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Pope Accepts US Bishop's Resignation over Misconduct with Minor

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Los Angeles auxiliary bishop Alexander Salazar over his "inappropriate behaviour" with a minor, the Vatican said Wednesday.

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Divided Cypriots Unite over Heritage

Residents from both sides of Cyprus are coming together to restore their ancient heritage and mend ties away from politics even as peace talks remain stalled.

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Red Gold: Afghanistan Saffron Production Grows

Starting before dawn has even broken, Afghanistan's army of saffron pickers shift their way across sun-baked fields to pluck brightly the coloured crocuses that are providing the country's farmers with a new means of income.

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#MeToo Takes Fight for Gender Equality to New Heights, Says U.N. Women Chief

The global #MeToo campaign has taken the battle for women's rights to "where we have never been before," the head of the U.N.'s agency for gender equality told AFP during her first official visit to Pakistan Friday.

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Iraq's Ancient Pottery Struggles to Outlive Modern Plastic

Adel al-Kawwaz expertly spins the potter's wheel, shaping the wet clay into a smooth jug. His family is famous for this millennia-old Iraqi craft, but Kawwaz is struggling to keep it alive.

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Dutch Church Prays 24/7 to Shield Armenian Family from Deportation

A Dutch church has resorted to the power of prayer to stop the deportation of an Armenian family sheltering there, holding round-the-clock religious services for more than a month to keep police at bay, officials said Friday.

The Bethel Church in The Hague has taken advantage of a loophole in Dutch law which says that police cannot enter the premises while a religious service is underway.

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I. Coast to Ask France to Return a Hundred Works of Art

Ivory Coast became the latest country to ask France to return works of art Wednesday, days after Paris said it was willing to hand back artefacts looted from Africa.

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Egypt Unearths Eight Ancient Mummies

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered eight mummies dating back over 2,300 years at a pyramid complex south of Cairo, authorities said Wednesday.

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Autistic Boy Escapes Mum to Play with Pope Francis

A young Argentinian boy broke free of his mother's clutches to play with Pope Francis during a Vatican audience Wednesday, much to the pontiff's delight.

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In Saint Petersburg, Residents Stuck in Soviet 'Kommunalkas'

In Saint Petersburg's largest communal apartment, people barely talk to each other. Living conditions here are dismal and most residents dream of leaving the place for good.

Located in the center of the former imperial capital, the "kommunalka" flat occupies the entire ground floor of a building, with 34 rooms coming off a corridor almost 100 meters (330 feet) long.

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