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Christians in the Middle East: Dwindling Despite Deep Roots

Christians have been rooted in the Middle East as minority communities since the birth of the religion, but their numbers are dwindling amid conflict and jihadist attacks.

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Ukraine Filmmaker Marks 50th Day of Hunger Strike

Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov was in "serious" condition Monday on the 50th day of his hunger strike in a Russian jail, his lawyer said, as supporters called rallies for his release.

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Gay Groups March in Istanbul Pride despite Ban

Gay rights groups and activists pressed ahead with the Istanbul Pride parade on Sunday despite Turkish authorities banning the event for a fourth year in a row.

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Outrage after Malaysian Man Marries 11-Year-Old Thai Girl

The marriage of a Malaysian man with a 11-year-old Thai girl has sparked outrage in the Muslim majority country with one activist Sunday labeling the groom a "child predator."

Malaysian Muslims below the age of 16 are allowed to marry if they obtain the permission of a religious court. 

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Cyber War, Syria Airstrikes Feature in Revamped RAF Museum

Visitors to Britain's revamped Royal Air Force Museum opening on Saturday can fend off cyber attacks, identify airstrike targets and practice landing jets on flight simulators.

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Russian Women Furious at Article Calling Them 'Whores'

Thousands of Russian women have signed a petition demanding a popular tabloid retract an article that branded women who have relations with foreign football fans during the World Cup as "whores."

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Saudis Probe Woman TV Presenter over 'Indecent' Dress

Saudi authorities have launched a probe after a female TV presenter wore "indecent" clothes while reporting on the end of a decades-long woman driving ban, triggering outrage on social media.

Shireen al-Rifaie, a Saudi presenter with Dubai-based Al Aan TV, appeared in a widely-circulated video wearing a loose headscarf and a partly open gown that revealed her trousers and a blouse.

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Irish 'Nope to the Pope' Boycott of Papal Visit

Thousands of Irish campaigners are mobilizing online for a boycott of Pope Francis' visit in August, pledging to book free tickets to an open-air mass and then stay away.

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Banksy's Paris Street Art 'Blitz' a Tribute to Rebels of 1968

Street artist Banksy has confirmed that he "blitzed" Paris with a dozen murals as a tribute to the May 1968 uprising, taking aim at the French government's hard line on migrants in some of them.

Stencilled images in the style of the mysterious British graffiti star began appearing on walls across the French capital last week.

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Moroccan Fruit Pickers Say were Exploited, Harassed in Spain

Ten women who left their children at home in Morocco to earn money picking strawberries in southern Spain have said that they were lied to, exploited and even sexually harassed. 

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