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German Politician Calls for Bar on Foreign Mosque Financing

A senior figure in one of Germany's governing parties called Wednesday for a law that would prevent foreign financing of mosques in the country.

Andreas Scheuer, the Christian Social Union's general secretary, argued in an interview with the daily Die Welt that "political Islam" undermines efforts to integrate people in Germany.

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Polish Prosecutor Questions Scholar over Holocaust Remarks

A Polish prosecutor has questioned a Polish-American scholar to try to determine if he committed the crime of publicly insulting the nation with a statement on Polish violence against Jews during World War II.

Princeton professor Jan Tomasz Gross told The Associated Press that he was questioned for five hours Tuesday in Katowice but still does not know if he will be charged in the case.

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Thai Festival Kicks Off despite Junta Call to Water Down Party

Thais and tourists took to the streets on Wednesday to drench each other in a mass water fight marking the country's new year, as authorities attempted to crack down on alcohol, topless dancers and other "indecencies."

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Loch Ness Monster Find Turns out to be Film Prop

A marine robot deployed in the waters of Scotland's Loch Ness has found the remains of a monster but it turned out to be a prop from a movie shot in 1970.

The robot, belonging to Norwegian offshore oil company Kongsberg Maritime, is drawing up the first high-resolution map of the 230-meter (755-feet) deep lake in a project named "Operation Groundtruth".

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Manuscripts among Rare Hemingway Items Shown at JFK library

Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy never met, but the author's most extensive personal collection is housed at JFK's presidential library and is now on public display.

The exhibition opening this week in Boston includes original manuscripts of some of his most famous literary works; letters to other major literary figures of his time; photographs and other personal mementos.

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Gaza's Architectual Heritage Fades, but One Man Resists

A surprise awaits beyond a black door adorned with a silver lotus flower at the end of a tangle of alleyways in Gaza's chaotic Old City.

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Pakistan's Kalash Fight for their Identity with UNESCO Bid

Pakistan's smallest religious minority, the Kalash speak their own language and celebrate their gods through music, dance -- and alcohol, which they brew themselves in Chitral's plunging verdant valleys.

Here, the sexes mingle easily, marriage can be sealed with a dance, and women are free to move on to new loves -- it is a far cry from life in much of the rest of the country, where many adhere to a strict Islamic code forbidding such behaviour. 

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France Bewitched by 'Bojangles', a Book Full of Joy and Tears

It is the literary sensation of the year in France. A first novel by a dyslexic author that has had readers crying -- and laughing out loud -- on the Paris metro.

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Thai Police Ban Old Marie Claire Magazine Issue

Thai authorities have banned a five-month-old French edition of Marie Claire magazine because of an article which police said defamed the kingdom's royal family.

Thailand's royal defamation laws are among the world's harshest and can land offenders decades behind bars.

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Pope Opens Door for Divorced but Slams it Shut for Gays

Pope Francis on Friday opened doors for divorced and cohabiting Catholics but slammed one shut for gay believers in new Church guidelines on family life.

In his 260-page "apostolic exhortation", an update of Church teaching and practice likely to disappoint some Catholic modernizers, Francis strongly reiterates the Church's opposition to the legal recognition of gay relationships.

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