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And the World's Happiest Country is ... Norway

A bit of cold isn't keeping Norway from basking in the warmth of being the world's happiest country, a UN report out Monday found.

And Norway surged from 4th place in last year's assessment all the way to the top spot, even though oil prices are down, the World Happiness Report 2017 said.

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Rock 'n' Roll Father Chuck Berry Dead at 90

Chuck Berry, one of the creators of rock 'n' roll who helped shape modern youth culture with his dance-ready rhythms but who struggled to overcome institutional racism, died Saturday. He was 90.

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Cutting Edge: K-Pop Band Praise Plastic Surgery Beauty

Rounder eyes, narrower faces, bigger breasts: a South Korean girlband is celebrating the country's obsession with surgically-enhanced beauty by going under the knife to praise the virtues of "Becoming Pretty".

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From Syria to Paris, Music Provides Haven for 'Refugees of Rap'

Staccato lyrics may be no match for Bashar Assad's military firepower, but two brothers, who fled to Paris from Syria and perform as "Refugees of Rap", find sniping with words a liberating experience.

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Female Celebrities Take Action over Hacked Images

Movie stars Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried launched legal action Wednesday after private pictures were stolen and posted online, while Mischa Barton spoke of her anguish over a leaked sex tape.

Although the photographs of 26-year-old Watson merely show her trying on outfits, the images of Seyfried and Barton show them in a series of compromising and sexually explicit poses. 

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Trump Calls Out Snoop Dogg over Shooting Video

Donald Trump took aim Wednesday at Snoop Dogg, saying the rap star would have gotten "jail time" had he pointed his gun at Barack Obama rather than the current U.S. president in a video.

Snoop Dogg, an early figure in California gangsta rap who has mellowed in recent years, this week released a video pegged to the release of his album "Lavender" in which most actors are clowns.

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Angola Police May Enforce Age Ban at '50 Shades' Movie

Angolan authorities are considering deploying police outside cinemas to ensure that no one aged 16 or under gains entry to watch erotic drama "Fifty Shades Darker".

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Disney Shelves 'Beauty and the Beast' in Malaysia after Cuts

Disney has indefinitely postponed the opening of its film "Beauty and the Beast" in Malaysia after censors in the Muslim-majority nation reportedly cut out a "gay moment" in the movie.

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Emma Watson is Belle of the Ball in 'Beauty and the Beast'

It is a tale as old as time (or one dating back to the 1990s, at least): Disney dusts off an animated classic, adds bells, whistles and real people, and everyone makes a fortune.

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Prominent Lebanese Cartoonist Stavro Jabra Passes Away

Prominent Lebanese cartoonist and illustrator Stavro Jabra, better known as STAVRO, passed away on Sunday after a battle with illness.

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