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Invest in North Korea: Money Pit or Golden Opportunity?

Donald Trump dangled the carrot of foreign investment in front of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at their nuclear summit, but analysts say few will want to put money into one of the highest-risk business environments in the world.

The US president showed Kim a movie of bright lights, high-speed trains and soaring tower blocks -- pitching a future that could be possible if Pyongyang gives up its weapons.

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France, Germany Close to Agreement on Eurozone Reform

Paris and Berlin are very close to an agreement on eurozone reform after months of divisions, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has said.

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Hopes of a Mining Revival in Oil-Addicted Nigeria

Locals have always known that a vast deposit of gold sits underneath the cocoa trees and towering thickets of bamboo in the tropical jungle of Osun state in southwest Nigeria.

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LibanPost Wins a World Post & Parcel Award Once More

After having won the World Post & Parcel Award, often regarded as the Oscar for the mail and express industry, for the “Innovation” Category in 2016, LibanPost was elected this year as the winner of the World Post & Parcel Award for the “Corporate Social Responsibility” Category.

"LibanPost feels particularly privileged to have been honored by this prize, in a competition described as particularly strong this year, where submissions of projects were made by some of the most innovative and progressive organizations in the international post and parcel sector, and against two prestigious finalists namely the American USPS and the German Deutsche Post DHL Group," LibanPost said in a statement.

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Trump Announces Tariffs on $50 Billion in Chinese Imports

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday announced tariffs of 25 percent targeting $50 billion in Chinese imports, making good on a pledge to punish the alleged theft of American intellectual property.

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British Engine Maker Rolls-Royce Cutting 4,600 Jobs

Rolls-Royce, the British maker of plane engines, said Thursday that it plans to cut 4,600 mainly British management roles by 2020 in a vast restructuring that has already resulted in thousands of job losses.

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Trump Accuses OPEC of Raising Oil Prices

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries of raising oil prices, in a fresh swipe at the cartel's agreement to cap production.

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Iran, Venezuela Supply Gap to Dominate OPEC Meet

An oil production shortfall in Iran and Venezuela may force OPEC and Russia to decide later this month to open their taps, the International Energy Agency said Wednesday.

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Dollar Builds on Gains ahead of Fed, Equities Struggle

The dollar extended gains against its peers in Asian trade Wednesday as investors await a key Federal Reserve decision later in the day, but most equity markets dipped.

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Bitcoin 'Whales' Pulling Cryptocurrency Strings

Bitcoin, the star of the cryptocurrency world, is widely seen as a freewheeling tool as open as the internet itself.

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