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'Bates Motel' Casts Rihanna in Janet Leigh Role

The horror television series "Bates Motel" has cast pop star Rihanna in its final season, the show revealed during its panel at the Comic-Con fan convention on Friday.

The 28-year-old diva will play Marion Crane, the role made famous by Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho," executives revealed.

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'Game of Thrones' Blames Delayed Episodes on Winter

"Game of Thrones" showrunner David Benioff told fans at Comic-Con International on Friday a delay in screening the new series had been unavoidable, because "winter is here."

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Bowie Box Set to Feature Unreleased Album

David Bowie's latest box set will feature in original form his unreleased album "The Gouster," recorded as the late rock icon started to experiment with soul.

The English artist, then known primarily for his pioneering glam rock, headed in 1974 to Philadelphia's Sigma Sound studio to pursue his love of the city's funk-infused soul scene.

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Sting to Return to Rock, Politics with New Album

Sting announced Thursday that his new album will come out later this year in a return to his rock roots that will touch on the migrant crisis and climate change.

"57th & 9th" -- the title an allusion to the intersection where the "Englishman in New York" heads to the studio -- will come out on November 11, his label said.

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Lady Gaga Says 'Taking Break' from Relationship

Lady Gaga said Wednesday she was "taking a break" from her relationship with actor Taylor Kinney but still hoped to reconcile with her "soulmate."

The pop diva commented after celebrity gossip sites said she and Kinney had broken off their engagement and pointed out she was no longer wearing her ring.

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Bourne-again Matt Damon Returns as Spy of Few Words

In the rarefied world of international espionage, where discretion is considered the better part of valor, no one expects you to be the life and soul of the party.

But shadowy former CIA operative "Jason Bourne" is laconic even by a spy's standards, according to US actor Matt Damon, who has revealed his iconic character has just 25 lines in the latest Bourne film.

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Melania Trump: Bringing Poise and Glamour to Donald's Presidential Bid

Melania Trump brings poise and glamour to billionaire husband Donald Trump's run for the U.S. presidency, but the Slovenian-born former model still has some explaining to do to be accepted as a potential first lady.

She showed stage presence and polish in a prime-time speech to the Republican National Committee Monday, captivating a hall full of cheering delegates.

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Taylor Swift Defends Herself in Latest Salvo in Kanye Battle

It's Taylor vs. Kanye, part 242, with a dash of Kim Kardashian.

West's famous wife stirred the pot of beef between Taylor Swift and Kanye West on Sunday, when on Snapchat, she posted video of a phone call between the rapper and pop superstar about his song "Famous," in which he rapped: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, Why? I made that bitch famous."

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Mick Jagger to be Father again at 72

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is to become a father for the eighth time at the age of 72, a spokesman for the rocker said Friday.

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Jennifer Aniston Blasts Tabloids over Body Shaming

Hollywood stars came out to support Jennifer Aniston on Wednesday after she penned a scathing blog post railing against years of tabloid scrutiny of her figure and persistent pregnancy rumors.

The "Friends" star complained about daily harassment by paparazzi and questioned a celebrity news culture that objectifies women, insisting: "For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up."

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