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Bulgaria Opens its First Museum of Socialist Art

Twenty-two years after the fall of its communist regime, Bulgaria opened on Monday its first-ever museum of the state-sponsored, propaganda art characteristic of that era.

The Museum of Socialist Art in Sofia exhibits some 77 sculptures, 60 paintings and 25 smaller plastic art works created between 1945 and 1989 by the most renowned sculptors and painters of the time.

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Magna Carta Copy on Show in London

An original copy of the Magna Carta dating back to 1297 was on display in London on Sunday, giving people a rare glimpse of one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy.

The City of London Corporation's 1297 Magna Carta is on show at the Guildhall Art Gallery. It is being displayed in the gallery's Roman Amphitheatre -- chosen for its ambient low light conditions.

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Giacometti, The Last of The Etruscans?

Alberto Giacometti's life-changing encounter with the ancient sculpture of the Etruscans is the starting point for a major Paris show that brings his art face to face with the works that inspired him.

More than 150 rare pieces by the Etruscans, a mysterious, seafaring civilization that ruled swathes of the Mediterranean until it was swallowed up by Rome in the first century BC, have made the trip from Italian museums for the show.

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Experts Says Indian Temple Treasure Vulnerable to 'Tunnelling'

An Indian Supreme Court panel on Friday sharply criticized security surrounding a vast underground treasure trove found at a Hindu temple, saying it could be vulnerable to "tunneling attempts."

The staggering hoard of golden Hindu deities, precious stones and other treasures valued at up to $22 billion was unearthed in June in the vaults of the 16th-century temple in the southern coastal state of Kerala.

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'5,900-Year-Old Dress' Found in Armenia

Archaeologists in Armenia said on Wednesday that they had found parts of a woman's multicolored straw dress that they believe was made around 5,900 years ago.

The find was made during excavations at a cave complex in southern Armenia where previous discoveries have included what are believed to be the world's oldest known leather shoe and most ancient winery, dating back 5,500 and 6,100 years respectively.

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New Book Shows Another Side to Jackie Kennedy

It's a side of Jacqueline Kennedy only friends and family knew.

Funny and inquisitive, canny and cutting. In "Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy," the former first lady was not yet the jet setting celebrity of the late 1960s or the literary editor of the 1970s and '80s. But she was also nothing like the soft-spoken fashion icon of the three previous years. She was in her mid-30s, recently widowed, but dry-eyed and determined to set down her thoughts for history.

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Historic Vietnam Site in New Battle

Tanks, artillery pieces and other relics of war are still scattered around the valley where Vietnamese forces won a decisive victory over the French at Dien Bien Phu nearly 60 years ago.

But a new battle -- to attract more visitors to the historic site and boost the impoverished region's earnings from tourism -- is tough going for the descendants of the triumphant troops.

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Photo of Robert E. Lee Fetches $23K for Charity

A Goodwill worker who spotted a photograph of Confederate General Robert E. Lee has helped the charity make $23,000 in an online auction.

The tintype photograph was in a bin, about to be shipped out, when a worker grabbed it and sent it to the charity's local online department. The item was then put up for auction.

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Diary of 'Russian Anne Frank' Tells of Leningrad Horror

Seventy years after the Nazis encircled Leningrad, the diary of a teenage girl chronicling the World War II siege has been published, sparking comparison with Anne Frank.

In May 1941, Leningrad teenager Lena Mukhina started writing a diary, pouring out her hopes and fears, her crush on a classmate called Vladimir and worries about bad marks.

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Da Vinci Sketch Recreated on Melting Arctic Ice

An artist has recreated Leonardo da Vinci's most famous sketch "Vitruvian Man" in the Arctic ice to draw attention to the ice melt, Greenpeace said Wednesday.

The Arctic ice cap has shrunk to almost the same level as in 2007 when it was at a record low.

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