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Oprah's Former Stepmother Gets 60 Days to Vacate

Oprah Winfrey's former stepmother has been given extra time to vacate the $1.4 million home she once shared with the father of the iconic TV talk-show host.

Winfrey spokeswoman Nicole Nichols told The Associated Press in an email that Oprah's company has granted Barbara Winfrey 60 days to leave following her request for more time.

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Former 'Dynasty' Star Kate O'Mara Dies at Age 74

British actress Kate O'Mara, best known for her role in the 1980s soap opera "Dynasty," died Sunday at the age of 74, her agent said.

Phil Belfield said O'Mara died in a nursing home in southern England after a short illness.

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Denzel Washington on 'Raisin' and Sidney Poitier

The Denzel Washington you meet backstage at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre is not exactly living a glamorous Hollywood life. He's more like a college kid during finals.

He wears a black Yankee cap, black sweat pants and blue sneakers. There are free weights on a counter and a bottle of diet cola. Notebooks and papers are everywhere. He's fighting off the New York chill with some chicken noodle soup laced with hot sauce.

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'Noah' Rises to Top of Box Office with $44M Debut

After weathering a sea of controversy, "Noah" arrived in first place at the weekend box office.

Paramount's biblical epic starring Russell Crowe in the titular role opened with $44 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.

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Elton John to Marry Longtime Partner

Pop icon Elton John says he will tie the knot with partner David Furnish now that his native Britain has legalized gay marriage.

The top-selling artist told NBC's "Today" show that "we'll do it very quietly."

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Piers Morgan Ends CNN Show with Gun-Control Plea

CNN host Piers Morgan ended his show's three-year run with a plea for U.S. gun control.

Morgan devoted the final minutes of "Piers Morgan Live" Friday night to the issue that he said has been a consistent and often controversial part of the program.

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Chiklis Joins 'Coven' Principals for next 'American Horror Story'

Michael Chiklis is ready to freak out.

The actor is joining the "American Horror Story" family for the anthology series' fourth season, subtitled "Freak Show." The Emmy-winning star of "The Shield" will portray the ex-husband and father of characters played, respectively, by Kathy Bates and Evan Peters.

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Outrage as U.S. Comedian Colbert Mocks Asian Americans

Social media erupted in outrage and counter-attacks Friday after U.S. comedian Stephen Colbert used language that mocked Asian Americans in what was intended as an anti-racist jibe.

Colbert, who is liberal but parodies a blustery conservative on his late night talk show, took aim at the Washington Redskins football team whose name is considered offensive by many Native Americans.

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Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Written by Anthony Sargon

America is officially cool again. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the character, and although I really enjoyed “Captain America: The First Avenger” and absolutely went bonkers over “The Avengers”, I never really bought Cap as a real badass. “The Winter Soldier” changes all of that, and ends up being the best Phase Two Marvel movie yet, and one of the best films in the entire Marvel canon.

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Arnie Tries for Subtlety, with Guns, in 'Sabotage'

By his own admission, Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for "black and white," good-versus-bad films. So his latest movie is something of a departure, nuanced and complex, tender even.

Although of course, it is still violent and action-packed.

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