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U.S. Regulators Approve New Antidepressant Esketamine

US regulators on Tuesday approved the sale of a new drug that could revolutionize the treatment of severe depression, giving new hope to sufferers who have not found an effective option.

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Teen Vaccine Rebel Testifies to U.S. Congress

Ethan Lindenberger spent his first 18 years unvaccinated -- defenseless against tetanus, polio, measles. But in December, defying his mother, he went and got inoculated, a rebellion that earned him an invitation to Congress.

"I grew up understanding my mother believed vaccines are dangerous, as she would speak openly about her views both online and in person," the high schooler said Tuesday in testimony before a Senate hearing on contagious disease outbreaks.

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'London Patient': Second Case Ever of HIV Remission

A second person is in sustained remission from HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS, after ceasing treatment and is likely cured, researchers were set to announce at a medical conference Tuesday.

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France Sees No Health Reason for Nutella Output Stop

French authorities said Friday that there appeared to be no health risks behind the decision to halt production of Nutella at a plant in Normandy, the world's largest factory making the prized chocolate-and-hazelnut spread.

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Vaccine Could Virtually Eliminate Cervical Cancer

The rapid scale-up of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine could virtually eliminate cervical cancer in a handful of rich countries within three decades, and in most other nations by century's end, researchers said Wednesday.

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U.S. Doctors Overprescribed Deadly Drug Fentanyl to Patients

Fentanyl, a highly dangerous painkiller at the heart of the U.S. opioid epidemic, has been overprescribed by doctors, according to a report Tuesday that accused health authorities and manufacturers of being too lax in their oversight.   

The drug is a synthetic opioid up to 100 times more powerful than morphine and which is largely sold on the black market. 

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Kiev Reports First Measles Death as Cases Soar

Ukraine's capital has seen its first death from measles in a major outbreak, the health ministry said Monday.

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U.S. Military Hospital to be Built in UAE

A U.S. military hospital funded by the United Arab Emirates will be built in Abu Dhabi to treat Emirati soldiers and regionally based American troops, a U.S. army official said on Sunday.

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Cyprus Legalizes Medical Cannabis

Cypriot legislators on Friday voted to approve the cultivation and use of medical cannabis, joining a growing trend among other European Union nations.

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Miracle Treatment or Dangerous Drug? Indonesia Cashes in on Kratom

The sweltering backwaters of Indonesian Borneo have become the unlikely ground zero for the global production and export of Kratom, a tree leaf hailed by some as a miracle cure for everything from opioid addiction to anxiety.

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