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80% of Yemen Children in Need of Immediate Aid

A vicious combination of war, cholera and hunger has left 80 percent of Yemeni children in desperate need of aid, the United Nations said on Wednesday. 

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Trump Warns of 'Last Chance' to Pass Health Care Reform

President Donald Trump warned Republicans on Monday that they have one "last chance" to pass the party's health care reforms, as U.S. lawmakers brace for a vote whose fate remained uncertain.

With the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare floundering in Congress, the Senate was expected to vote Tuesday to begin debate on the latest Republican plan, a bid to dismantle the 2010 reforms of Trump's predecessor but delay the actual implementation to allow time for a viable replacement to be crafted.

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Lone Clinic in Syria's Rebel North Tackles War's Mental Toll

At an austere mental health clinic in northern Syria, male patients with shaved heads squat barefoot in a courtyard, some dressed in uniforms and others in T-shirts and tracksuit trousers.

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Study: Injectable AIDS Drug May Work 'as Well' as Pills

A two-drug cocktail injected every month or two may be just as effective as a daily pill at keeping the AIDS virus under control, said a study Monday that promised relief for millions.

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ICRC Says 600,000 Yemenis Could Contract Cholera in 2017

More than 600,000 people are expected to contract cholera in Yemen this year, the International Committee of the Red Cross warned Sunday as the war-torn country's healthcare system faces collapse.

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Synthetic Seventh Heaven: The Perils of Chemsex

"When you come down, you think: 'Oh God, how many people have I had sex with this weekend?'", says 30-something Briton James Wharton, recalling the anxiety that gripped him after a chemsex binge.

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New Study Says 9 Lifestyle Changes Can Cut Dementia Risk

One third of dementia cases can be prevented with some basic lifestyle changes and better education during childhood, a study published in The Lancet said Thursday.

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Amid Turning Tide, AIDS Claimed 1 Mln Lives in 2016, UN Says

AIDS claimed a million lives in 2016, almost half the 2005 toll that marked the peak of the deadly epidemic, said a UN report Thursday proclaiming "the scales have tipped".

Not only are new HIV infections and deaths declining, but more people than ever are on life-saving treatment, according to data published ahead of an AIDS science conference opening in Paris on Sunday.

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Israeli 'Mental First-Aid' Method Offered to Attack Victims Abroad

An Israeli who developed an unorthodox model for treating mental trauma and preventing post-traumatic stress disorder during his years in the military is now sharing it with first responders in other countries.

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Trump Fumes as U.S. Health Care Reform Bid Collapses

An angry President Donald Trump railed Tuesday against dissenters in his party who dashed his months-long effort to dismantle Barack Obama's landmark health care law.

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