariri Opposition

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi withdrew on Thursday from a cabinet session after it failed for a third time to address referring the case of former Minister Michel Samaha to the Judicial Council.

He said from the Grand Serail: “I will return to cabinet once this issue is the first article on its agenda.”

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Rifi Submits Draft Project on Finding Alternative to Military Court in Wake of Samaha Release

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi will make a request before cabinet to refer the trial of former Minister Michel Samaha to the judicial council in wake of his release from jail despite the damning evidence against him in his involvement in bombing plots in Lebanon, reported An Nahar daily on Saturday.

He will also submit to cabinet a draft-law that he prepared to eliminate extraordinary trials and instead call for the establishment of “judicial powers” concerned with “significant and terrorist” crimes

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Rifi to Raad: Neither you, nor your Armed Party Can Decide who Has Place in Lebanon

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi condemned on Wednesday the recent remarks of Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad against Mustaqbal Movement chief MP Saad Hariri, urging him against adopting “intimidation” tactics.

He said via Twitter: “Neither you, nor your armed party can decide who has a place in Lebanon or not.”

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Rifi: Gadhafi Won't be Handed to Syria, Lebanon has Upper Hand in his Detention

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi stressed on Thursday that Lebanon has the final word in keeping or releasing Hannibal Moammar Gadhafi and that he will not be handed over to the Syrian authorities.

“We reiterated that the Lebanese judiciary has the final word in keeping Hannibal Gadhafi in detention or in releasing him,” said Rifi in a statement.

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Rifi: Our Muslim-Christian Convictions Steadfast, Aoun's Actions Will not Change them

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi emphasized on Thursday that the Free Patriotic Movement led by MP Michel Aoun will not succeed in widening the gap between the Christians and Muslims, al-Mustaqbal daily reported.

“Aoun will not be succeed to drag us against our convictions of Muslim-Christian partnership,” said Rifi in an interview to the daily.

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Cabinet Meets but Fails to Reach Decision on Mechanism, Trash Crisis

The government failed on Thursday to reach a decision on its working mechanism and the waste crisis but agreed to continue discussions next week.

The session was held at the Grand Serail amid a “disgust” expressed by Prime Minister Tammam Salam over the failure to bridge the gap between the bickering sides in the government.

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Rifi Meets al-Rif’s Family: His Case Should Be Kept Away from Politics

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi held talks on Monday with the family of slain stabbing victim George al-Rif, condemning the “unjustified” crime.

He stressed the need to keep the issue “away from politics and petty personal interests.”

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