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Le Pen Vows 'France First' at Campaign Launch

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen vowed Sunday she would be a president who puts France first as she formally launched a campaign echoing many of the themes that propelled Donald Trump to the White House.

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Rising French Star Macron Thrills Crowds

Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, riding high in the polls, said on Saturday he could unite a divided France at a major campaign rally that drew thousands of enthralled supporters.

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French Socialists Nominate Leftwinger Hamon for President

France's divided Socialists picked leftwinger Benoit Hamon as their presidential nominee Sunday, in the latest twist of a roller-coaster election race that has seen conservative frontrunner Francois Fillon engulfed in scandal.

Results from a Socialist primary runoff vote Sunday showed Hamon beating his centrist rival Manuel Valls, a former prime minister, with 58.88 percent of the vote in a clear victory for the left-wing of the party.

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Hamon Pitches Fresh Ideas to French Socialists

French Socialist Benoit Hamon urged voters to support his bold leftist ideas for revitalizing the country on Wednesday as his party prepares to pick its presidential candidate this weekend.

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French Socialist Clash: 'Utopian' Hamon Takes on 'Fighter' Valls

France's Socialists will offer a stark contrast in Wednesday's debate between diehard leftist Benoit Hamon and reformist ex-prime minister Manuel Valls as the two vie for the party's presidential nomination.

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Ex-PM, Philosopher and Ecologist in French Socialist Primary

Seven candidates are seeking to clinch the nomination to be the ruling Socialist party candidate in France's presidential elections due in April and May this year.

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France's Ayrault Says Best Response to Trump Comments is European Unity

European unity is the best reply to remarks by US President-elect Donald Trump that cast doubt on the continent's future, especially after Brexit, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Monday.

"The best response to the interviews given by the US president is the unity of Europeans, to come together as a bloc," Ayrault said as he went into a meeting of European Union foreign ministers.

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Trump Warned Off Unilateral Mideast Moves at Paris Peace Conference

France warned Sunday of "serious consequences" if Donald Trump moves to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital as representatives from 70 countries met in Paris to try to revive stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

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Russia not Meeting its Commitments on Aleppo

French President Francois Hollande hit out on Thursday at Russia's role in the ongoing siege of Aleppo, saying that Moscow had broken a promise to aid trapped civilians.

"Russia is making commitments that it is not keeping. There's a moment where you have to answer with action," Hollande told reporters as he arrived for an EU summit overshadowed by events in the besieged city where Syrian and Russian forces are forcing out rebels.

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France Urges International Monitoring of Aleppo Evacuation

French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday joined calls for international observers to oversee the evacuation of civilians trapped under fire in the wrecked Syrian city of Aleppo.

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