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U.S. 1960s Rock-and-Roller Paul Revere Dies at 76

Paul Revere, frontman and organist for 1960s American rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders has died, his band's website said Sunday. He was 76.

The leader of the campy group, whose members wore tri-corner hats and an American Revolution-inspired wardrobe, died Saturday in Idaho on his "small estate overlooking a tranquil river canyon," manager Roger Hart said in a statement.

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'Selfie' Explores Online Addiction, Embarrassment

Narcissism, isolation, control freakery: the deep impact of the Internet and social networks on our modern lives is coming under the spotlight in a new TV show and an upcoming movie this month.

TV show "Selfie," which launched on ABC this week and the film "Men, Women and Children," which hits the big screen later this month, both reflect the ravages wreaked by being constantly online.

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S.Korean Thriller 'Socialphobia' Tackles Cyber Bullying

A new South Korean thriller about Internet-obsessed youngsters is seeking to shed light on a growing culture of cyber-bullying in a country with one of the world's highest youth suicide rates.

"Socialphobia", which received its world premier at the 19th Busan International Film Festival on Saturday, follows two nascent cyberbullies who become targets themselves.

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Movie Review: Gone Girl (2014)

Written by Anthony Sargon

David Fincher is one of the best directors working today, and if anyone around still has any doubts about the man’s ability to tell a dark story, then Gone Girl should absolutely put them to rest. It’s one of the year’s best and most engaging releases, and it boasts two very strong leading performances courtesy of Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

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Not So Silent: Artists Make London's Statues 'Talk'

Standing silently between two lines of traffic crossing the River Thames, Queen Victoria cuts an imperious figure. Who knew that she was thinking how much she hated breastfeeding?

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'I Am Legend' Headed for Reboot without Will Smith

After trying in vain to interest Will Smith in a sequel, Warner has ultimately decided to reboot the post-apocalyptic movie, launching what is likely to become a multi-film franchise.

Released in 2007, "I Am Legend" earned $584.1 million at the worldwide box office, so it's no surprise that the studio is keen to expand upon the idea, particularly as recent productions like "World War Z" and "The Walking Dead" prove zombies are as popular as ever.

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Royals Warn Paparazzo Prince George is Off-Bounds

Prince William and his wife Kate have sent a legal warning letter to a photographer trying to take pictures of their son Prince George and his nanny, a spokesman said Thursday.

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Hollywood Actresses Slam Google over Leaked Nude Photos

More than a dozen Hollywood celebrities whose naked pictures were hacked and posted online have threatened to sue Google for failing to crack down on the leaks.

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Elite Secret Service now a Punching Bag and a Punchline

The Secret Service lost more than its boss over the cascade of security lapses which cast doubt on its capacity to fulfill its prime mission: protecting President Barack Obama.

The agency, known for sharp-suited agents in mirror shades whispering into shirt cuff microphones, became a punchline.

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Fog Art Wraps Philip Johnson's Glass House

Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya spent a year painstakingly recording and examining weather data as she studied ways to shroud architect Philip Johnson's Glass House in fog.

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