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Antarctica: A Laboratory for Climate Change

A decade ago, a thick layer of ice covered the Collins Glacier on Antarctica's King George Island.

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'Beast From the East' Sends Siberian Cold Blast across Europe

Europe remained Wednesday gripped by a blast of Siberian weather which has killed at least 24 people and carpeted palm-lined Mediterranean beaches in snow.

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Japan Confirms Oil from Wrecked Tanker Hitting Its Beaches

Oil that has washed ashore on several southern Japanese islands is likely from an Iranian tanker that sank in the East China Sea last month, Japan's coastguard said Friday.

Analysis of samples of heavy fuel that began washing up on remote Okinoerabu and Yoron islands this month found similar components to the fuel used by the Sanchi tanker, coastguard spokesman Takuya Matsumoto said.

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Seychelles Designates Huge New Marine Reserve

A vast new marine protected area has been created in the Indian Ocean around the Seychelle islands, the government announced Thursday.

The 210,000-square-kilometer (81,000-square-mile) zone -- an area equivalent to nearly half of the Black Sea -- is intended to protect both the sea and the archipelago's economy, which relies on fishing and tourism.

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Philippine Fisherman Eaten in Rising Croc Attacks

A crab fisherman has been killed and half-eaten by a huge saltwater crocodile, the latest in a growing number of attacks on a remote Philippine island, police said Wednesday.

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Cape Town Now Faces Dry Taps by July 9

Residents of drought-stricken Cape Town received good news Tuesday when city officials said they now face losing piped water to their homes by July 9 -- a month later than last forecast.

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Singapore to Impose Carbon Tax from 2019

Singapore said Monday it would impose a carbon tax from next year to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and make companies more competitive as global agreements on climate change take effect.

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Myanmar Farmers Going Against the Grain with Apps

A free app on farmer San San Hla's smartphone is her new weapon in the war against the dreaded stem borer moth that blighted her rice paddy in southern Myanmar for the last two years.

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Kyrgyzstan Stops Flights amid Snowstorm

Ex-Soviet Kyrgyzstan halted flights leaving the country's main airport near the capital Bishkek Friday, citing a snowstorm that it said had affected conditions for takeoff.

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Blackouts, Flooding as Cyclone Batters Tongan Capital

A battered Nuku'alofa began cleaning up Tuesday after the most powerful cyclone ever recorded in the Tongan capital tore roofs off buildings, downed powerlines and caused extensive flooding, prompting a state of emergency in the tiny Pacific nation.

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