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European Stocks, Pound Rally as Britain Votes

European stocks rallied and the pound hit 2016 highs Thursday as markets expected the Remain camp to come out on top in Britain's referendum on EU membership.

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U.S. Embassy Sends Lebanese Delegates to Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Summit

The U.S. Embassy in Lebanon has sponsored five delegates from Lebanon to join over 700 participants from 170 countries to open the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in California’s Silicon Valley.

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Air Serbia Flies to U.S. after 24-Year Hiatus

An Air Serbia plane took off from Belgrade for New York Thursday -- the company's first direct flight to the United States after a 24-year interruption which began during the Balkan conflicts.

The direct connection "will boost our economic growth and bring our country closer to the United States and American people", said Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic at the launch, also attended by US ambassador Kyle Scott.

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Enlarged Panama Canal Expected to Boost US-Asia Trade

With its capacity boosted by nearly three times, Panama's enlarged canal -- set to be inaugurated on Sunday -- is expected to stimulate trade between the United States and Asia, and steal business from the rival Suez canal.

"A good deal of the commerce between Asia and the east coast of the United States can pass through directly on Neopanamax ships, which will help both sides," Nicolas Ardito Barletta, a former Panamanian president and former vice president of the World Bank in Latin America, told Agence France Presse.

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Oil Prices Rise ahead of Brexit Vote

Oil prices rose in Asia on Thursday, hours ahead of a high-stakes British vote on whether to remain in the European Union.

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IMF Warns U.S. over High Poverty, Inequality

The International Monetary Fund warned the United States Wednesday over poverty and rising inequality in the country, saying both could hold back its economic potential.

The IMF cut its outlook for US economic growth this year to 2.2 percent, compared to 2.4 percent forecast at the beginning of the year. It cited the impact of slower global growth overall, the contraction in the energy industry due to low oil prices, and a slowdown in domestic consumer spending.

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World Stocks Firm on Eve of British Referendum

Global stocks largely rose Wednesday and the pound clawed higher on the eve of Britain's closely fought referendum as traders eye the country voting to remain in the European Union.

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ECB Launches New Round of Ultra-cheap Loans for Banks

The European Central Bank on Wednesday launched a new round of ultra-cheap loans for banks in a fresh move to kick-start sluggish credit in the single currency area.

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Over 1,200 Business Titans Raise Brexit Alarm on Eve of Vote

More than 1,200 business titans united Wednesday to warn against Britain breaking with the EU, as rivals battled for the last votes on the eve of a tightly fought referendum that will shape Europe's future.

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New Airline Ready for Takeoff as Cyprus Tourism Soars

As Cyprus emerges from a deep financial crisis, a new low-cost airline will launch next month to tap into the Mediterranean island's resurgent tourism market.

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