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South Africa's Nobel-Winning Novelist Nadine Gordimer Dies

South African Nobel Prize-winning writer and anti-apartheid activist Nadine Gordimer, who became an icon through her unique insights into the country's social agonies, has died at the age of 90.

Through 15 novels, several volumes of short stories, non-fiction and other works published in 40 languages around the world, Gordimer eviscerated white-minority rule under the apartheid system and its aftershocks once democracy had been achieved in 1994.

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Ancient Graffiti to Street Art: Rome Walls Tell a Story

Scribbling emotions on walls has been a tradition in Rome going back thousands of years and even the word "graffiti" was first used for markings found in the ruins of Pompeii.

The modern version could be the scrawls seen in maternity wards in the Italian capital: "Get a move on, auntie's waiting!", "Chiara is born!", "Welcome little Mattia!".

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Church of England Casts Devil from Baptism Service

The Church of England approved a new baptism service on Sunday with no mention of the devil in an attempt to make the ceremony more accessible.

The simplified wording was written after priests said they often performed the ceremony for families who had little experience of church, and that the traditional service was unnecessarily complex.

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Cape Town Carves Out Major New African Art Museum

On Cape Town's waterfront at the southern tip of Africa, the world's biggest museum of contemporary art from across the continent is being carved from a conglomeration of concrete tubes nine storeys high.

The $50 million (36.7 million euro) project to transform the grim functionality of 42 disused colonial grain silos into an ultramodern tribute to African creativity is driven by an international team of art experts and architects.

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Iraq Prostitutes Slain amid Culture of Fear and Secrecy

Apartment blocks near a mosque and a kindergarten daubed with cartoon characters seem an unlikely place for the slaughter of 27 alleged prostitutes, but in Baghdad death is never far.

Few people in the Iraqi capital's Zayouna district know any details of what happened in their neighborhood late on Saturday, and even fewer want to hazard a guess.

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Catholics Urge Romania President to Act in Cathedral Row

The head of Romania's Roman Catholic Church on Saturday urged President Traian Basescu to ensure an illegal office tower looming over a historical cathedral in the center of Bucharest is destroyed.

A Romanian appeals court in January ruled that a 75-meter (245-feet) tower next to the St Joseph Cathedral be torn down, ending years of legal battles.

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Musk Donates $1 Million for New Tesla Museum

Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk has agreed to donate $1 million to help fund a new museum dedicated to inventor Nikolai Tesla.

The organizer of a crowdfunding campaign for the new museum, Matthew Inman, made the announcement on his blog, weeks after publicly asking Musk for the donation for the center honoring the inventor who inspired the name for the electric car maker.

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Salafists Protest at Reopening of Algiers Synagogues

Salafists protested on Friday against government plans to reopen synagogues which were closed for security reasons during Algeria's civil war of the 1990s.

After weekly Friday prayers at Al-Mouminine mosque in the poor Belcourt district of Algiers, dozens of worshipers tried to march in the streets but were blocked by police, an Agence France Presse journalist reported.

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'Bamboo Ceiling' Hampering Asians in Australia

A "bamboo ceiling" exists in Australia for Asians entering positions of power in business, education and politics, the country's race discrimination commissioner has suggested.

Tim Soutphommasane said that while Australia's cultural diversity was to be welcomed, equality of opportunity in the top echelons was lacking.

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Church of England Female Bishops Would be 'Seismic', Says Contender

The Church of England could be set to allow its first female bishops -- and not before time, says one of those tipped for the job, adding the days of women being left to arrange the flowers are gone.

Rose Hudson-Wilkin thinks it would be "seismic" if the Church votes on Monday to allow Anglican women to take the top jobs after decades of debate on their role.

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