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Floods Force Pakistan PM to Cancel Trip to U.N.

Pakistan's prime minister canceled his attendance at next week's U.N. General Assembly session in New York, saying Friday he needed to coordinate flood relief efforts at home.

Monsoon rains have flooded large parts of the southern Sindh province over the last six weeks, leaving more than 200,000 people homeless. Pakistan's leaders came under criticism last year for failing to deal with floods that affected more than a quarter of the country's territory.

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Keeping Sexuality a Secret in Jazzy 'Play It Cool'

The Eisenhower era was a repressive time in America. Women could legally be harassed by police just for wearing pants, and homosexuality was considered a shameful crime as well as a mental illness, for which the police could toss a man or woman into a psychiatric hospital.

Illustrating this lack of civil liberties with smooth and entertaining song is "Play It Cool", a noirish jazz musical about a secret gay nightclub off Sunset Boulevard in 1953 Los Angeles, a town where the police were notoriously hostile toward gay people.

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'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Wins Gambling Debt Case

"Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis beat the house Wednesday in a criminal case over a $2.5 million Las Vegas casino debt.

A state judge threw out a criminal theft and bad check indictment against the soft-porn mogul that involved the Wynn Las Vegas resort. Because the casino waited 16 months to redeem a casino marker, or IOU, the judge ruled that Wynn and prosecutors lost their chance to prove Francis committed a crime.

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Jane Lynch Rolls Out Red Carpet as Emmy Host

Jane Lynch didn't trip over the red carpet while rolling it out Wednesday morning in anticipation of Sunday's Emmy ceremony. Despite not seeing "daylight in a couple of days" and dreaming she might experience a "face plant" as the show's host, Lynch pulled it off without a hitch.

"I don't even know where I am anymore," she joked to dozens of photographers and reporters who gathered for the unveiling with the show's executive producer Mark Burnett and TV academy chairman John Shaffner.

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Caution: Word of Advice for Spring Wardrobe

The blockbuster colors and florals, geometrics and ethnic prints on the runways at New York Fashion Week may feel like game-changers in the moment. Then there's the rest of your life.

Once the looks move from the catwalk to the closet after this round of previews, women may need a little guidance on incorporating the prints, shots of neon and other new colors — purple, yellow, aqua and orange — into existing wardrobes, said Cindy Weber Cleary, fashion director of InStyle magazine.

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EBay Targets Mobile Users, Hoping to Seem Hip

EBay's name is synonymous with auctions, but that's created an image problem for the online marketplace.

These days, most of the things people purchase on the site aren't sold through auctions; they have fixed prices. And, the majority of items for sale are new —not musty antiques or old collectibles.

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Livescribe Smartpen is iPad's Opposite

Here's a consumer electronics riddle: What's the opposite of the iPad?

Answer: the Livescribe Echo "smartpen." It's as if Livescribe and Apple both looked at the old pen-and-pad combination, but completely disagreed on how to take it into the digital age.

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Tokyo Game Show Turns to Cell Phones, Has New Star

A startup little known outside Japan that offers games for cellphones is emerging as the new star at this year's Tokyo video game exhibition, usually dominated by big-name console makers like Sony and Microsoft.

Gree Inc., a social networking service that began just seven years ago in the founder's living room, had its first booth ever at the sprawling Tokyo Game Show, which previewed to media Thursday ahead of its opening to the public later this week at a hall in this Tokyo suburb.

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France Charges Lebanese Man in Submarines Bribe Case

A French investigating judge has charged a Lebanese businessman suspected of a role in a bribery scandal surrounding the 1994 sale of French submarines to Pakistan that may have been linked to an attack that killed 15.

Ziad Takieddine said he was satisfied with the judicial action since it gives him access to the investigators' file.

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Eyeing a New Racket, Djokovic Wants to Try Acting

Novak Djokovic wants more.

More of everything, on the tennis court and off.

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