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Hopes Dashed as Ethiopia-Eritrea Peace Process Stagnates

In the heady days after longtime foes Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a peace deal a year ago, Teklit Amare's Peace and Love Cafe near the newly-opened border overflowed with customers.

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Ethiopia Reopens Embassy in Eritrea as Relations Warm

Ethiopia reopened its embassy in the Eritrean capital on Thursday, state media reported, the latest step in restoring ties after the two nations ended decades of conflict.

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Eritrean Leaders Guilty of Crimes against Humanity, Says U.N.

Eritrea's government is guilty of committing crimes against humanity since independence a quarter-century ago with up to 400,000 people "enslaved", and should face international justice, the U.N. said Wednesday.

The United Nations Commission of Inquiry (COI) on human rights said the government of President Isaias Afwerki, in power since 1991, was guilty of systematic enslavement, forcible conscription and other abuses.

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Netanyahu Warns against Vigilantism after Eritrean Killed by Mob

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Israelis against vigilantism Monday following the death of an Eritrean man mistakenly shot and beaten by a mob during an attack in which a soldier was killed.

More than two weeks of unrest have raised warnings of the risk of a full-scale Palestinian uprising, while some Israeli politicians have urged residents to arm themselves to fend off the threat of stabbings and gun assaults.

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Israel Releases Hundreds of Migrants from Desert Facility

Israel released hundreds of African migrants from a desert detention center Tuesday after a court order, but asylum seekers were left with few options after being barred from two cities.

Detainees leaving the facility waited at bus stops for rides and wondered where they would live after being banned from Tel Aviv and Eilat, where African migrant communities have sprung up.

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Ikea Attack Suspects are Eritrean Asylum Seekers, Motive Unknown

The motive for the midday attack on Monday in the central town of Vasteras was still unknown, deputy prosecutor general Eva Moren told reporters.

"The two suspects are both from Eritrea. They have been living at an asylum center," she said, adding that the pair knew each other.

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Eritrea Calls for U.N. Probe into 'Abhorrent' People Smuggling

Eritrea on Saturday called on the United Nations to investigate the "abhorrent" flood of refugees from its borders to Europe, an exodus attributed to gross human rights violations in the hermit state.

A U.N. report last month detailed how the Horn of Africa nation, under Isaias Afwerki's iron-fisted regime for the past 22 years, has created a repressive system in which people are routinely arrested on a whim, detained, tortured, killed or disappeared.

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U.N. Orders Probe of Alleged 'Crimes against Humanity' in Eritrea

The U.N. Human Rights Council on Thursday decided to prolong an investigation into horrendous abuses in Eritrea, and widen it to include looking into suspected crimes against humanity.

The 47-member rights body unanimously agreed to extend for another year the work of a special commission of inquiry on the human rights situation in the autocratic Horn of Africa state.

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Eritrean Protesters Demand Asylum in Israel

Hundreds of Eritrean asylum seekers protested in Israel Thursday to urge action against their country's regime and call for recognition as refugees.

Their demonstration came after the release of a U.N. report that provided damning details on alleged human rights abuses in the Horn of Africa nation, and with thousands of Eritreans seeking asylum in the Jewish state.

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Eritrea Calls U.N. Report of Horrific Rights Abuses 'Vile' Lie

Eritrea on Tuesday dismissed a U.N. investigation detailing systematic human rights abuses as "outrageous claims" aimed at destabilizing the isolationist Red Sea state.

The U.N. commission of inquiry on the human rights situation in Eritrea described horrific torture, including electric shock, near drowning, sexual abuse and forcing people to stare at the burning sun for hours.

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