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Israeli Lawmakers Give Initial Approval to Bills Quieting Mosques

Israel's parliament gave preliminary approval Wednesday to two controversial measures that would limit calls to prayers from mosques, including one prohibiting the use of loudspeakers at all hours, after shouting matches between lawmakers.

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Feminists Urge Ukraine to Reclaim Women's Day

Around a thousand people marched through Kiev on Wednesday, International Women's Day, calling for a return to the original feminist meaning of a holiday now largely associated with flowers and gifts.

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Jihadist Tunnels Uncover Assyrian Winged Bulls in Mosul

Crawl through a labyrinth of narrow tunnels in near total darkness and suddenly they appear: two great winged bulls dating from the Assyrian empire found intact under the ground of Mosul.

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Supreme Court Sends Transgender Rights Case Back to Lower Court

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sent a key transgender rights case back to a lower court for reconsideration, after the administration of President Donald Trump withdrew guidance to schools that was relevant to the case.

The high court had scheduled a hearing for March 28 on a case involving bathroom rights for Gavin Grimm, a transgender high school boy in Virginia.

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Pope Should Ditch Top Cardinal over Abuse Row, Says Church Reform Group

Pope Francis was urged by a prominent church reform group Monday to oust the head of a powerful Vatican department after accusations that senior officials blocked reforms approved by the pontiff to curb sex abuse.

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Pentagon Probe after Female Marines Pictured Naked

The U.S. Defense Department is investigating allegations that Marines distributed nude pictures of female service personnel taken without their knowledge, officials said Monday.

The explicit photos, shared on a secret Facebook page which has since been taken down, reportedly showed female Marines and other women in various states of undress.

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World Marks Women's Day with Rights Under Attack

No self-congratulations but calls to action will mark many celebrations of the 40th International Women's Day on Wednesday, as the fight for equality faces new threats.

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Israeli Experts Find 'Mystery' Bronze Age Dolmen

Israeli archeologists have unearthed a "rare and mysterious" Bronze Age dolmen in the Galilee hills, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Sunday.

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In Belfast, Street Art Battles Community Rifts

From the art of war to the art of peace: for decades Belfast adorned its walls with huge community murals marking the bloody history of the Northern Irish conflict.

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Street Artist Banksy Opens Walled Off 'Hotel' in Bethlehem

Secretive British street artist Banksy opened a hotel next to Israel’s controversial separation wall in Bethlehem on Friday, his latest artwork in the Palestinian territories.

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