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'Skin and Bones': Doctors Fear for Malnourished Rohingya Kids

The five-year-old Rohingya boy was so emaciated that doctors could not insert a drip into his tiny arm, one of thousands of children facing life-threatening malnutrition in overstretched Bangladeshi refugee camps.

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Madagascar Plague Kills 24, Triggering WHO Fears

The World Health Organization said Sunday it was boosting its response to a plague outbreak in Madagascar that has killed 24 people, as the government banned public meetings to reduce infections.

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Health Ministry Seeks World Record for Biggest Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Under the patronage of First Lady Nadia Aoun and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Ghassan Hasbani, the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon is planning to launch the National Awareness Campaign on Breast Cancer in October 2017 like every year for the past 15 years.

The launching event will include the formation of the biggest awareness ribbon made of pink footballs. The dimensions of the ribbon will be around 35 meters in length and 19 meters in width and the total surface area to be covered by the balls is estimated to be around 300 square meters.

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A Sixth of New HIV Patients in Europe 50 or Older

People aged 50 and older comprise a growing percentage of HIV patients in Europe, accounting for one in six new cases in 2015, researchers said Wednesday.

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WHO Warns of Cholera Threat in Bangladesh Rohingya Camps

The World Health Organization warned Monday of a growing cholera risk in the makeshift refugee camps in Bangladesh where more than 435,000 Rohingya Muslims have sought shelter from unrest in Myanmar.

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U.S. Boosts Aid for War Famines by $575 Million

The United States said Thursday it will spend another $575 million dollars to help the millions facing starvation and violence amid wars and unrest in Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Somalia. 

"This additional funding brings the total U.S. humanitarian assistance to nearly $2.5 billion for these four crises since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2017," the U.S. Agency for International Development announced.

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Rohingya Refugee Camps on the Brink of a 'Health Disaster', Says MSF

Bangladesh's refugee camps are on the brink of a "public health disaster," Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has warned, saying filthy water and faeces flow through shanties now bursting with Rohinyga Muslims who have fled violence in Myanmar.

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Alarm over Flesh-Eating Ulcer Cases in Australia

The spread of a flesh-eating bacterial condition in Australia sparked calls Thursday for more government-funded research into the disease, which is normally limited to developing countries.

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New Hurdles as Republicans Rush to Reverse Obama Health Law

After falling one vote short this summer, US Republicans have revived efforts to overhaul Barack Obama's landmark health care bill, but skepticism Monday by some in President Donald Trump's party has imperiled the plan.

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WHO Urges Yemen to Accept Vaccines as Cholera Crisis Deepens

The World Health Organization on Monday urged Yemen to approve cholera vaccinations it has offered to help contain an epidemic that could affect nearly a million people by year's end. 

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