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UK PM Says Second Wave 'Inevitable' as More Curbs Imposed

Britain is seeing a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday, as millions more people faced new restrictions and the government warned that another national lockdown could be imminent.

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UK Warns of Possible Return to Lockdown across England

Britain's government Friday warned it could re-impose a national lockdown across England to counter the coronavirus pandemic, noting rates of hospitalisation are doubling every eight days.

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China Lab Leak Infects Thousands with Bacterial Disease

Thousands of people in northwest China have tested positive for a bacterial disease after a leak from a state-owned biopharmaceutical plant making animal vaccines last year.

Health officials in Lanzhou city said 3,245 people had contracted brucellosis, a disease often caused by close contact with infected animals or animal products that can bring about fevers, joint pain and headaches.

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India's Virus Surge Continues with 96,000 Cases

India’s coronavirus cases have jumped by another 96,424 infections in the past 24 hours, showing little signs of slowing down.

The Health Ministry on Friday raised the nation’s confirmed total since the pandemic began to more than 5.21 million. It said 1,174 more people died in the past 24 hours, for a total of 84,372.

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Europe Imposes Fresh Curbs as Global Cases Top 30 Million

Large parts of Europe on Friday geared up for broad new restrictions to stop the coronavirus, after infections worldwide topped 30 million and the World Health Organization warned of "alarming rates of transmission".

Britain is limiting gatherings and France is set to roll out new curbs for major cities as governments across the continent battle fresh spikes of the disease.

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French Cities Face New Virus Curbs in 'Race against the Clock'

French authorities are preparing tighter restrictions in several cities to curtail a surge in Covid-19 cases that could again overwhelm hospitals, Health Minister Olivier Veran said Thursday.

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Hasidic Pilgrims at Ukraine Border Refuse to Return despite Israel Plea

Around 1,000  Hasidic Jews were massed on Ukraine's border Thursday, with some vowing to stay, even though Kiev refused their entry citing coronavirus restrictions and Israel urged them to return.

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New Restrictions for Northeast England as Virus Cases Surge

More than two million people in northeast England face new restrictions because of a surge in coronavirus cases, the government announced on Thursday, as it battled to contain a potential second wave of infection.

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WHO Urges Safety for Health Workers Bearing Brunt of Virus

Too many doctors and nurses are paying the ultimate price while battling Covid-19, the World Health Organization said Thursday as it launched a charter aiming to boost safety for health workers.

The UN health agency said that the pandemic had exposed health workers and their families to "unprecedented levels of risk".

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Trump Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could be Ready in a Month

U.S. President Donald Trump has said that a coronavirus vaccine may be available within a month -- an acceleration of even his own optimistic predictions -- but added that the pandemic could go away by itself.

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