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Meet the Ancestors -- Exhibition Reveals Faces of Prehistoric Humans

Her clothes are made from fur, hemp and nettle and for decoration she sports ivory and bone beads. She has dark hair worn in dreadlocks, tattoos and a penetrating stare.

Dubbed "the woman from the Pataud shelter", little is known about this figure from prehistory -- except how she might have looked.

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Roll over Beethoven! Sound no Barrier for 'World's Fastest' Pianist

A composer who claims to be the world's fastest pianist says tinkling the ivories quicker than the human ear can hear is a surefire route to Nirvana.

Ukrainian Lubomyr Melnyk is working his fingers at a dizzying 19.5 notes per second, and reckons the result -- what he calls "continuous music" -- is the first innovation in piano playing for more than three centuries.

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Skeleton Found in Mysterious Alexander-Era Greek Tomb

A skeleton has been discovered in the mysterious, richly-decorated tomb from the time of Alexander the Great that has crisis-hit Greece on tenterhooks, the country's culture ministry said Wednesday.

Officials said the remains were clearly those of "a powerful personality which can be seen from this unique tomb", with speculation rife that it could be that of Roxana, Alexander's Persian wife, his mother Olympias or one of his generals.

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Pearl Necklace of 19th-Century Swedish Queen Fetches $3.42 mn

A pearl necklace that belonged to Josephine de Beauharnais, a 19th-century queen of Sweden, sold at auction in Geneva on Wednesday for $3.42 million (2.73 million euros).

It was one lot in a sale of high-end jewelry organised by auction house Sotheby's that raised a total of $95 million.

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Warhol Images of Elvis, Brando Fetch $151 Million

Two iconic Andy Warhol paintings of Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando sold for more than $151 million at auction in New York on Wednesday, shattering pre-sale estimates by several million dollars.

Pop-art legend Warhol's "Triple Elvis" -- a 1963 silkscreen depicting three images of the King of Rock and Roll posing as a gunslinging cowboy -- sold for $81.9 million at the Christie's sale.

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S. Korea Falls Silent for High-Pressure Exam

South Korea went into "hush" mode Thursday, as nearly 650,000 students sat the annual college entrance exam that will play a large part in defining their adult lives in the ultra-competitive society.

Preparation for the crucial exam starts from primary school, and so does the relentless pressure that has been blamed for everything from early burnout to teenage depression and suicide.

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Report: Ducklings Replace Genitals in Turkish Biology Textbook

Pictures of human genitalia have been removed from a new edition of a standard biology school textbook in Turkey, sparking fresh criticism that the Islamic rooted-government is seeking to promote conservative values, a report said Wednesday.

Diagrams showing the inner workings of the penis and vagina have instead been replaced by pictures of fluffy ducklings, cute polar bears and a human mother with her newborn baby, the Hurriyet daily said in its Internet edition.

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Watch Fetches Record $21.3 Million at Swiss Auction

A Patek Philippe gold watch billed as the most expensive -- and most complicated -- in the world fetched a record $21.3 million on Tuesday when it went under the hammer in Switzerland.

The sale of the "Henry Graves Supercomplication", a handcrafted timepiece named after its original owner, a New York banker who ordered it in 1925, weighs more than half a kilo and comprises 900 separate parts.

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Marilyn Monroe's Lost Love Letters to Be Auctioned

It's no secret baseball legend Joe DiMaggio loved Marilyn Monroe. The famed New York Yankee cried at her funeral and for 20 years had flowers placed at her crypt several times a week.

The public displays were unusual for the famously stoic and private DiMaggio. Now, his heartbreak over the breakup of one of the most sensational marriages in American history will get a rare public airing when "Marilyn Monroe's Lost Archives" goes up for bid at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills next month.

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Jasper Johns Flag Piece Sells for Record $36 mn

One of contemporary artist Jasper Johns' well-known pieces depicting an American flag sold at auction Tuesday for a record 36 million dollars, Sothebys announced.

The 30 by 45 cm (12 by 18 inch) piece "Flag" was painted in 1983 by Georgia-born Johns, who is now 84. It by far topped predictions that it might sell for about 20 million.

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