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Amy Winehouse Left Trove of Unreleased Music

People close to Amy Winehouse say she left a trove of unreleased music, but no decision has been made about whether it will be released.

Spokesman Chris Goodman says there is "plenty" of material, but there have been no discussions yet about releasing anything.

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Rural U.S. Disappearing? Population Share Hits low

Rural America now accounts for just 16 percent of the U.S. population, the lowest ever.

The latest 2010 census numbers hint at an emerging America where, by mid-century, city boundaries become indistinct and rural areas grow ever less relevant. Many communities could shrink to virtual ghost towns as they shutter businesses and close down schools, demographers say.

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Tourists Turned Away as Machu Picchu Limit Reached

Hundreds of unticketed tourists have been turned away from Machu Picchu this week as Peru's famed Inca ruins reached capacity.

Angry tourists blocked a bridge for two hours Monday in the town of Aguas Calientes at the entrance to the ruins. That impeded buses that ferry visitors to the hilltop archaeological site.

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Analysis Says Famed Fossil isn't a Bird After All

One of the world's most famous fossil creatures, widely considered the earliest known bird, is getting a rude present on the 150th birthday of its discovery: A new analysis suggests it isn't a bird at all.

Chinese scientists are proposing a change to the evolutionary family tree that boots Archaeopteryx off the "bird" branch and onto a closely related branch of birdlike dinosaurs.

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Anderson Japanese Gardens Aim for Tranquility

Japanese gardens are about inspiring and soothing the soul. And you don't have to be a gardening expert or Zen Buddhist to appreciate all they have to offer — the beauty, the tranquility, even the Zen.

Anderson Japanese Gardens, a 12-acre (4.8-hectare) wonderland of landscaping and design, is regarded as one of the top Japanese gardens in North America, along with ones in Portland, Oregon, and Delray Beach, Florida.

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Lauryn Hill: Rohan Marley not Father of 6th Child

After the birth of her sixth child, Lauryn Hill wants to clear up two things: Rohan (RO'-han) Marley didn't abandon her while she was pregnant, and he's not the baby's father.

The blogosphere has been abuzz after word came last week that the reclusive Grammy winner had a baby boy. Marley, the father of her five other children, sent a message on Twitter "forwarding all well wishes to Ms. Hill on the birth of her new son." That tweet, along with pictures showing him in an embrace with another woman, created speculation.

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Jeopardy! Host Injured after Chasing Burglar in SF

"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek says he snapped his Achilles tendon while running after a burglar who had stolen cash, a bracelet and other items from his San Francisco hotel room.

The 71-year-old Trebek tells KGO-TV that he also injured his other leg while falling down during the chase early Wednesday. He was on crutches later Wednesday when he hosted the National Geographic World Championship at Google headquarters in Mountain View.

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U.S. Special Operations Forces Chief Warns of al-Qaida 2.0

The top commander of U.S. special operations forces said Wednesday that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida is bloodied and "nearing its end," but he warned the next generation of militants could keep special operations fighting for a decade to come.

Navy SEAL Adm. Eric T. Olson described the killing of bin Laden by a special operations raid on May 2 as a near-killing blow for what he called "al-Qaida 1.0," as created by bin Laden and led from his hideout in Pakistan.

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7 Filipino Troops Killed in Clash with Abu Sayyaf Militants

Dozens of Abu Sayyaf militants killed seven marines and wounded 21 others in one of the fiercest clashes this year that erupted in stormy weather Thursday as the marine platoon was about to attack a terrorist jungle camp, the military said.

About 30 marines maneuvered close to the encampment of more than 50 al-Qaida-linked militants in mountainous Patikul township in southern Sulu province, setting off the pre-dawn gunbattle, regional military spokesman Lt. Col. Randolph Cabangbang said.

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Poland Gets Back Painting Missing since WWII

A valuable 19th century Polish painting that went missing during World War II has been returned to Poland after being removed from auction in Germany, the culture minister said Wednesday.

Aleksander Gierymski's "Jewish Woman Selling Oranges" was unveiled to reporters by Culture Minister Bogdan Zdrojewski, who said the painting was returned to Poland after many months of on-and-off negotiations with lawyers representing a German person.

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