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Israel Clears Greek Tanker over Mediterranean Oil Spill

Israeli authorities said Sunday they had cleared a Greek tanker of suspicion in relation to an oil spill that caused massive tar pollution on the Mediterranean coastline, devastating marine life.

It is seen as Israel's worst maritime pollution incident in decades.

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U.N. Says Latest Climate Pledges 'Very Far' from Paris Goals

Renewed promises to slash greenhouse gas emissions from countries as part of the Paris climate deal are "very far" from what is required to avert catastrophic global warming, the United Nations said Friday.

In its assessment of the pledges made in recent months by around 75 countries and the European Union, U.N. Climate Change said that only around 30 percent of global emissions were covered in the commitments.

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After Oil Spill, Israel's Arab Fishermen Net Catch despite Ban

After weathering a year of the coronavirus pandemic, the fishermen of an Arab village in central Israel have been dealt another blow by a mysterious oil spill in the Mediterranean.

Grappling with its worst ecological disaster in years, the Israeli government this week ordered a precautionary ban on selling seafood.

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Aoun Urges Full Survey of Territorial Waters after Oil Spill from Israel

President Michel Aoun on Thursday followed up on new reports regarding a disastrous oil spill off Israel which has affected Lebanon’s shores.

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France to Extend Lifetime of Old Nuclear Power Plants

French safety officials on Thursday gave the green light to extend the lifetime of the country's oldest nuclear power plants as it seeks to boost the share of renewables in its power mix.

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Aoun Asks Wehbe to Follow Up with U.N. on Oil Spill from Israel

President Michel Aoun has been following up on the reports about the oil spill that has affected Israel’s entire coastline before reaching Lebanon’s shores, the National News Agency said.

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In Israel, Mayo Provides Miracle for Endangered Turtles

When it comes to saving sea turtles, Israeli rescuers have discovered that mayonnaise is a miracle.

Employees at Israel's National Sea Turtle Rescue Center are treating endangered green sea turtles affected by a devastating oil spill that has coated Israel's coast with thick black tar.

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Lebanon Acts after Mediterranean Oil Spill Reaches South

A disastrous oil spill that has blackened most of Israel's shoreline has apparently affected Lebanon and deposits of tar have started washing up in the Lebanese south.

The management of the city of Tyre's coastal nature reserve, one of Lebanon's last remaining sandy beaches and an important nesting site for endangered Loggerhead and Green sea turtles, said the spill could endanger marine life and biodiversity in the area.

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Anger over Huge Power Bills in 'Preventable' Texas Weather Crisis

Millions of Texans were still without safe water on Sunday as officials fielded angry complaints over shockingly large power bills spawned by a cold weather crisis that Houston's mayor said was ultimately preventable.

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Israel Scrambles to Clean Beaches after Massive Tar Pollution

Israeli authorities on Sunday warned people to keep away from the Mediterranean shore to avoid massive tar pollution, as thousands of laborers and volunteers worked to clean contaminated beaches.

Powerful winds and unusually high waves pummeled Israel's entire Mediterranean coastline over Tuesday and Wednesday, with tons of tar staining 160 kilometers of beaches from Rosh Hanikra, just south of Lebanon, to Ashkelon just north of Gaza.

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