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In 'City of Shanasheel', Iraqi Heritage Crumbles from Neglect

As a child, Adnan Khalaf used to marvel at the Iraqi city of Basra's "shanasheel", finely crafted bay windows complete with intricate wooden latticework and ornate stained glass.

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Sex Doll 'Brothel' in Paris Faces Calls for Closure

Barely clothed or naked and perched suggestively on a bed or chair, the plastic dolls on offer in the most controversial "brothel" in Paris have led to accusations that they could encourage rape.

Since February, four silicone figures have been on offer at hourly rates of 89 euros (110 dollars) in a discreet apartment in the south of the city, far from the historic red-light district around the Pigalle area in the north. 

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Saudis Revamp School Curriculum to Combat Muslim Brotherhood

Saudi Arabia is seeking to purge its school curriculum of any influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and dismiss employees who sympathise with the banned group, the education minister said.

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Abortion, Free Speech in Spotlight at Top U.S. Court

U.S. Supreme Court justices from across the ideological spectrum reacted with skepticism Tuesday to a California law requiring private anti-abortion facilities to inform pregnant clients they can obtain the procedure elsewhere.

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Hawking Remains to be Buried near Newton, Darwin Graves

Stephen Hawking's ashes will be buried near the graves of fellow British scientists Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin at Westminster Abbey, it was announced Tuesday.

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Austrian to Get 300,000 Euros after 'Anti-Male' Discrimination

An Austrian official is to receive more than 300,000 euros ($370,000) for being unfairly passed over for promotion because of his gender, Austrian media reported on Tuesday.

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Egypt Play on 2011 Revolution Back on After Censor Okay

An Egyptian theatre group said a play it had cancelled after state censors demanded scenes be removed would go ahead after authorities reconsidered their stance.

"Before the Revolution", by playwright and independent theatre director Ahmed El Attar, was meant to open this week at the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) but was cancelled on Sunday after censors demanded five scenes be removed.

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Kawa the Blacksmith: Kurdish Symbol of Resistance

Inside Syria's Afrin on Monday, the statue of a famous Kurdish hero hung battered and partly defaced from its mantle a day after Turkey-led forces overran the city.

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Boy, 9, Shoots Dead Sister over Video Game Controller

A nine-year-old boy shot dead his sister, 13, in the southern U.S. state of Mississippi following an argument about a video game controller, local media reported Monday.

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Egypt Censors Play about Run-Up to 2011 Revolution

An Egyptian theater group has announced canceling a play that was due to open Sunday as part of an annual festival after state censors demanded that five scenes be removed.

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