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Madrid Lifts Partial Car Ban as Pollution Eases

Madrid on Thursday lifted an unprecedented ban on half of most private cars as pollution in the Spanish capital eased up.

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In Spain First, Madrid Bans Half of Cars to Fight Smog

Madrid's city hall announced Wednesday it had ordered half of most private cars off the roads to fight a particularly bad bout of pollution, a first in Spain.

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Russia Shocked by Video of Bear being Crushed to Death

Russian investigators said Tuesday they were looking into a disturbing video of a bear being crushed to death by a group of men riding in off-road vehicles over Siberian tundra.

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Christmas Typhoon Leaves Three Dead in Philippines

A powerful typhoon left three dead and threatened to bring heavy rains and winds to the heavily-populated Philippine capital as it dragged its way across the archipelago on Monday, spoiling the Christmas holidays.

Typhoon Nock-Ten, which made landfall on the eastern island province of Catanduanes on Sunday, is forecast to move westward towards the country's heartland, packing winds of 215 kilometres (134 miles) per hour.

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Thousands Stranded at Japan Airport after Heavy Snow

Heavy snow in northern Japan caused transport chaos over the holiday weekend, with flights and train services canceled and thousands of passengers forced to camp out at a regional airport for three straight nights.

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China Launches Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Satellite

China on Thursday launched a satellite to monitor carbon dioxide levels, state media said, making the Asian giant the third country to track the potent contributor to global warming from space.

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China's Smoggiest City Closes Schools amid Public Anger

China's smoggiest city closed schools Wednesday, as the country suffered through its sixth day under an oppressive haze, provoking public anger about the slow response to the threat to children's health.

Since Friday, a choking miasma has covered a large swathe of northeastern China, leaving more than 460 million gasping for breath.

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Robot Gives Rare Glimpse under Antarctic Sea Ice

An underwater robot has captured a rare glimpse beneath the Antarctic sea ice, revealing a colourful world filled with coconut-shaped sponges, dandelion-like worms, pink algae and spidery starfish.

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Planes Grounded as Smog Chokes China for Fifth Day

Heavy smog suffocated northeast China for a fifth day Tuesday, with hundreds of flights cancelled and road and rail transport grinding to a halt under the low visibility conditions.

More than 20 cities have entered a state of red alert since Friday evening, implementing emergency measures aimed at cutting emissions and protecting public health from the toxic miasma.

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Plants Closed, Cars Stopped as China Faces Smog 'Red Alert'

Chinese cities are limiting the number of cars on roads and have temporarily shut down factories to cut down pollution during a national "red alert" for smog.

State media reported Monday that more than 700 companies stopped production in Beijing, and that traffic police were restricting drivers by monitoring their license plate numbers. Dozens of cities closed schools and took other emergency measures after a "red alert" was issued from Friday night to Wednesday for much of northern China.

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