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Australia to Ban Wild Horses Cull at National Park

Australia said Sunday the culling of wild horses in a unique national park would be banned despite fears the animals were threatening native species.

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Helicopters Rescue Residents after Fresh Hawaii Volcano Lava Flow

Helicopters were rushed in to rescue four trapped residents after lava flowing from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano isolated a cluster of homes, local officials said late Friday, one day after the volcano erupted and shot a huge plume of ash miles (kilometers) into the sky.

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EU Takes Germany, Five Others to Court over Air Pollution

The European Commission said Thursday it is taking Germany, France, and four other countries to the bloc's highest court for failing to comply with EU air quality standards.

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In Guadeloupe, Going Green Means Going Bananas

Yellow is the new green in the French Caribbean archipelago of Guadeloupe.

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Schwarzenegger Urges Trump to 'Join Us' on Climate Action

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger urged U.S. President Donald Trump to join action to support renewable energy, at a summit on climate change in the Austrian capital Vienna Tuesday.

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U.S. Citizens' Proposal Focused on Cutting Greenhouse Gases

Groups of Maine citizens want the U.S. state to strengthen its law cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The state's current emissions standards are set by a 2003 law. The citizens' proposal calls for an 8 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions annually that by 2035 would reduce Maine's emissions to approximately 75 to 85 percent below 2003 levels.

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In Madagascar, Fishermen Plant Mangroves for the Future

Hunched over the soil, Malagasy villagers work feverishly -- deft fingers planting stalks of mangrove to replace the swathes destroyed for firewood and building material.

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Lives In the Balance as UN Debates Climate Finance

Behind wrangling at UN climate talks over financial aid for poor countries dealing with increasingly extreme weather and bracing for worse to come, real-world projects that can save livelihoods -- and sometimes lives -– are queued up, waiting for approval and money.

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Hundreds Dead as Floods Wreak Havoc in East Africa

Weeks of torrential rain after a long drought have turned from blessing to curse in East Africa, killing hundreds of people and displacing hundreds of thousands of others.

In Kenya, which had suffered from three failed rainy seasons, 120 people have died in two months, including eight who were swept off a bridge in a flashflood Thursday night outside the capital, witnesses said.

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Hawaii Volcano Erupts, Spewing Lava and Forcing Thousands to Evacuate

The US state of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupted Thursday, causing lava to spew out of ground fissures in residential areas and prompting authorities to mandate thousands of people to evacuate.

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