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In Death and Life, Lebanese Woman Shows Religious Law Fight

Nadyn Jouny's sister taped up two messages in her memory inside a closet at the family home — one of motherly love tinged with pain, another of defiance.

The first Jouny wrote to her 9-year-old son on the one day a week she was allowed to see him under a custody ruling by a Shiite religious court. "Peace be upon the holy nights when you fall asleep near me," she wrote. "Peace be upon the trace of love painted on your face and features ... This is my night."

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From Armchairs to iPhones, India's Millennials Rent It All

At 29, Spandan Sharma doesn't own a flat, a car, or even a chair -- one of a growing number of Indian millennials bucking traditional norms and instead opting to rent everything from furniture to iPhones.

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U.N. Expert Warns of Racial Profiling 'Prevalence' in Qatar

Migrant workers in Qatar are facing discrimination because of their nationality, racial identity, stereotyping and the "prevalence" of profiling, an independent U.N. expert warned on Sunday. 

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On Emirates' Glittering Coast, Pearl Trade Lives on

Before the discovery of oil transformed the Gulf into one of the world's wealthiest regions, the fortunes of its people depended on pearling -- a tradition that Abdullah al-Suwaidi hopes to revive.

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French Court Confirms Sentence for Picasso's Electrician over Hoarded Art

A French court on Tuesday confirmed the two-year suspended jail terms given to Pablo Picasso's former electrician and his wife, who hoarded 271 of the great painter's works in a garage for four decades. 

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A Picasso for 100 Euros: Draw Gives Art Lovers a Rare Chance

It is the closest that anyone outside the super rich is ever likely to get to owning a painting by Picasso.

A canvas by the Spanish master worth more than one million euros ($1.1 million) is to be raffled off for charity.

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Actors Hurt in Saudi Stabbing were Spanish

Madrid on Thursday confirmed that four Spanish nationals were injured when a knife-wielding Yemeni man attacked a group of actors earlier this week as they performed in the Saudi capital Riyadh. 

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General Rebuked after Tempers Flare over Rebuilding Notre-Dame

The French army general charged with the rebuilding of Paris' fire-ravaged Notre-Dame was rebuked by the government Thursday after telling the chief architect to "shut his mouth" in a sign of tension over the cathedral's future appearance.

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Roman Polanski Weighing Legal Riposte after Latest Rape Claim

Roman Polanski may sue the French newspaper that published accusations he raped a former actress in the 1970s, his lawyer said Sunday, as he comes under renewed fire over the latest claim of sexual assault to emerge against the Oscar-winning director in recent years.

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Under Tahrir, Young Iraqi Artists Paint Revolutionary Road

Taking vibrant spray paint to Baghdad's grimy concrete walls, Iraqi artists protesting against the government -- many of them young and female -- are sketching out their vision for a brighter future.

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